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  • Upon close working collaboration with industry, we have developed industry-specific solutions to optimize productivity. We understand the unique requirements of many industries and continually improve and introduce new ideas. Whether you are an automotive, aerospace, medical, die and mold, oil and gas equipment manufacturer or a general machining subcontractor, we have a solution to help you increase your throughput and resolve your machining challenges.
Product Portfolio
  • Parting & Grooving

  • Groove-turn tools are multifunction turning tools, able to operate in a sequence of grooving and turning modes. Moving from turning to grooving requires consideration of the basic GRIP principle, thereby eliminating the possibility of insert breakage. ISCAR offers a large variety of groove-turn products, which help to boost productivity and profitability.
      • Parting

          • TangGRIPIQ

          • Flat Top Economical Blades with 4 Pockets and Shank Tools with 2 Pockets

            ISCAR has upgraded the 3 and 4 mm TGSU blades and integral shank tools, by doubling their number of insert pockets.

            The new blades feature the same general dimensions as the current, with the addition of two extra pockets. The new tools offer an additional pocket. This provides the advantage of half the price per pocket when compared with the current tools and blades.

            Economic advantages of the flat top blade with 4 pockets and the integral tool with 2 pockets – No other company offers such advantages:
          • PentaIQGrip

          • ISCAR is introducing the PENTAIQGRIP line for parting and grooving operations with a 5-edged insert for much deeper grooving and parting applications, compared with currently available pentagonal inserts.

            PENTAIQGRIP has an innovative dovetail clamping structure that ensures a face contact of the insert, which means that the insert is very rigid in the pocket and therefore capable of recessing and holding side forces.
            All these characteristics ensure excellent straightness and surface finish for parting applications.
            A new user-friendly clamping mechanism enables easy and quick cutting edge and insert indexing. Three insert sizes are available for parting 22, 32 and 40 mm diameters.

            PENTAIQGRIP is a powerful insert with 5 edges for accurate parting and grooving operations.
          • DoGrip

          • DO-GRIP – The One and Only Double-Sided Twisted Parting Insert with no Depth of Cut Limitation

            In addition to highly efficient parting inserts in single and double-ended conventional configurations, ISCAR offers a unique double-ended twisted geometry for unlimited depth of penetration. The DO-GRIP ranges also include the largest choice of parting widths available in today's market, covering all applications. ISCAR offers a wide variety of chipformers and the most advanced grades to ensure unbeatable performance and extended tool life.
          • TangGrip

          • Tangentially Clamped, Single-Ended Parting System
            ISCAR's single-ended insert for parting, with an improved clamping method (patent pending).

            TAG Insert Features
            • Very rigid clamping in a tangentially oriented pocket.
            • Enables machining at very high feed rates and provides excellent straightness and surface finish.
            • Recommended for parting large diameter parts and for interrupted cuts.
            • Offers a free, unobstructed chip flow, since there is no upper jaw as in the other clamping systems (very important in deep grooving and parting applications).
            • The combination of tangential clamping and free chip flow results in improved tool and pocket life.
            • Provides a solution to the problem of inserts being pulled out during retraction.

            Recommended operating and machining conditions are similar to our other single-ended parting systems and provide better performance.
          • PentaCut

          • 5 Cutting Edge Insert For Economical Grooving, Parting and Recessing

            ISCAR’s 5 cutting edge insert PENTACUT 24 & 34 designed for multifunction applications including grooving, parting, recessing and chamfering. This cost effective insert is designed to perform grooving operations and parting off solid bars up to 20 mm in diameter. Each cutting edge on the pentagonal shaped insert is equipped with a unique J&C-type chipformer that provides excellent chip control in grooving, parting and recessing (light side turning) applications. PENTACUT also has the ability to perform threading applications. Available are full profile inserts in the following thread standards: ISO, UN, Whitworth, BSPT and NPT. Partial profile inserts are avaialble in 600 (MT) and 550 (WT) profiles. The insert is tangentially mounted on a side of the holder, positioned against two peripheral contact surfaces to ensure accuracy of center height. Clamping of the insert is by a side torx screw. The torx screw can be activated from either side of the holder to enable insert indexing (rotation) without the having to remove the holder from the machine turret. The short head of the holder ensures minimal overhang and high stability. The PENTACUT tools can be mounted on any type of lathe.

            • A combination of very rigid clamping system and a strong insert design enables machining at very high machining parameters
            • In case of edge breakage, the tool will survive and other cutting corners may still be used
            • Easy and fast-edge indexing from either side of the holder
            • Multi-corner, five cutting edges that provide the most advantageous price per cutting edge

          • JetCut

          • DGNC - A New Parting Insert with Direct Jet Cooling
            ISCAR is introducing an upgraded DO-GRIP parting insert.

            The DGNC insert is the best solution for grooving and parting on high temperature alloys and on stainless steel.

            The insert features a coolant hole that passes through the insert, with an outlet near the cutting edge. The new DGNC inserts were designed for parting and grooving on stainless steel and high temperature alloys.

            When machining stainless steel or high temperature alloys, the temperature near the cutting edge becomes very high.
            These materials tend to adhere to the cutting edge, causing built-up edge. This phenomenon can be reduced or even eliminated, by efficient cooling of the cutting edge.
            In grooving and parting applications, there is a problem that the chip prevents the coolant from reaching the cutting edge.
            The new DGNC inserts are an ideal solution, as they have a coolant hole through the insert with an outlet near the cutting edge.

            The coolant reaches the cutting edge and the insert body is internally cooled.

            Materials such as titanium, inconel, or austenitic stainless steel tend to strain hardening during the cutting process and they form long and tangled chips. The efficient coolant supplied to the cutting zone decreases flank and cratering rates. This leads to substantially longer tool life and a better machined surface finish. The coolant supply can be attached directly to the DGFH-C blades used on the regular blocks, or through the SGTBU-C blocks which have coolant passages and connecting ports. In the first stage ISCAR will provide the 3 and 4 mm insert widths in the C- and J-type chipformer configurations with neutral and angular frontal cutting edges.

          • SelfGrip

          • F-type
            • Single-ended insert
            • For deep grooving and large diameters
            • With a stopper for high radial accuracy
            • Single-ended insert
            • The original SELF-GRIP design
        • Grooving

            • DoveIQGrip

            • Heavy Duty Grooving System
              New line for deep heavy grooving with a unique frontal locking mechanism.


              • Very rigid dovetail clamping
              • User-friendly locking mechanism with frontal access, just a half-turn to clamp / unclamp the insert
              • No need to fully extract the screw (means no falling parts)
              • Unobstructed chip flow - no upper jaw or screw cavity
              • Wide variety of standard sizes in the range of 10 to 20 mm
              • The new blades carry a cartridge system that provides additional security for the blades
            • GrooveTurn

            • The GROOVE-TURN tools are multifunction turning tools, able to operate in a sequence of grooving and turning modes. Moving from turning to grooving requires consideration of the basic GRIP principle, thereby eliminating the possibility of insert breakage. In this situation one must release the side deflection which is necessary in turning, but not recommended in grooving.
            • CutGrip

            • The CUT-GRIP family has more variety than any other Groove-Turn product family in the market.

              In addition to the large variety of general use precision ground and utility inserts, there is a huge variety of inserts for specific applications and materials.
            • HeliGrip

            • The HELI-GRIP product family is our first choice for general purpose groove-turn.
              Due to the twisted concept, HELI-GRIP inserts are the only double-ended inserts in the market that can groove deeper than the inserts’ length.

              Only 1 insert - 8 different applications:
              • External and internal grooving and turning
              • Face grooving and turning
              • Parting off
            • SumoGrip

            • New SUMO-GRIP System for Heavy Duty Groove-Turn Applications
              ISCAR's single-ended insert for heavy grooving and turning applications is based on the very successful TANG-GRIP family.

              • Tangentially oriented pocket creates a very rigid and secure clamping.
              • Very strong insert design enables machining at very high feed rates of up to 1.0 mm/rev.
              • Free, unobstructed chip flow, since there is no upper jaw as in the other clamping systems.
              • Recommended for machining large diameter parts and heavy interrupted cuts

              The TGBHL tools feature a user-friendly clamping and extraction device. They have an internal cooling system directed to the frontal cutting edge, which increases tool life in deep grooving applications.

            • PentaCut

            • 5 Cutting Edge Insert For Economical Grooving, Parting and Recessing

              ISCAR’s 5 cutting edge insert PENTACUT 24 & 34 designed for multifunction applications including grooving, parting, recessing and chamfering. This cost effective insert is designed to perform grooving operations and parting off solid bars up to 20 mm in diameter. Each cutting edge on the pentagonal shaped insert is equipped with a unique J&C-type chipformer that provides excellent chip control in grooving, parting and recessing (light side turning) applications. PENTACUT also has the ability to perform threading applications. Available are full profile inserts in the following thread standards: ISO, UN, Whitworth, BSPT and NPT. Partial profile inserts are avaialble in 600 (MT) and 550 (WT) profiles. The insert is tangentially mounted on a side of the holder, positioned against two peripheral contact surfaces to ensure accuracy of center height. Clamping of the insert is by a side torx screw. The torx screw can be activated from either side of the holder to enable insert indexing (rotation) without the having to remove the holder from the machine turret. The short head of the holder ensures minimal overhang and high stability. The PENTACUT tools can be mounted on any type of lathe.

              • A combination of very rigid clamping system and a strong insert design enables machining at very high machining parameters
              • In case of edge breakage, the tool will survive and other cutting corners may still be used
              • Easy and fast-edge indexing from either side of the holder
              • Multi-corner, five cutting edges that provide the most advantageous price per cutting edge
            • PentaCut-24

            • Following the successful market penetration of the PENTA 24 inserts, ISCAR is expanding the line by adding the following:
            • Multifunction Tools

            • Internal Grooving with Indexable Multifunction Tools
              ISCAR’s very popular multifunction DR-MF tools family is being upgraded by new DRG-MF tools which can carry the XCMT-MF inserts and also a new insert type, XCMT-MG, designed for internal grooving.

              The new tools and inserts extend the application range of the current DR-MF tools by adding a grooving capability to drilling, internal turning/boring, external turning, and face turning applications. The new DRG-MF tools differ from the current DRMF tools by a new pocket design, which features a rear groove intended to accommodate the second cutting edge.

              The new XCMT-MG inserts with two cutting edges are made from grade IC808G, which is a submicron substrate TiAlN multilayer coating. This coating provides a high degree of reliability for cutting operations and a most competitive long edge life.
              The new grooving inserts can be used only on righthand tools.
              The new tools further enhance the reduction of customer inventory costs.
          • Face Grooving

                • Face Turning - Grooving Applications

                • ISCAR is introducing a new line of tools and inserts - TANG-GRIP tangentially clamped
                  single-ended inserts for face grooving. This new line includes single- and double-ended
                  blades and inserts in 3 and 4 mm widths, in the most advanced IC808 SUMO TEC grade.
                  In addition, ISCAR's precision tooling revolution includes HELIFACE, the versatile screw-clamped insert system that provides a complete solution for face grooving and face turning.
                  The HELIFACE chipformers were designed for optimal chip evacuation in face grooving, resulting in improved, trouble-free performance. Four types of adapters can be mounted on the same toolholder. External and internal face grooving and turning are possible with no limitation to widening the grooves after the initial pass. HELIFACE inserts feature twisted double-ended geometries for depth penetration greater than the insert length.

                  ISCAR has also introduced many new items for face grooving operations, such as PENTA face, MINCUT and PICCO.
            • Turning

                • Turning & Threading

                • ISCAR has multiple standard turning options of which the latest feature the new SUMOTURN line.
                  Tough insert coatings enable FMR (Fast Metal Removal) turning at incredible feed rates.
                    • JETHP Line

                    • ISCAR JETHP line, the innovative solution for ISCAR’s unique tool families, makes the most of your investment in the High Pressure Coolant (HPC) feature.

                      Now with the availability of high speed machines which offer standard or optional 70-bar coolant systems and through-spindle delivery, HPC technology has grown much more accessible – and proven to be timely. To complete the circle, ISCAR has provided hundreds of special HPC turning tools for a multitude of applications. ISCAR’s solutions have been implemented by satisfied customers for many years now.

                      HPC has proven itself in hundreds of dedicated turning applications on difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and inconel, at removal rates of up to three times more than that of the conventional flood coolant system. Users report elimination of chip jamming, faster cutting and much longer edge life in outer and inner diameter turning as well as grooving, parting and hole making. The advantage of ISCAR’s JETHP line is also noticeable when machining steel parts, where the chips are more manageable and insert life is significantly improved.

                      The coolant is delivered with enough force and fast enough to reach the cutting zone as a liquid, not a vapor. In the liquid phase, it lubricates the cutting process, as it quenches the molten chip, shattering it into smaller, more manageable pieces. Also, because of its internal flow path, HPC keeps the tool, insert and workpiece cooler, leading to much longer tool and equipment life.

                      Another benefit is that delivering coolant close to the shear zone improves machineability of the material under high speed conditions. Higher pressure coolant, directed right at the cutting zone, creates smaller chips, whether the material is titanium, inconel or steel.

                      ISCAR JETHP tools are designed to operate at extreme pressure and high cutting rates. They deliver a higher performance level than their conventional internal coolant counterparts made for lower pressure service. This additional benefit is provided when using the JETHP line also with conventional machine pressure.
                    • HeliTurn

                    • A New 80º Rhombic Insert with High Helical Cutting Edge for High Metal Removal Rates

                      ISCAR is introducing the CNMX 1207..-HTW insert family.
                      The new insert has a very positive radial, helical cutting edge and a positive rake angle - a combination which substantially reduces the cutting forces. The insert's corner has a wiper configuration which produces high surface finish even at high feed conditions, which in many occasions can eliminate a finishing cut. The corner angle is 88° which provides increased strength. The CNMX inserts were designed for heavy machining applications. Their unique design ensures reliable, fast metal removal when using 80° rhombic inserts.
                      They can be mounted on any standard toolholder that carries standard CNMG inserts, but the seat has to be replaced with a special seat: TCH 4. ISCAR's R-clamp toolholders are most recommended for heavy machining applications.

                    • SumoTurn

                    • SUMO TEC - Application Colors

                      In order to facilitate our customers in selecting the correct grade for their applications, ISCAR has developed new coating processes for the new SUMO TEC grades which will feature different colors for easy identification. All former SUMO TEC grades featured the same gold color.
                      The new coating technology improves the insert life by 5 to 12%, compared to the previous coatings.

                    • DoveIQTurn (High Feed Turning Inserts)

                    • ISCAR is introducing the PWXOL 3232P-10-TF-IQ lever lock 18.5° lead angle toolholders, for fast feed, up to 3 mm/rev and small, up to 2.8 mm D.O.C. longitudinal turning. The new tools carry WOMG 100716-T3P-IQ double-sided 10° negative flank trigon inserts, for high feed turning of steel.
                      Due to their ability to run at extremely high feeds, the new tools are used to reduce machining time and costs.
                    • DoveIQTurn (Innovative Clamping System)

                    • Rough turning is characterized by high D.O.C. (4-10 mm) and high feed rates (0.4-1.0 mm/rev).
                      Usually large single-sided inserts are used on top-clamp toolholders to withstand interrupted cut and high machining load. The current method of using single-sided inserts and top-clamp holders has the disadvantages of a small amount of cutting edges and interrupted chip flow due to the obstruction of the top clamp.

                      ISCAR has developed an innovative dovetail pocket combined with a lever clamping mechanism. The new system provides a very firm and rigid insert clamping, eliminating the need for a top clamp, which interrupts chip flow.
                      The DOVE IQ TURN clamping mechanism can firmly hold double-sided inserts featuring double negative prism flanks. The dovetail pocket and insert prismatic flanks prevent the insert from being lifted by the cutting forces.
                      Available are three insert geometries with prismatic flanks: WOMG-R3P-IQ, COMG-R3P-IQ and SOMG-R3P-IQ, designed with a new R3P chipformer for rough turning of steel.
                    • FlashTurn

                    • In many turning applications people tend to use larger inserts than are actually required for the machining parameters being applied, Therefore, ISCAR is introducing a wide range of ISOTURN small size inserts, which provide an economical advantage regarding cost per cutting edge.

                      The new inserts are available in a wide range of geometries, corner radii, chipformers and the most advanced carbide grades. They are available in WNMG, CNMG, SNMG, DNMG and TNMG geometries. These inserts are thicker than the standard inserts of the same sizes, which provides higher durability.

                      Also available are small size HELITURN LD inserts in CNMX and TNMX geometries. These inserts, like their larger counterparts, have high positive radial, helical cutting edges and positive rake angles - a combination that substantially reduces cutting forces.
                    • IsoTurn (YNMG - Small Size Inserts)

                    • ISCAR has added a new geometry to its line of small economical inserts: YNMG 1604… This insert fits into the VNMG 1604… insert's standard pocket. The YNMG 1604… insert features a 25º corner angle. It was designed for turning of very narrow V-shaped grooves which cannot be machined by the standard 35º inserts.
                    • Safe-T-Lock

                    • ISCAR is introducing the SDNCN 2525M-13-SL screw lock toolholder for 55° diamond inserts with a 7° clearance angle. A long groove on the pocket and a matching ridge at the insert bottom ensure high rigidity in profiling applications.

                      The new design ensures high edge location after indexing and no backlash when changing machining direction, as required in profiling applications.

                      The new DCMT 13T5..-F3P 55° rhombic positive flank inserts with new F3P and M3M chipformers were designed for semi-finishing and finishing of steel and stainless steel.
                      A ridge at the insert bottom which fits onto a long groove on the tool’s seat ensures high edge location precision.

                      The new design enables machining at high chip load, thus reducing machining cycle time while maintaining high profile accuracy.
                    • IsoTurn (R3P Chipbreaker for Rough Machining)

                    • Single-sided insert chipbreaker for rough machining of steel
                      Reinforced cutting edge
                      Positive rake angle for smooth cutting and reduced cutting forces
                    • HeavyTurn

                    • ISCAR is introducing the PLBOR/L 5050T-40 tools and LOMX 402224-H6P insert for very heavy turning applications.

                      The new tangentially clamped insert is made from the tough grade IC8250. It can machine at up to 35 mm depth of cut and up to 2 mm/rev feed. The insert is clamped on a very rigid lever lock pocket equipped with a protective seat.

                      The new tools were designed for use in heavy industry applications such as the power generation, marine and large automotive parts.
                    • CombiDLock

                    • ISCAR is introducing an upgraded lever lock to improve the clamping rigidity of the popular and user-friendly insert clamping system.
                      The new design actually combines the advantages of the current lever with the extra clamping rigidity of the top clamp method.
                      The current lever pushes the insert against the pocket, perpendicularly to the cutting force. This method sometimes fails during interrupted cut or heavy load applications, which causes the rear side of the insert to rise.

                      The top clamp mechanism does provide high clamping security, but on the other hand edge or insert indexing is inconvenient and time consuming and the top clamp obstructs the chip flow – especially during internal turning applications.

                      ISCAR’s new LR 4TL TOP LEVER combines the advantages of both systems. It firmly holds the insert in the pocket and also exerts an upper force on the rear side of the insert. It leaves the insert rake face unobstructed for free chip flow, while maintaining convenient insert handling and extremely high clamping security.

                      The new LR 4TL TOP LEVER can replace the standard LR 4 lever in any tool.
                    • IscarCBNLine

                    • Machining Hard Materials is Now Easy with ISCAR's CBN Grades
                    • IsoTurn (Inserts for Aluminum Machining)

                    • IsoTurn (IS6 - New SiAlON Ceramic Grade)

                    • The IS6 grade was developed in order to increase productivity in cast iron turning, as a complementary grade to the IS8 and IS80. IS6 can be used also for high productivity in rough turning of steel mill rolls composed of high-Cr steel, HSS (High Speed Steel) and adamite. The SiAlON material is characterized by high hardness, combined with moderate fracture toughness and excellent thermal resistance. These characteristics are achieved by a manufacturing technology of precisely-controlled alloy composition and a special sintering process that enables the IS6 grade to function at higher cutting speeds than the SiN-based ceramic grades.

                      Recommended Cutting Parameters:
                      Roughing: 500 - 1,000 m/min
                      Finishing: 600 - 1,200 m/min
                    • IsoTurn (IW7 - New Whisker Ceramic Grade)

                    • The new IW7 grade is suitable for turning Ni-based super alloys (e.g. Inconel), Co-based super alloys (e.g. Stellite) and for roughing hard castings and hardened steel.

                      Main Advantages:
                      • High hardness (Hv 2,100)
                      • High fracture toughness due to SiC (silicon carbide) whisker
                      • reinforced ceramics
                      • Excellent thermal shock resistance, which enables using coolant
                      • and interrupted cut machining
                      • Excellent for roughing and semi-finishing operations at 8-10 times
                      • faster cutting speeds when compared with carbide grades
                      • Good oxidation resistance due to its alumina substrate

                      As IW7 maintains high hardness at very high temperatures, super alloys and hard materials can be machined at high cutting speeds. The heat generated during high cutting speeds causes the material being cut to soften and thus reduces the cutting forces.

                      • Use ISCAR T-type clamp toolholders designed for ceramic inserts.
                      • For roughing applications always choose the strongest insert shape
                      • possible: round or square with a large corner radius.
                      • 15° or 45° lead angle is recommended.
                      • Chamfered entry and exit will reduce notch wear to improve
                      • tool life and surface finish.
                      • Select the largest possible corner radius and thickest insert.
                      • Use toolholders or boring bars with the largest possible
                      • cross section and minimal overhang for best stability.
                      • Heavy metal or carbide boring bars should be preferred.

                      The IW7 grade was developed to compete against competitors’ grades such as: WG300 (Greenleaf), KY4300 (Kennametal), CC670 (Sandvik), etc.

                      Recommended cutting conditions for Inconel, Stellite,
                      Waspalloy and Hastelloy
                      Cutting speed (Vc) =150-450 m/min
                      Feed rate (f) =0.1-0.2 mm/rev
                      Depth of cut (Ap) =0.5-3 mm
                      Coolant - dry & wet
                    • IsoTurn (IC6025 (M20-M35))

                    • F-type
                      Single-ended insert
                      For deep grooving and large diameters
                      With a stopper for high radial accuracyFollowing the introduction of grade IC6015, ISCAR offering grade IC6025, SUMO TEC CVD coated, which was developed for machining stainless steel.
                      Grade IC6025 covers the application range of ISO (M20-35), used for roughing and interrupted cuts, as well as applications at medium to low cutting speeds.
                      The grade IC6025 is composed of a cobalt enriched outer layer substrate, with MT TiCN and alpha Al2O3 coating with a special post coating treatment. IC6025 provides substantially improved tool life, excellent edge performance and repeatability when compared to our current grades and competitor grades.

                      CVD Coating
                      SUMO TEC Post Treatment
                      • Improved toughness
                      • Improved chipping resistance
                      • Smooth chip flow

                      Alpha Alumina (Al2O3)
                      • Improved crack resistance
                      • High resistance to crater wear
                      • Improved chipping resistance

                      Intermediate Layer
                      • Improved coating resistance to peeling

                      TiCN (MT)
                      • Improved flank wear resistance

                      • Improved adhesion to substrate

                      • High toughness

                      Although the coating process of the IC6025 is similar to that of IC6015, it differs with a tougher substrate, featuring a combination of high toughness and deformation resistance.

                      The SUMO TEC MTCVD coating adds toughness, flaking and chipping resistance and thus provides very reliable performance.

                      ● Turning stainless steel at moderate cutting speeds
                      ● Stable or unstable conditions
                    • IsoTurn (M3M Chipformer)

                    • In addition to grade IC6025, ISCAR is offering an innovative chipformer under the designation of M3M.
                      The new chipformer was designed especially for machining stainless steel.
                      The M3M chipformer was designed with geometric features that improve the tool’s life due to a reinforced cutting edge at the area where VG (notch wear) wear tends to occur when machining stainless steel, causing poor surface finish and risk of edge breakage.
                    • IsoTurn (IC6015 ISO M)

                    • ISCAR's grade IC6015 is a complementary SUMO TEC CVD coated grade for high speed machining of stainless steel.
                      ISCAR also offers grade IC6025, which covers the application range of M15-35 used for roughing and interrupted cut applications at medium to low cutting speeds.

                      IC6015 (M10-M20)
                      A cobalt enriched outer layer substrate, with MT TiCN and alpha Al2O3 coating with a special post coating treatment, provides substantially improved tool life, and excellent edge performance and repeatability.


                      • Substrate
                        The cobalt enriched outer layer improves the toughness on the cutting edge.
                      • Coating
                        The advanced SUMO TEC CVD coating provides improved flaking, toughness and chipping resistance.

                      Turning stainless steel at medium-to-high cutting speeds under stable or slightly unstable conditions.

                      ISCAR Grades Relative Application Range for Machining Stainless Steel

                      Recommended cutting speed for grade IC6015 should be at least 20% higher than the speed recommendations for IC807.

                    • Sumo TEC

                    • A New PVD Coated Grade for Turning and Grooving High Temperature Alloys

                      Important Features
                      ISCAR grade IC806 is a new complimentary SUMO TEC PVD coated grade for machining high temperature alloys, especially Inconel 718

                      New Grade for Inconel Machining
                      Inconel 718 belongs to a family of nickel based superalloys which are used extensively for applications where withstanding high temperatures and high corrosion resistance is required. Inconel 718 is widely used in the aerospace industry in components which are placed in the hot section of the engine and in additional sectors of the oil industry. The microstructure of Inconel 718 is made of an austenitic structure possessing high tensile and yield strength.
                      The major problems encountered when machining Inconel 718 are characterized by very high temperatures on the cutting edge of the insert due to the abrasive elements in the material composition (high nickel content of 50-55% and chrome 17-21%) which causes high wear rates, chipping, notching and insert breakage.
                      These factors contribute to reduced tool life and high deformation of the cutting edge even at low cutting speeds.
                      Another complexity associated with Inconel is its tendency to malform, consequently due to its metallurgical sensitivity to residual stresses and self hardening effects during the cutting operation. ISCAR’s aim is to effectively machine this unique material, and has therefore successfully developed the IC806, which is a submicron grade with superior wear resistant properties and advanced PVD TiAlN. ISCAR’s SUMO TEC coating exhibits better results compared to competitor’s grades as well as other ISCAR grades.
                      IC806 has a hard submicron substrate with PVD coating and a special post coating treatment which provides substantially improved tool life and better reliability.

                    • Exchangeable Heads

                    • As a result of the increasing popularity of Turn-Mill machining centers, ISCAR has decided to expand the range of exchangeable head tools.

                      ISCAR has developed a range of HSK A63 WH toolholders and tool adapters for Turn-Mill machines. These holders comply with a new HSK standard interface, recently introduced under the ICTM standard - Interface Committee for Turn-Mill and Mill-Turn machines.

                      The ICTM standard’s objective is to improve the angular positioning accuracy of the turning tools by tightening the tolerances between the spindle drive key and the holder key slot. The designation for the new standard for turning tools is HSK A63 WH….

                      The advantage of adopting the new HSK A63 WH standard is the ability to use the rotating toolholders from the conventional CNC machining centers on the multifunction Turn-Mill macines as well.

                  • Threading

                      • Deca-IQ-Thread

                      • This unique (patented) geometry is a 16 mm round insert with 5 double-sided corners, providing 10 cutting corners.
                        The new geometry provides the most economical price per threading corner (when compared with the popular 3 corner lay down inserts).
                        In the initial stage, ISCAR is introducing the most popular thread profiles and pitch sizes:
                        • TTG-16E-ISO - ISO – Metric
                        • TTG-16E-UN - UN – Unified thread
                        • TTG-16E-A55 - Partial 55° profile
                        • TTG-16E-A60 - 60° profile

                        The new DECA-IQ-THREAD line was developed according to an advanced technological procedure, which results in very accurate geometry and edge location repeatability after corner indexing.

                        The new inserts are made from the versatile grade IC908. The new inserts also provide advantageous tool life when compared to major threading insert manufacturers.

                        The tools that carry the new inserts feature coolant channels designed also for the use of high pressure coolant.

                        4 corner indexing can be performed by only a partial opening of the clamping screw, so the indexing action is short and easy and no setup operation is then required.
                      • PentaCut

                      • ISCAR is expanding the PENTACUT line by adding the ability to perform threading applications to the PENTA 24 economical inserts with five edges.

                        Available are partial profile 55º and 60º(MT and WT) and full profile inserts in the following thread standards: ISO, UN, Whitworth, BSPT.

                        • Multi-corner, five cutting edges, which provide the most advantageous price per cutting edge.
                        • A combination of very rigid clamping system and a strong insert design enables machining at very high machining parameters.
                        • The inserts feature chipformers, providing short and easily exposed chips, excellent accuracy and surface quality.
                        • Easy and fast edge indexing from either side of the holder.
                        • In case of edge breakage, the tool will survive and other cutting corners may still be used.
                      • Types and Profiles of Threading Inserts

                      • Partial Profile
                        • Performs different thread standards and suitable for a wide range of pitches which have a common angle (60º or 55º)
                        • Inserts with small root-corner radius suitable for the smallest pitch of the range
                        • Additional operation to complete the outer/internal diameter is necessary
                        • Not recommended for mass production
                        • Eliminates the need for different inserts

                        Full Profile
                        • Performs complete thread profile
                        • Root corner radius is suitable only for the relevant pitch
                        • Recommended for mass production
                        • Suitable for one profile only
                      • Grade IC 908

                      • ISCAR grade IC908 is a tough submicron PVD TiAlN coated grade. It is suitable for threading at low-to-medium cutting speeds.
                        This grade has been designed for machining of heat-resistant alloys, austenitic stainless steel, hard alloys and carbon steels. It also performs well with interrupted cuts and under unfavorable machining conditions.
                    • Miniature

                    • ISCAR is introducing a DO-GRIP parting insert with an internal coolant hole which passes through the insert, with an outlet near the cutting edge. This unique design is due to an advanced technology which was developed especially for these inserts.
                      The new DGNC inserts were designed for parting and grooving mainly on stainless steel and high temperature alloys.
                        • SwissCut

                        • Upgraded SWISSCUT Line
                          • The same tool and insert can be used in both front and back clamping
                          • 50% less inventory
                          • Insert indexing without removing the screw

                          The new inserts feature an innovative oval-shaped hole that enables 2 important improvements. In the existing line different tools and inserts are used for back and front clamping orientations.
                          The new clamping design uses a special screw that can be accessed and operated from both tool sides. The screw has to be fully removed for insert indexing. As the clamping screw is small, it can easily fall and disappear inside the machine or on the floor. In the upgraded line, the insert can be indexed without the need to fully remove the screw. Therefore, there is no risk of falling parts and indexing is easier and faster.
                        • SwissTurn

                        • ISCAR features a variety of ISO standard inserts, with small shank sizes. Also available are many standard geometry inserts with precision ground cutting edges and small radii for manufacturing small and thin parts.

                          ISCAR's toolholders with a unique clamping device, provide solutions for solving the main problems related to insert clamping and replacement on Swiss-type machines.
                        • PiccoCut

                        • PICCO Solid Carbide Mini Boring Bars
                        • Piccoace

                        • The growing demands for high accuracy and flexibility in clamping orientation have led ISCAR to develop a new advanced line of PICCO holders. The PICCOACE features a unique patented clamping system which sets new standards.

                          Important Features
                          Accuracy, rigidity and flexibility of clamping orientation.
                          The PICCOACE consists of two main parts: a body and an eccentric cap. When the cap is turned (using the wrench), the eccenter moves a special locking shim which presses on the insert and locks it into a precise position.

                          • Accuracy – The new clamping system assures extremely high clamping repeatability of 0.005 mm.
                          • Rigidity – Superb rigidity is achieved due to the advanced clamping mechanism, which locates the insert in a specific position that ensures optimal contact points.
                          • Fast insert indexing – PICCOACE’s clamping method saves precious time when replacing an insert.
                          • Clamping orientation flexibility - The large variety of the Swiss-type machines has increased the demand for multi-orientation clamping. Most of the available tools in the market provide a single clamping orientation, while ISCAR’s PICCOACE offers a solution suitable for all Swiss-type machines, which enables the operator to mount/dismount the insert from any desired orientation.
                        • Passport

                        • This is your passport to enter the new world of small-diameter, internal turning. ISCAR has designed a new concept in tool holding. Now, a single bushing toolholder can hold a full set of carbide shank boring bars capable of grooving, turning, threading, profiling and recessing. ISCAR also provides you with visas for cost reductions. The carbide shanks provide excellent rigidity and a high length-to- diameter (L/D) ratio. This allows the boring bar overhang to be adjusted to the best rigidity for each job. The new bushing holders incorporate special stoppers, useful in many applications with ISCAR's CHAMGROOVE system and PICCO bars. Utilizing the stoppers eliminates resetting the tool after every indexing. This versatile system replaces many expensive boring bars needed to perform the variety of applications, which are now possible with this single bushing holder
                        • Multi-Master

                        • MULTI-MASTER is a family of tools with shanks and interchangeable heads for a variety of milling applications including ball nose, straight shoulder and slitting and slotting applications. This system features ISCAR’s unique threaded carbide heads for superior performance, short indexing time and improved economy.
                          As there is no setup time for head replacement, MULTI-MASTER can reduce your production costs through increased production efficiency.
                        • SolidMill

                        • Micrograin solid carbide endmills with extended tool life are a part of the ISCARMILL family.
                          These endmills have an improved design and are available with the most advanced TiCN or TiAIN PVD coatings, in a range of 2-20 mm.
                          Ball nose endmills are available in a diameter range of 3-20 mm.
                        • SumoCham

                        • ISCAR's SUMOCHAM drill family is the next evolution of the very successful CHAMDRILL and CHAMDRILLJET families. The new family has similar features, with improved head and pocket design, no setup time, Fast Metal Removal and economical indexing.

                          The SUMOCHAM comprises a revolutionary clamping that enables improved productivity output rates, while enabling more insert indexes.

                          The shank itself is designed with twisted nozzles and exhibits a durable and stably constructed body.

                          The indexable heads are available in four different standard geometries, designed for drilling steel, exotic materials, cast iron or aluminum.
                        • SolidDrill

                        • The unique requirements of the mass production industries make specially tailored drills essential for optimal performance.
                          ISCAR’s trained design engineers ensure that customers have the finest multifunction drilling tools for their required profiles.
                        • MinCut

                        • ISCAR, a leading cutting tool manufacturer, is an appropriate partner to achieve the stringent and precision part manufacture required by the medical implants industry. ISCAR’s innovative cutting tools (ISO 9000 quality standard certified) for turning, grooving, parting, threading, milling and drilling, guarantee production of better and more reliable implants.

                          MINCUT is a family of internal face grooving and face turning tools for machining small diameters ranging between 8–17 mm (0.315–0.669”)
                          • Inserts in widths of 1.5–3 mm (0.05 9–0.118”)
                          • Highly stable tangential clamping
                          • Highly efficient chip evacuation
                          • Tools with internal coolant
                      • Hole Making

                      • The 'hole' solution for a vast array of innovative hole making tooling solutions featuring drilling, reaming and tapping.
                          • Drilling

                          • ISCAR offers a complete package of hole making solutions for various machining challenges while taking the customer's requirements into consideration, in terms of cutting parameters and many different production floor factors. We offer a wide range of drilling tools starting from Ø0.8 (in full solid carbide) up to Ø80 mm (with indexable inserts). The drilling ratio is available from short 1.5XD to extremely long 100xD (as BTA and gundrill systems). 

                            The company’s policy is to put special emphasis on a high level of technical support for each project and to accompany it from start to end. 

                            ISCAR's slogan "Where innovation never stops" is deeply implemented by one of the world's leading metalworking R&D teams, which continuously works on upgrading and designing new products. Every new product is intended to provide the highest productivity level, while keeping customer's costs low. 
                              • Solid Carbide

                              • Features
                                • Range of 3-20 mm in length to diameter ratio of 3xD &5xD
                                • Right-hand cut with and without internal coolant nozzles
                                • IC08 submicron substrate
                                • Most advanced TiAlN coating for best hole quality, high performance reliability and economical output

                                The new solid carbide drills were designed and produced according to DIN 6537 standard. There are two new designations for easy product identification: SCD … (Solid Carbide Drill) SCDR … (Solid Carbide Drill Reamer)
                              • Indexable Inserts

                              • The DR line of hole making tools is designed to provide an economical solution, suitable for all types of materials ISO P K N M.

                                These tools are designed primarily for semi-finishing operations and exhibit a high level of accuracy, even when subjected to interrupted cut machining conditions, or while drilling stacks or sloped surfaces.
                                Furthermore, with the right edge geometry these tools can easily perform angular penetration holemaking operation, drilling into the material and exiting with flat burr-free exit.

                                These tools are know to be less susceptible to unstable machining conditions, making them ideal for unbalanced holemaking operations associated with vibration.
                              • Indexable Heads

                              • The new generation of hole making tools, indexable heads, was first launched by ISCAR at the beginning of the century. These innovative tools present a huge technological breakthrough, developed by ISCAR and introduced to the shop floor in order to increase productivity and save setup time.

                                These tools are aimed for precision tasks, such as semi-finishing and finishing operations with no setup time, which is an enormous time-saving feature. These tools provide a great economical solution, suitable for all types of materials. Moreover, these tools are also compatible to the latest MQL technology, compatible with current ecological trends.

                                Known worldwide for their high level of productivity, the indexable head tools provide excellent performance due to the high volume of metal removal and phenomenal chip evacuation.
                              • Specially Tailored Tools

                              • Special toolholders are an integral part of our business. In addition to standard tools, ISCAR also designs and manufactures special tools. Each of our special tools is designed to conform strictly to the customer's parameters and specifications, meeting demands for performance, tool life, cost and ease of use. ISCAR's engineers work together with the customer to ensure that the tool manufactured will be the most suitable for the required application and machining process and will provide optimum output for the client.
                                ISCAR operates numerous manufacturing facilities around the globe to answer to the demand for special inserts and tools.
                              • Industry Solution

                              • ISCAR dedicates its resources in order to boost its customers’ productivity.
                                The company’s products are designed with special emphasis on dedicated solutions for the industry. There are no two industries alike and each one has it own needs and requirements ISCAR has acquired knowledge and developed solutions dedicated to every industry, following a thorough analysis and study.
                                ISCAR responds to industry needs by providing solutions that not only emphasize flexibility, efficiency, durability, reduction of production costs, but most of all increase productivity.
                                ISCAR has developed dedicated solutions for "difficult to machine" materials, taking into consideration enormous workpieces, stability abrasiveness and high temperature issues.
                                The constant need to respond to industry needs made ISCAR more receptive for easily responding to special needs and requirements that the industry set as targets.

                                ISCAR has unique solutions that match specific applications, per industry.
                                Following great success in the windpower and heat exchanger industries, ISCAR aims to meet new challenges, to be introduced to new segments of industry and develop unique solutions.
                              • Multifunction Drills

                              • Multifunction Drills
                                • Much machine idle time is saved due to limited tool exchange - chip to chip time, thus no wasted unproductive time.
                                • Further cost savings on tools, inventory management and storage.
                                • In many cases solve problems associated with limited space on the turret.
                                • Ideal for automatic machines (Swiss type).
                            • Deep Drilling

                            • Deep holes are defined by a ratio between the hole depth and the hole diameter.
                              Deep hole ratio depths are more than 10x the diameter and up to 150x the diameter ratio.
                                • SumoGun

                                • ISCAR is introducing the new SUMOGUN line for deep drilling applications of a diameter range of 12 to 25 mm (total length of 1000 mm).

                                  SUMOGUN enables replacement of the drilling head inside the machine – there is no need to remove the drill for head indexing.
                                  A polyamide plastic key is available for clamping and removing the SUMOGUN head.
                                  The SUMOGUN features two straight flutes carrying the standard SUMOCHAM drilling heads.

                                  The SUMOCHAM drilling heads are fully effective, which enables drilling at much higher table feed rates, when compared to most other gundrills available in the market.

                                  The SUMOGUN provides the enduser the ability to clamp different head geometries according to the material and application.

                                  The Drill’s Pocket
                                  The drill features an innovative unique pocket which can undergo at least 25 head replacements. The connection between the pocket and tube is done by a new welding process for high torque resistance.

                                  • 2 to 5 times higher table feed than standard brazed gundrills
                                  • Double flute
                                  • Full effective
                                  • No setup time
                                  • Various geometries available
                                  • Coated carbide grades
                                  • Excellent straightness and concentricity
                                  • Maintains high hole precision and center alignment
                                  • Surface roughness of 0.4-2.0 Ra is easily obtained
                                  • The drilling head can be replaced at least 25 times
                                  • All drill bodies feature straight coolant holes
                                • GunDrills

                                • Iscar's gundrill consists of a single piece carbide head, a streamlined shank and a driver through which coolant flows to the working end where it is most needed. Chips are evacuated along the V-shaped external flute.

                                  The Drilling Head
                                  The carbide head is tapered on its length to reduce friction. The taper angle depends on the type of material to be drilled. For high precision drilling, the taper should be reduced to a minimum. Note that when the head is resharpened, the diameter of the drill changes, affecting the hole tolerance.

                                  The Shank
                                  The cross-section of the shank is V-shaped with coolant holes. It is made of hardened steel that is highly resistant to twisting. This cross-section provides the optimal conditions for twist resistance, coolant flow and chip evacuation.

                                  The Driver
                                  The driver ensures the connection between the gundrill and the machine tool. Iscar’s advanced gundrill technology provides superior geometric and dimensional quality for both deep and shallow drilling. The drills are available in the range of 2.5 to 32 mm in 0.1 mm increment diameters. Larger diameters, between 32 and 40 mm, are available upon request. In addition, any other drilling head configuration or coated drilling head can be produced upon request.

                                  • Drilling precision of IT7 to IT9 tolerances can be reached.
                                  • Excellent straightness and concentricity.
                                  • Maintains high precision hole center alignment.
                                  • S urface roughness of R0.4 - R1.6 is easily obtained.
                                  • R eboring operations are often unnecessary.
                                • DeepDrill

                                • Single Tube System (STS)
                                  Cooling fluid is induced through the gap between the drill and the hole, conveying the chips through the tube. Requires the usage of dedicated machines.

                                  Double Tube System (DTS)
                                  Cooling fluid is induced between the coaxial tubes, conveying the chips through the inner tube Can be applied for standard machines.
                                • IscarDR-DH

                                • ISCAR is introducing long drills for a drilling depth-to-diameter ratio of 7XD and up, to be used on standard horizontal milling centers, turning, and multi-task machines. Use of supplementary machine and setup can be avoided.
                                  The new drills will be available as semi-standard items in the diameter range of 25.4 to 69.5 mm (1.00 - 2.73”).

                                  Drill Features
                                  • High feed drilling: up to 0.35 mm/rev for high productivity
                                  • Excellent surface quality: Ra = 0.6 – 2.0 [μm]
                                  • Good hole cylindricity: 50-80 [μm]
                                  • Hole tolerance: IT10
                                  • Large drilling depth: L=5xD and higher – up to 800 mm
                                  • Carries standard SOMX/SOMT indexable inserts with 4 cutting edges
                                  • No dedicated machine or extra setup needed
                                  • Standard coolant pressure as used in general drilling
                                  • Standard indexable, double ended guiding pads
                                  • Used for steel (ISO P) and cast iron (ISO K) materials
                                • TriDeep

                                • The TOGT inserts feature 3 chip splitting cutting edges, a positive rake chip breaker and a wiper for high hole surface quality. The new inserts are available in 5 sizes, made from IC908, a versatile PVD coated grade.

                                  • The only deep drills with a 3 cutting edged insert (other manufacturers only offer inserts with 1 or 2 cutting edges)
                                  • Highly accurate peripherally ground insert, provides high hole diameter accuracy of IT10
                                  • The chip splitter produces narrow chips for efficient chip evacuation, enabling higher feed rates compared to other drills available in the market
                                  • A wiper on the insert provides extra fine surface finish
                                  • Direct insert mount - no adjustment needed for accurate hole diameter
                                  • The drills can carry the new economic solid carbide or the brazed guide pads
                              • Reamers

                              • The industrial world of metal machining is growing and requires faster and more accurate tools, which will in turn assure higher quality control standards. Our target is to reduce operating cost by cutting machining times and improving product quality.
                                ISCAR is proud to offer a complete package of reaming solutions. Our unique tools for hole finishing applications provide increased manufacturing productivity.

                                ISCAR’s most experienced reaming specialists help to guide customers in selecting the most correct and optimal reaming tool for a particular application, in order to achieve the highest finishing standards. We concentrate on the most important aspects, which will consistently lead our customers to successful and profitable hole finishing.
                                  • Bayo T-Ream

                                  • ISCAR is introducing the BAYO T-REAM, a new high speed reaming system.

                                    In comparison to the conventional method, this advanced solution allows for increasing the speeds and feeds dramatically.

                                    This feature is most advantageous in mass production industries.
                                    When large quantities of workpieces are involved, the savings in machining time, labor cost and productivity are multiplied greatly.
                                    The BAYO T-REAM consists of an interchangeable carbide reaming head with a unique (patent pending) quick-change bayonet mechanism, suitable for reaming applications of H7 hole tolerance range.
                                    The reaming head is mounted on a HARD TOUCH steel shank (solid carbide or heavy metal shanks are available on request).
                                    The reaming head is attached to the shank by a bayonet screw and a special wrench is used to clamp and release it.

                                    The reamer has been designed with internal coolant holes directed on each cutting edge for the most efficient head lubrication and extremely long tool life.

                                    • High speed/high production
                                    • No setup time while indexing
                                    • Low runout (maximum 3µm)
                                    • Versatile modular system (One shank can be used for a range of hole diameters and various types of cutting edges)
                                    • Durable, due to the combination of a carbide head and steel shank
                                    • Internal coolant directed optimally to the cutting edges
                                  • Solid H-Ream

                                  • SOLID H-REAM reamers are high quality tools.
                                    They are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the DIN 1420 standard. This ensures that when using these tools, the reamed hole is within the respective tolerance range and the reamer can be used to its full economic potential.
                                    Additional factors that may affect the tolerance of a reamed hole are: cutting and lead angles of the reamer, chucking force of the tool, pre-drilled hole size, machine stability and the lubrication type.
                                    The following basic rules (based on practical applications) have been established to determine the manufacturing tolerances of reamers.

                                    • Durable (produced from submicron fine carbide grain)
                                    • Good solution for old machines
                                    • Suitable for low cutting speeds and feeds
                                    • Economical for small production batches
                                    • Easily regrindable
                                    • Mostly used with floating adapters
                                    • Coated for high cutting speeds (upon request)
                                    • With internal coolant supply (upon request)
                                    • PCD - for nonferrous materials (upon request)
                                    • CBN - for hard materials (upon request)
                                    • Cermet - for superior performance in steel (upon request)
                                    • Combined and stepped reamers (upon request)
                                    • Integral and modular (upon request)
                                    • Special diameter range 1 mm (.039) and up
                                  • Index H-Ream

                                  • A high speed reaming system with internal coolant supply, INDEXH-REAM standard line covers reaming applications of 8-32 mm (.315-1.25") hole diameters.
                                    The indexable cutting insert has two cutting corners with 4 lead angle options and 3 rake angle variations, covering most workpiece material types. The INDEXH-REAM single indexable insert with carbide pads provides a combination of economical and highest precision results on a very wide range of materials.

                                    • Economical system (2 cutting edges)
                                    • Wear compensation mechanism
                                    • Maximum precision
                                    • Designed to achieve IT5 tolerance
                                    • For extremely fine surface finish, roundness and cylindricity (due to the burnishing action, caused by the tough guiding pads)
                                    • For high concentricity in interrupted applications (due to the smooth, and continuous cut)
                                    • Relatively, high reaming speeds (modern coating technology and strong substrate)
                                    • Effective chip evacuation
                                    • Optimally directed internal coolant supply, for long tool life
                                  • OneTap

                                  • ISCAR's ONETAP significantly reduces the range of taps required for various materials and tapping applications, providing the highest efficiency in economical production.

                                    ONETAP’s patented geometry was developed to the highest technological standard, providing the following advantages:

                                    • Reduced and well distributed cutting load that prevents overfeed tapping process
                                    • Assures high surface quality (up to the last part)
                                    • Increases tool life up to two times (depending on cutting conditions and workpiece material), compared with the currently available taps
                                • Milling

                                • ISCAR's toolholding systems for rough and finish milling applications are designed to answer to high torque transmissions, maximum accuracy, compactness and where easy operations are required.
                                    • Profiling

                                        • HeliDo (Precise Round Profile Insert with 6 Cutting Edges)

                                        • The HELIDO H606 line is an economical tool and insert system which features a double-sided precise round profile insert with 6 cutting edges.

                                          Main Features
                                          • 6 mm radii with 90° vertical cutting edge
                                          • Very positive rake angle to reduce power consumption
                                          • Dovetail rigid clamping
                                          • AXT chipformer for steel and cast iron
                                          • AXMP chipformer, suitable for austenitic stainless steel and high temperature alloys
                                        • HeliDo (Excellent for Semi-Finish Applications)

                                        • The HELIDO round H400 product line features a double-sided round shaped insert. The insert has a unique design that is not completely circular. This allows placement of an additional insert on the cutters, which provides higher productivity.

                                          • Screw clamping
                                          • 4 cutting edges of radius 5, 6, 8 x 120°
                                          • Dovetail clamping
                                          • Excellent for semi-finish applications
                                        • MillShred

                                        • The MILLSHRED round family comprises a wide range of chip splitter inserts for a wide range of applications.

                                          • Capable of milling with high overhang up to 10 times diameter
                                          • Reduction of chip volume
                                          • Reduction of cutting forces and machine power consumption
                                        • BallPlus

                                        • BALLPLUS is a multifunction system comprised of various shank options and 6 milling head types. Each shank has the ability to carry any one of the milling head types. Clamping and indexing of the milling heads is very simple. It can be done while the tool remains clamped on the machine - therefore no setup time is necessary after indexing. A unique pocket design enables a very firm insert clamping, edge position accuracy and no insert pullout problems. BALLPLUS is an ideal system for reducing tool inventory.
                                          It is an attractive option for the die and mold industry and for any industry which uses many different endmills for its production applications.

                                          • One tool with 6 insert shapes
                                          • V-lock, high rigidity clamping mechanism
                                        • DropMill (High Depth of Cut)

                                        • The DROPMILL product line is a ball nose type cutter with two indexable inserts that have
                                          2 cutting corners each.
                                          The round cutting edge of the insert continues with a 90° flat cutting edge, which provides higher depths of cut and finishing surface.

                                          • Rectangular pocket seat for high accuracy
                                          • 2 cutting edges per insert
                                          • Strong rigid insert for rough operations
                                          • Ground insert for semi-finishing (QT)
                                          • Pressed insert with chip splitter for roughing (CS)
                                        • DropMill (Three Effective Flutes 240° Ball Nose)

                                        • The lollipop-shaped ball nose cutters feature 240° spherical cutting edges and are available in the following tool configurations:
                                          • BLP Endmills – Endmills in the diameter range of 16 to 50 mm
                                          • BLP-M - Milling heads in the diameter range of 16 to 40 mm with FLEXFIT adaptation
                                          • BLP-Shell Mills - Arbor-type cutter in 50 mm diameter

                                          • All three cutter teeth are fully effective
                                          • 240° spherical cutting edge with chip-splitting action
                                          • Center cutting
                                          • Internal coolant holes directed to each cutting edge

                                          • High feed provides very high productivity
                                          • Reduced cutting forces lead to better stability and lower power consumption
                                          • Wide application range of profile milling operations on various materials
                                          • Like most of ISCAR’s new tools, the BLP cutters are HARD TOUCH coated for improved durability and wear resistance
                                      • Solid Carbbide & Multi-Master

                                          • SolidMill

                                          • New solid endmills have a special edge configuration for machining CFRP composite parts and honeycomb.
                                            The increased popularity of composites in aerospace applications creates new challenges for metal cutting shops. One of these substances, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), can be especially difficult to machine.

                                            These materials are extremely abrasive and difficult to machine, as a result of the different physical properties of the materials used in the layers that make these composites hard, tough and strong. Due to the harsh cutting environment, tool life can be very short when machining CFRP composites.
                                            The impact of the cutting edge fractures the hard carbon fibers, instead of shearing material away. This process causes the cutting edge considerable abrasion that can lead to rapid wear.
                                            In order to successfully machine CFRP, ISCAR offers hard, sharp solid-carbide tools made from grade IC02 which can be supplied on request with long-lasting diamond coating (IC2018).

                                            EPN-F Endmill Features
                                            • Fine pitch - 10 and 12 flute endmills
                                            • Unique flute profile provides good surface finish
                                            • In most cases, eliminates CFRP fiber breakout
                                            • Reduces delamination
                                            • Decreases cutting forces
                                            • Available in diameter 3-12 mm
                                            • Available in IC02 uncoated or diamond coated on request
                                          • FiniShred

                                          • The FINISHRED endmill is known for its sophisticated geometries, enabling the tool to perform roughing and finishing operations at the same time. The result is the ability to apply roughing machining conditions, while obtaining excellent surface finish.

                                            • Two-in-one tool
                                            • High metal removal rates
                                            • Long tool life
                                            • Reduces machining time
                                            • Suitable for machining exotic materials
                                          • Multi-Master

                                          • Endmills with Indexable Solid Carbide Heads

                                            • No setup time
                                            • Carbide thread connection for quick change
                                            • Conical and face contact for high precision and rigidity
                                            • Auto-balanced for high speed machining
                                            • One shank carries heads with different profiles
                                            • One head can be mounted on many different shanks
                                          • ChatterFree

                                          • CHATTERFREE endmills maximize stock removal rate, eliminating vibration and reduce cycle time. The unique ground geometry provides excellent surface and tool life while machining at high material removal rates.
                                            CHATTERFREE endmills are available with variable pitch and different helix + variable pitch with 3, 4 & 5 flutes.

                                            • Excellent solution for low power machines
                                            • Reinforced cutting forces
                                            • Improves material removal rate, by machining full slot up to 2 X D depth of cut for most materials
                                            • Eliminates vibration
                                            • Chatter dampening
                                            • For roughing and semi-finishing applications
                                            • Cylindrical and relieved shank endmills
                                        • H.P.C

                                        • High Performance Cutting means, very high metal removal rates for rough milling, by taking full advantage of the long edge and full immersion of the cutter. The overall depth can be up to two times the diameter and the width of cut can even be up to full diameter.
                                          This type of milling operation is a high power consumption operation and the machine power should be taken into consideration prior to the cutting stage. ISCAR has recently developed extended flute cutter families with a unique helical cutting edge and geometry, which enables reduced cutting forces during heavy milling operation.
                                            • MillShred

                                            • The MILLSHRED P290 line features 90° serrated milling inserts. Provides reduced cutting forces and is extremely productive at high overhangs.

                                              • All tools have internal coolant holes
                                              • Suitable for all materials
                                              • FW strong serrated insert
                                              • FWE positive serrated insert
                                              • HL for finish sharp straight cutting edge

                                              Tool Adaptation Options
                                              • End mill - Weldon
                                              • Face mill - Arbor
                                              • Flex fit
                                              • End mill extended flute
                                              • Shell mill extended flute
                                            • HeliTang

                                            • HELITANG T490 Extended Flute Cutters Line with Tangentially Clamped Inserts for High Performance Cutting

                                              • For shouldering and contouring
                                              • Holes for internal coolant supply
                                              • Suitable for all kinds of materials
                                              • Recommended for rough milling deep shoulders
                                              • Insert with chip splitting groove, for reduction of vibration and cutting forces

                                              Tool Adaptation Options
                                              • Weldon and cylindrical
                                              • Shell mill
                                              • Integral type (adapter, C6, BT50 -INT50)
                                              • Modular extended flute cutter
                                            • HeliDo

                                            • HELIDO H490 Extended Flute Cutters with Double-Sided Inserts for Rough Milling of Deep Shoulders and High Edges

                                              Features Tools
                                              • Positive cutting angles of the indexable insert geometry
                                              • Coolant nozzles for insert
                                              • Large variety of diameters and cutting lengths
                                              • HARD TOUCH coated, providing better chip flow and protection from corrosion and wear

                                              • For all steel and cast iron materials, as well as for stainless steels and difficult to cut materials
                                              • For shoulder and slot milling operations

                                              • High metal removal even on low-power machines, due to positive cutting angles and soft cutting action
                                              • Reduction in machining costs of high shoulder milling
                                              • High process reliability
                                          • Shouldering

                                              • HeliIQMill

                                              • The HELIIQMILL 390 is a new family of cutters which carries triangular inserts with 3 helical cutting edges.

                                                • Triangular insert with 3 cutting edges
                                                • Economical high positive 90° shoulder
                                                • Ramping down ability
                                                • High axial rake angles
                                                • Very strong and durable cutter
                                                • Sharp clamping angle for higher clamping rigidity
                                                • Coarse and fine pitch cutters
                                                • For roughing and semi-finishing applications
                                                • Coolant holes for each insert
                                              • MillShred

                                              • The MILLSHRED P290 line features 90° serrated milling inserts. Provides reduced cutting forces and is extremely productive at high overhangs.

                                                • All tools have internal coolant holes
                                                • Suitable for all materials
                                                • FW strong serrated insert
                                                • FWE positive serrated insert
                                                • HL for finish sharp straight cutting edge

                                                Tool Adaptation Options
                                                • End mill - Weldon
                                                • Face mill - Arbor
                                                • Flex fit
                                                • End mill extended flute
                                                • Shell mill extended flute
                                              • HeliTang (Heavy Duty, T490 FLN-22ST)

                                              • The new T490 FLN…-22ST 90° face mills were designed for heavy machining and tough cutting conditions, especially next to shoulders or fixture constraints.
                                                The mills carry the T490 LNHT 22… tangentially clamped inserts with 4 helical cutting edges, that are mounted in the pockets with protective seats. The new tools are available in the diameter range of 125-200 mm.
                                                These durable tools can be used for heavy-duty milling mainly on steel and cast iron. They can machine up to 21 mm DOC.
                                              • HeliTang (Unique Rake Face Geometry)

                                              • HELITANG is a line of milling tools with tangentially clamped inserts. The new HELITANG indexable, double-sided T490 LN:T PNR inserts have four right-hand helical cutting edges and a unique rake face geometry.
                                                Configurations: endmills, face mills and shell mills with extended flute and milling heads, with threaded adaptation of FLEXFIT or MULTI-MASTER.
                                                • Pressed and ground insert
                                                • Positive rake face
                                                • Positive inserts with 4 cutting edges, for 90°
                                                • Coarse pitch and fine pitch
                                                • Suitable for all kind of materials, steel, stainless steel, cast iron
                                                • Recommended for roughing and semi-finishing applications
                                              • Heli2000

                                              • ISCAR is introducing a new insert with a unique CHATTERFREE geometry, further upgrading the HELI2000 milling line performance.
                                                The new unique CHATTERFREE insert can be mounted on any HM90 E90AD endmill, HM90 F90A face mill, HELIMILL shell mill or extended flute cutter.

                                                • Asymmetrical design with 2 different cutting edges
                                                • Reduced chatter, which increases tool life
                                                • Ground cutting edges, providing more accurate perpendicularity
                                                • Special edge preparation
                                                • 10% less power consumption vs. regular insert
                                                • Improved chip evacuation due to unique axial variable cutting edges
                                                • Most efficient on even number flute milling tools
                                                • Wide wiper edge improves excellent surface finish
                                                • Available in SUMO TEC carbide grades, IC380 and IC830
                                              • HeliDo (Very Rigid Insert for 90° Shoulder Milling)

                                              • The HELIDO H490 product line provides a double sided, very rigid insert for 90° shoulder milling. The insert utilizes 4 helical cutting corners.

                                                • Economical - 4 cutting edges
                                                • Dovetail pocket utilizes very rigid clamping
                                                • Thick insert
                                                • Positive cutting edges
                                                • Reinforced cutting edges
                                                • Wiper
                                                • Coarse and fine pitch cutters
                                                • Suitable for steel, stainless steel and cast iron
                                                • For roughing and semi-finishing applications
                                              • HeliDo (6 Helical Cutting Edges)

                                              • ISCAR is introducing another evolution of the original HELIDO line: HELIDO H690, a new family of tools for 90° milling. The new H690 TNKX 1606… triangular inserts feature 6 helical right-hand cutting edges and are very strong due to their thickness.
                                                The HELIDO H690 helical design of the triangular insert, coupled with a rigid pocket design, provides extremely high durability and very stable performance. The tools can machine accurate 90° shoulders up to 14 mm depth, and in addition perform slotting, ramping down and facing operations.

                                                The H690 - family of tools for 90° milling. Double sided insert. Triangular insert with 6 cutting edges. Available in cutting edge length of 16 mm.

                                                • Economical - 6 cutting edges.
                                                • High Positive Cutting Edge for Soft and Easy Cut,
                                                • Rigid Pocket Design
                                                • large Screw clamping
                                                • Rigid thick inserts
                                                • Reinforced cutting edge.
                                                • Coolant holes for each insert
                                                • Coarse and fine pitch cutters
                                                • Less vibration and low power consumption
                                                • Tool designed for ramp down operation suitable for Steel , Stainless & Cast Iron
                                                • For roughing /semi finishing applications.
                                              • HeliDo (8 Helical Cutting Edges)

                                              • HELIDO S890 FSN is a new family of right-hand indexable face mills with an 88º cutting edge angle (2º lead); with 8 helical cutting edges, which can be used for up to 9 mm depth of cut.
                                                The square-shape inserts S890 SNMU 1305 PN… with 8 helical cutting edges feature a progressive cutting geometry with positive rake, that ensures smooth milling with soft entry to and exit from material.

                                                • Screw clamping
                                                • Depth of cut up to 9 mm
                                                • Suitable for steel and cast iron
                                                • For roughing and semi-finishing applications
                                                • Economical – has 8 cutting edges
                                                • Reinforced cutting edge
                                              • SumoMill

                                              • The SUMOMILL T290 product line is comprised of endmills, face mills and extended flute cutters with tangentially clamped inserts with two helical cutting edges. The inserts feature a soft and clean cut due to their helical cutting edges and positive rake angles.

                                                • Tangentially mounted inserts
                                                • Higher tooth density on cutter perimeter
                                                • Larger core diameter
                                                • Dovetail pocket
                                                • 2 helical cutting edges
                                                • Larger axial cutting angle
                                                • Coarse and fine pitch cutters
                                                • Suitable for steel, stainless and cast iron
                                                • For semi-finishing and finishing applications
                                              • HeliMill

                                              • HELI2000 is a product line with rectangular inserts with 2 helical cutting edges, for general use.

                                                • Screw clamping
                                                • High shoulder accuracy and surface quality
                                                • Ramping down ability
                                                • Soft and clean cut due to helical cutting edges
                                                • High axial rake angles
                                                • Very strong and durable cutter
                                                • Coarse and fine pitch cutters
                                                • Suitable for steel, stainless and cast iron
                                                • Suitable for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing applications
                                                • Available in cutting edge lengths of 10 and 15 mm
                                              • HeliPlus

                                              • HELIPLUS is an extension of the HELI2000 family. The rigid and double screw-clamping method of the HELIPLUS insert features a high helix sharp cutting edge, which in turn provides FMR (Fast Metal Removal). HELIPLUS milling cutters can be used for very steep helical interpolations for penetration into deep cavities.
                                                An additional line of tools and inserts related to the HELIPLUS family is the HELIPLUS 07, which is a small insert with 7 mm length of a helical cutting edge.

                                                • Screw clamping
                                                • High helix sharp cutting
                                                • Exerts low force
                                                • High surface finish
                                                • Two clamping holes for very secure clamping
                                                • 2 helical long cutting edges
                                                • Coarse and fine pitch cutters
                                                • Suitable for steel, stainless and cast iron
                                                • For roughing, semi-finishing and finishing applications
                                              • HeliAlu (Designed for Machining Aluminum)

                                              • The HELIALU line is comprised of a large range of endmills and face mills which are especially designed for machining aluminum, mainly parts for the aviation industry.

                                              • HeliAlu (High Speed Milling Aluminum)

                                              • The new HELIALU line includes 90° face miling cutters for milling aluminum at very high rotational spindle speeds. Required mainly by the aerospace industry, they can provide full advantage of most modern machines, to maximize metal removal rate and minimize production costs.

                                                • For H.S.M. of aluminum up to 30,000 RPM
                                                • Prevents insert displacement in the pocket
                                                • Sharp, ground cutting edge for low cutting forces and a clean cut
                                                • Polished rake face for excellent chip flow
                                                • Positive cutting angles
                                                • High rampdown ability
                                                • Open flute design to aid in chip evacuation
                                                • For roughing and semi-finishing applications
                                                • Suitable for all aviation aluminum
                                            • Plunging

                                                • TangPlunge

                                                • The TANGPLUNGE product line is comprised of tangentially clamped inserts with 4 cutting edges, with a rigid cutter body for plunging operations.

                                                  • Great solution for long reach roughing
                                                  • Optimal solution for lower power machines
                                                  • High bending resistance due to axial forces
                                                • HeliDo

                                                • The new H600 WXCU 070515… insert has an intermediate size between the H600 WXCU 0806… and the H600 WXCU 05T3… inserts. As the most popular tools in the FEEDMILL application market are the 50 mm diameter tools, featuring 1.5 mm depth of cut, the H600 WXCU 070515… insert was designed to provide advantageous performance for this commonly used application.
                                                  The H600 WXCU 070515… insert features a larger radius (1.5 mm) than the H600 WXCU 080612… (1.2 mm) insert. This is most important when machining next to wall shoulders.

                                                  The H600 WXCU 070515… insert enables a tool design featuring a higher tooth density than those carrying the H600 WXCU 0806… insert. For example, the 50 mm diameter tool carries 4 H600 WXCU 0806… inserts, while a tool with the same 50 mm diameter carries 5 H600 WXCU 070515… inserts and thus the new tool can run at higher table feeds. The screw clamping of the H600 WXCU 070515… insert is very secure, providing high durability (reliability) in milling (including ramping down) operations.

                                                  We take this opportunity to also introduce a new size 08 insert of reinforced cutting geometry, H600 WXCU 080616RM. This insert was designed for milling various hard-to-cut materials (for example, high wear-resistance steel HARDOX).The new H600 WXCU 080616RM insert can be mounted on FF/MF standard FWX…-08 cutters.
                                              • Facing

                                                  • DoveIQMill

                                                  • The new IQ845 family is a milling face mills with a square double-sided inserts with 8 cutting edges. The milling cutters feature a very soft cut due to a high positive cutting edge inclination which features a very good surface finish in roughing applications as well.

                                                    • High positive cutter pocket inclination.
                                                    • Rigid clamping due to dovetail pocket design secured by clamping screws.
                                                    • Coarse and fine pitch cutter configurations.
                                                    • Coolant holes directed to every insert on the cutters .
                                                    • Precise double sided square insert
                                                    • 8 cutting edges – each edge comprises a reinforced edge and a wiper flat for high quality of machined surface.
                                                    • Positive rake face produces excellent chip formation.
                                                    • Depth of cut up to 4.6 mm
                                                    • Low power consumption.
                                                    • Both roughing and finishing on many types of material.
                                                  • HeliDo (Heavy Duty Face Mills)

                                                  • The SOF45-26 line is a family of face milling cutters for heavy duty milling applications. The cutter pocket is equipped with a protection seat and can carry both square and octagonal inserts. It is a very economical solution.

                                                    • Strong and durable construction
                                                    • Helical cutting edge
                                                    • Tools with seats to avoid deformation and provide body protection
                                                    • Angled screws create secure clamping
                                                    • Suitable for steel, stainless and cast iron
                                                    • S845 SNMU 26…8 helical cutting edges for up to 11 mm depth of cut
                                                    • ONMU 10…16 cutting edges, right-or left-hand for up to 7 mm depth of cut
                                                  • HeliDo (Economical - 8 and 16 Cutting Edges)

                                                  • The HELIDO 845 line is one of the most popular face milling cutters, with 2 shapes of a unique insert, clamped into the same tool pocket. They are: a square double-sided insert with 8 cutting edges and an octagonal double-sided insert with 16 cutting corners.
                                                    This family of face mills offers the most economical face milling solution.

                                                    • Screw and wedge clamping
                                                    • Coarse, fine, and extra fine pitch cutters
                                                    • Depths of cut up to 6 mm - square insert
                                                    • Depths of cut up to 3.5 mm -octagonal insert
                                                    • Suitable for steel and cast iron
                                                    • For roughing, semi-finishing and finishing applications
                                                    • Economical – 8 and 16 cutting edges
                                                    • Angled screw for rigid and secure clamping
                                                    • Variety of wiper inserts
                                                  • 16Mill

                                                  • The 16MILL product line is comprised of octagonal economical inserts with 16 cutting edges for face machining cutters.

                                                  • HeliDo (8 Cutting Edges for 65° Shoulder Milling)

                                                  • The HELIDO 865 line is a double-sided helical positive insert with 8 cutting edges for 65° shoulder milling.
                                                    It provides a very efficient solution for high metal removal face machining of cast iron and steel components.

                                                    • Screw clamping
                                                    • Coarse and fine pitch cutters
                                                    • Depth of cut up to 8 mm
                                                    • Suitable for steel and cast iron
                                                    • For roughing and semi-finishing applications
                                                    • Minimize burrs and edge chipping for cast iron applications
                                                  • HeliTang

                                                  • The HELITANG T465 is a product family with a tangentially clamped, 4 corner insert with a 65° approach angle.
                                                    The 65° cutting edge angle is a very efficient solution for high metal removal face machining of mainly cast iron and steel components.
                                                    It can be used for up to 19 mm depth of cut. The tools were designed for machining large parts such as those for heavy industry applications.

                                                    • Pressed and ground insert
                                                    • Positive rake face
                                                    • Positive inserts with 4 cutting edges
                                                    • Maximum depth of cut up to 19 mm
                                                    • 65° approach angle
                                                    • Coarse and fine pitch cutters
                                                    • Suitable for all kind of materials, steel, stainless steel, and cast iron
                                                    • Recommended for roughing applications
                                                  • HeliOcto (Octagonal, Round and High Feed Segmented Radius Inserts)

                                                  • HELIOCTO indexable multi-insert milling cutters are the most economical face milling tools due to their (8) 45° cutting edges.
                                                    HELIOCTO E45KT / F45KT, 45° face mills use octagonal or round inserts. HELIOCTO HOF face mills use octagonal, round and high feed segmented radius inserts.

                                                    • High positive rakes make this tool perfect for light-powered milling machines
                                                    • Unique pocket design ensures true positioning of insert and high repeatability
                                                    • Indexing direction is stamped on the inserts to ensure efficient use of the cutting edges
                                                    • One cutter uses two different types of inserts for two entirely different applications
                                                    • Protruding wiper flat contributes to a better surface finish
                                                    • Unique design of ribs and slots dissipates heat to prevent thermal cracks and prolong tool life
                                                  • HeliOcto (HOF/HOE-R06 A New Level of Versatility)

                                                  • ISCAR has expanded the popular HELIOCTO line by further upgrading its versatile HOF-R06 face mills and HOE-R06 endmills that can carry single-sided octagonal, round and square inserts.

                                                    These mills provide the customer with productive multifunctional solutions in broad-spectrum milling applications. Depending on the shape of the inserts (octagonal, round or square), the HELIOCTO HOF/ HOE-R06 tool will be used for milling plane faces, profile surfaces or square shoulders; respectively. Its advanced geometry enables reduction of cutting forces and ensures smooth machining.
                                                • Slotting

                                                    • Mini-Tangslot

                                                    • The MINI-TANGSLOT product line is a high-efficiency slot milling cutters with tangentially clamped inserts with 4 cutting corners and a unique insert geometry, which enables very narrow width of slots.

                                                      • Tools in a width range of 3 to 6 mm
                                                      • Tangentially clamped
                                                      • LNET 08… inserts with 4 edges
                                                      • ETS type cutters with internal coolant holes
                                                      • Cutters with a shell mill and flange configuration
                                                      • Very rigid clamping option
                                                      • T-slot cutters with a FLEXFIT threaded connection, for use with various FLEXFIT standard shanks
                                                    • T-Slot

                                                    • ISCAR IS introducing the SD-SP15, a new family of narrow slotting and groove milling cutters. The new cutters consist of interchangeable solid carbide T-slot milling heads and a cylindrical steel shank, assembled by means of a unique spline connection.

                                                      • 32 mm diameter milling heads with 8 teeth
                                                      • Width range of 2 to 5 mm
                                                      • Depth of cut up to 8 mm
                                                    • HeliSlot

                                                    • FDN-XN13 is a new family of full slot milling cutters with square inserts that provide an effective and economical solution for machining slots and grooves.

                                                      ISCAR’s new FDN-XN13 cutters carry XNMU 130608PNM-MM patent pending configuration inserts.

                                                      XNMU 130608PNM-MM is a robust double-sided square insert, featuring 8 (4 right-hand and 4 left-hand) helical cutting edges and unique twisted upper and bottom surfaces. The inserts, when clamped on the cutter, produce staggered teeth with alternating axial rakes, which contribute to very stable cutting even under high chip load. The twisted positive rakes cause a smooth cutting action, and it is rigidly secured in the cutter.

                                                      Due to a combination of staggered teeth, positive rake and reliable insert clamping, the cutters feature high performance reliability and productivity.

                                                      The FDN-XN13 flange-type cutters are available in the diameter range of 32-200 mm for 14-24 mm slot widths.

                                                      The unique XNMU 130608PNM-MM inserts are probably the first double-sided inserts with 4 R.H. and 4 L.H. helical cutting edges for slot milling cutters. They are made from the
                                                      advantageous SUMO TEC carbide grades, designed for general applications on alloy steel,
                                                      ferritic and martensitic stainless steel and cast iron components.
                                                      Also available are special radii up to 2.4 mm and special FSB and SSB tools.
                                                    • TangMill

                                                    • Tangential Milling System with a Unique Tangentially Clamped Butterfly-Shaped Insert

                                                      • Cutting edge with positive rake face results in reduced cutting forces
                                                      • The cartridges can be adjusted to a width range of 19 to 25 mm
                                                    • TangMill Adjustable

                                                    • The TANGMILL adjustable slotting cutters family enables a very wide range of slotting widths for many slotting applications.

                                                      • Wide range of widths
                                                      • Soft cut with the butterfly positive-shaped insert
                                                    • Tangslot

                                                    • The TANGSLOT product line comprises cutters which are used very successfully in applications which require accurate grooves.
                                                      They can be used for parting as well.

                                                      • 6.0 to 14.6 mm width range
                                                      • The shape of the LNET 12.. insert and the tangential clamping on the cutter results in narrow slotting cutters with a fine pitch.
                                                      • The positive, helical rake face chipformer reduces cutting forces and power consumption by 15%-25%. It also directs chips away from cut area, leaving the side surfaces unscratched.
                                                      • This configuration has less chattering problems and better tool life, using only one tangential insert type with four corners (two right-hand and two left-hand cutting edges).
                                                      • LNET 12... inserts are designed for general applications, especially on cast iron and steel.
                                                      • Feed can be increased beyond most other comparable slotting cutters.
                                                    • Multi-Master

                                                    • The MULTI-MASTER's unique threaded connection is widely applied for side milling applications.
                                                      MM GRIT line for o-rings and standard widths.

                                                      • Huge variety of shank lengths and shank materials
                                                      • Unique widths and diameters for circle clips according to DIN471/472 and ANSI B27.7M
                                                      • Recommended line for o-rings and retaining rings
                                                      • Unique lines for tube sheets of heat exchangers
                                                      • Round, straight and chamfered slot shapes
                                                  • Slitting

                                                      • TangSlit

                                                      • TGSF Slitting Cutters with TANG-GRIP Tangentially Clamped Inserts

                                                        • Very rigid clamping design, increased pocket life, in comparison to any former SELF-GRIP clamping system
                                                        • Excellent part straightness and surface finish
                                                        • Very rigid cutter, resulting in fewer vibrations during cutting, which are especially prominent with large cutter diameters
                                                        • No problem of inserts being pulled out due to centrifugal force, therefore can be used at high RPM, suitable also for machining aluminum
                                                        • Very accurate grooving dimensions and repeatability due to long and rigid pocket
                                                        • Tangentially oriented pocket enables designing fine pitch cutters
                                                        • The same inserts, offering several chipformer options, can be used for both slitting cutters and parting tools
                                                      • SelfGrip (Coarse Pitch Cutters)

                                                      • ISCAR's slitting cutters feature a prismatic-wedged clamping system which has changed the industry's standard. Each cutting insert is manually positioned between the flexible jaws of a SELF-GRIP pocket - no screws or spare parts are required.
                                                        The combination of a stopper that limits the insertion of the insert and the flexible jaws precisely and securely position each insert.
                                                        Indexing is both easy and fast. A simple lever extractor is used to remove the insert and a plastic hammer aids in indexing. The entire indexing process is possible without removing the cutter from the machine. This eliminates the need to re-position the cutter, resulting in minimal down-time.
                                                      • SelfGrip (Fine Pitch Cutters)

                                                      • SGSA Slitting Cutters Family with Fine Pitch Cutters
                                                        • High tooth density cutters can run at very high table feeds, providing Fast Metal Removal (FMR).
                                                        • Successfully competes against brazed and H.S.S. tools (which also feature high tooth density cutters).
                                                        • Despite their fine pitch construction, the cutters have relatively large chip gullets which enable machining up to 0.2xD slitting depth.
                                                        • Unique product: At this stage no other company offers standard fine pitch slitting cutters with such small indexable inserts.
                                                        • Customers who currently use coarse pitch cutters for shallow slitting may improve their productivity by switching to the new SGSA fine pitch cutters.
                                                        • Stability: As fine pitch cutters have more teeth engaged simultaneously in the material, they are less susceptible to vibration.
                                                      • CutGrip

                                                      • Slitting cutters using CUT-GRIP inserts clamped in a DO-GRIP style pocket.
                                                        These cutters should be used with the GIM single-ended inserts (C and J chipformer types) or with GIMY inserts for round bottom grooves. These inserts have no depth restrictions.
                                                        The GIP and GIF double-ended inserts can be used for precision grooving and for cutting depth of less than 12 mm. GIPA inserts should be used for machining aluminum.

                                                        Recommended carbide grades:
                                                        IC328 should be used for tough and interrupted cut applications at low cutting speed and high feed.
                                                        IC908 should be used for continuous cutting at medium to high speed and low to medium feed.

                                                        • Strong and reliable clamping system, recommended for heavy machining and for interrupted cut. The long clamping prisms improve insert life.
                                                        • High cutter durability featuring long tool life.
                                                        • Easy insert indexing by using the EDG 44A extractor.
                                                      • ChamSlit

                                                      • TRIB groove milling cutters in a diameter range of 32 to 80 mm, carry economical triple edged groove milling inserts for external and internal grooving up to 5 mm depths. The inserts are precision ground and therefore can be used for producing accurate grooves.
                                                        Each insert may be ground to any smaller width size. The insert is clamped into the pocket by a screw.

                                                        The available grade is IC908, which is very tough and versatile and can be used on a large variety of workpiece materials.

                                                        • Very rigid tool with screw clamped inserts, which can be used at high feed rates
                                                        • High tooth density: 3 teeth on the 32 mm tool
                                                        • In case of a broken insert corner, the tool can still function using the remaining inserts
                                                        • A single tool may be used for 1.2 to 4 mm insert width range
                                                        • Can be used for precision groove milling

                                                        The CHAMSLIT tools can cover a very wide range of applications in automotive and aerospace industries, for hydraulics and any application requiring precision groove milling.
                                                    • H.F.M

                                                    • High Feed Milling means milling at very fast feed rates with relatively small depths of cut.
                                                      These high feed rates are possible due to a very small approach angle of the cutting edge, in a way which maintains the same chip thickness.
                                                      ISCAR has developed the widest range of High Feed Milling tools and inserts, which cover a wide range of applications.
                                                      ISCAR’s most productive and profitable family for HFM can be accessed by clicking on the picture below.
                                                          • HeliDo

                                                          • The HELIDO 600 UPFEED product line features fast feed and medium feed cutters with inserts that have 6 cutting corners.

                                                            • Screw clamped
                                                            • High and medium feed
                                                            • MF, medium feed for higher depths of cut but slower feeds
                                                            • For roughing applications
                                                            • Rampdown capability
                                                      • Thread Mlling

                                                          • SolidThread

                                                          • Features
                                                            • More flutes in relation to cutting diameter, spiral flutes reduce cutting forces
                                                            • Sharp ground helical cutting edges
                                                            • Low cutting forces
                                                            • Short machining time
                                                            • Thread diameter accuracy adjustment
                                                            • Thread milling next to bottom of blind hole
                                                            • Bottom thread relief not required
                                                            • Excellent and controlled thread surface finish
                                                            • No problem with broken taps
                                                            • One tool is suitable for various thread milling profile
                                                            • Easy and efficient machining for thread milling on CNC milling centers
                                                            • Threading of asymmetric parts
                                                            • Large variety of tool diameters
                                                          • MillThread (Large Variety of Thread Forms and Standards)

                                                          • MILLTHREAD MTSR Tool with Indexable Inserts

                                                            • Dovetail pocket design absorbs and carries high cutting forces and high rigidity
                                                            • Large variety of thread forms and standards
                                                            • Most inserts are double-sided with two cutting edges
                                                            • Enables production of precision threads on CNC milling machines and machining centers, using helical interpolation programs
                                                            • For internal or external threads that are not located on the rotation axis of the part
                                                            • For precision threading
                                                            • Prevents chip jamming, which commonly occurs when when tapping
                                                            • Cost advantage over tapping for large diameters
                                                            • Eliminates regrinding
                                                            • A single insert can be used for many diameters with the same pitch, for right or left thread
                                                            • Tapered threads do not require taper reaming
                                                            • Eliminates the removal of broken taps in holes
                                                          • MillThread (Long Helical Indexable Inserts)

                                                          • MILLTHREAD MTSRH with long helical indexable inserts are the ultimate solution for very fast and efficient thread milling

                                                            • The helical inserts engage with the workpiece smoothly and exert lower cutting forces and reduce vibration, when compared with straight, negative axial tools
                                                            • Enables machining at very high feeds and produces a high quality surface finish
                                                            • Simple and very convenient screw clamping mechanism makes insert indexing accurate and user-friendly
                                                            • By using these tools, thread production time can be very short
                                                        • Toolholding

                                                        • ISCAR offers a wide range of innovative milling tools for all application types in the metal working industry.
                                                          ISCAR's highly engineered products are designed to increase productivity and profitability in all milling operations.
                                                            • Balancin

                                                                • Balancin

                                                                • The ISCAR Balanceable Collet Chuck System provides a number of advantages including direct readings from its precision BALANCIN rings for a high-grade balance. This system utilizes a simple balancing procedure on all types of balancing machines.
                                                                  Added features are its ability to compensate for unbalance up to 61 grams per millimeter and its ability to provide both static and dynamic balancing.
                                                                • Tooling

                                                                • IM63 XMZ is MAZAK’s modification for their turn-mill machines, fully competible with MAZAK KM63 XMZ standard, with 3 holes added on the V-flange located 120° from each other.

                                                                  ISCAR offers a limited assortment of the most popular holders and tools with
                                                                  IM63 XMZ shanks for grooving and parting blades and adapters and for integral shank ISO tools. Following market demand ISCAR expanded the range with holders for rotating tools.
                                                                • ShortIn

                                                                • This new, short holder is now available for ER32 spring and shrink collets. These new short holders provide maximum rigidity and better cutting conditions.
                                                                  Among the SHORTIN advantages is the shortest possible overhang yet suitable for both regular and shrink collets.
                                                                  The short collets provide high gripping force, thereby reducing cutting vibrations and improving runout and repeatability.
                                                                  Each chuck is balanced to 2.5G @ 20,000 rpm, has a symmetrical design for high speed machining and is very cost effective.
                                                              • Chucking System

                                                                  • CamFix /Female Modular System)

                                                                  • ISCAR is introducing new integral adapters with CAMFIX female connection (ISO 26623-2 standard) on one side and these shank types on the other side: HSK, DIN69871, BT and the CATERPILLAR.
                                                                    In addition, new male-female CAMFIX extensions and reducers.

                                                                    The CAMFIX female connection adapters enable using the CAMFIX modular systems on machine tools with different spindle connections to achieve maximum rigidity and stiffness provided by the CAMFIX (ISO 26623-1/2 standard) coupling.

                                                                    The CAMFIX system features high accuracy, excellent rigidity against bending forces, stability and high torque transfer. This is achieved due to the polygonal cone and face contact.

                                                                    The new adapters enable assembling long reach tools with the most strong and stable connection.

                                                                    The combination of the new CAMFIX holders and extensions, together with the MB modular boring system connection also extend the deep boring application options.
                                                                  • MaxIn

                                                                  • With the MAXIN tool, only a small tightening torque compresses the frontal nose, providing an extremely high gripping force.
                                                                    It is designed for roughing and finishing applications in milling where high torque transmission, maximum accuracy, compactness and easy operation are required.

                                                                    • Clamping nut is not threaded (as in ER collet chucks)
                                                                    • Designed for direct chucking of the tool shank (no need for intermediate collet) for maximum gripping force
                                                                    • Sealed nut construction
                                                                    • No axial drawback of the tool shank as chuck is tightened
                                                                    • Thick wall construction to withstand greater side loading forces

                                                                    The high gripping force achieved by the MAXIN power chuck results from the shallow nose tapered cone (1) with helical slot (3) inside the internal chuck bore. It exerts a very high clamping force when the clamping nut (2) is rotated in the axial direction. The shallow taper of the tool nose (1) and the angled position of the needle bearing (4) that sits in the cage create the axial movement of the clamping nut (2).
                                                                    This unique clamping mechanism eliminates axial movement of the shank while clamping, simplifying the preset process.
                                                                    Runout Accuracy: Maximum runout at 100 mm. Overhang is less than 0.01 mm.
                                                                  • CamFix (Toolholders with CAMFIX Adaptation)

                                                                  • ****************** FEHLER ******************* ISCAR-ETM has recently ted producing the CAMFIX adaptation. CAMFIX is fully compatible with the new ISO 26623-1 standard.

                                                                    ISCAR-ETM produces CAMFIX stationary toolholders for lathes and multi-tasking machines and rotating toolholders for endmills, shell mills and face mills.

                                                                    ISCAR has also expanded the range of turning tools with integral CAMFIX shanks: C4, C5, C6 sizes.
                                                                  • HydroFit

                                                                  • ISCAR-ETM is expanding its toolholder clamping options by adding hydraulic chucks. These new chucks range from 1/4 - 11/4”. This type of chucking system was designed for rotating applications.

                                                                    Main Applications
                                                                    • Fine and accurate machining
                                                                    • Reaming
                                                                    • Drilling
                                                                    • Finish milling

                                                                    Chucks 6-32 mm (1/4 - 1-1/4") Diameter Range HSK A 50, 63, 100, DIN69871 40, 50, BT40, 50, CAT40, 50

                                                                    • High runout accuracy of less than .00012”.
                                                                    • Very low torque required to activate the clamping mechanism using a 4 mm Allen key.
                                                                    • Prolongs cutting tool life and improves surface finish due to vibration damping.
                                                                    • Easy presetting by using an internal preset screw.
                                                                    • All rotating chucks feature a symmetrical and balanced design for high speed machining of up to 15,000 RPM.
                                                                    • Available with threaded holes for fine balancing.
                                                                    • Consistent and secure clamping force when used within the recommended speed range.
                                                                    • Suitable for both Weldon and cylindrical shank clamping.
                                                                    • Very convenient and safe tool change on the machine.

                                                                    Available are HYDROFIT chucks with tapered shanks
                                                                    CAT 40, 50
                                                                    HSK A63, 100
                                                                  • Tooling (Holders with Internal Coolant Holes)

                                                                  • Due to a growing demand from various industries and since there are many face mills with coolant holes available in the market, ISCAR is expanding the range of holders for face milling cutters with coolant holes by adding internal coolant DIN69871 40 & 50 and BT 40 & 50 holders.

                                                                    The new shell mill holders enable coolant flow to reach to each insert directly, to efficiently cool the cutting zone. This is a much more efficient method than external coolant flow. It extends tool life and improves performance in various milling applications.

                                                                    • Prolonged insert life (especially when milling titanium and aluminum)
                                                                    • Symmetrical design – may be used at high RPM
                                                                    • New heavy duty driving keys for higher torque transfer
                                                                    • Dramatically improved chip evacuation
                                                                    • Improved surface finish

                                                                    In addition to the symmetrical design, the holders are also dynamically balanced:
                                                                    DIN69871 40 - G2.5 @ 20,000 RPM
                                                                    DIN69871 50 - G2.5 @ 15,000 RPM
                                                                    BT 40 - G2.5 @ 20,000 RPM
                                                                    BT 50 - 62.5 @ 15,000 RPM

                                                                    ISCAR has recently introduced clamping screws for securing face mill cutters on shell mill adapters with adjustable protrusion nozzles. These screws can be used either with the new shell-endmill holders, or face mill holders.
                                                                    The new holders are designated with a ‘C’ suffix.
                                                                    For example: DIN69871 40 SEM 22x100 C
                                                                  • Tooling (Long Tapered Shanks with Face Contact)

                                                                  • Face contact modified adaptation which is used mainly on Japanese and Korean machine tools, is becoming more popular.

                                                                    Main features
                                                                    • High rigidity
                                                                    • Enables cutting edge repeatability within 0.002 mm
                                                                    • Eliminates axial movement caused by centrifugal forces at high RPM and increased high temperatures
                                                                    • Excellent performance in heavy load conditions or long overhang applications
                                                                    • Improved cutting tools and machine spindle duration

                                                                    ISCAR’s toolholders feature a disk spacer attached to the tapered side of the toolholder’s flange, that is fully compatible with BIG+ machine tool spindles.
                                                                  • CamFix

                                                                  • ISCAR-ETM is introducing CAMFIX stationary toolholders for lathes and multi-tasking machines.

                                                                    In the first stage, the most popular toolholders will be introduced:
                                                                    • C6 ABB... - for boring bars with reduction sleeves for smaller diameters.
                                                                    • C6 ASHR/L... holders for square shank tools
                                                                  • Exachangeable Heads

                                                                  • The new toolholders are for square shank tools and boring bars.
                                                                    Shank size HSK A100WH (ISO 12164-3T) is used on large spindle machines for large shank and bar sizes.
                                                                    ISCAR is adding a larger, 50 mm boring bar size holder and a set of optional reduction sleeves for these holders.
                                                                • Straight Shank

                                                                    • GTI ER Trapping Attachment

                                                                    • Tension and compression type for CNC milling machines and lathes with reversing motors and rigid tapping.

                                                                      • Compensates for machine feed and tap pitch variance
                                                                      • Floating mechanism compensates for misalignment between tap and workpiece
                                                                      • Practical and efficient tap holding by the ER spring collet without using jaw drivers
                                                                      • Compact design for minimal clearance application
                                                                      • Heavy duty design for high torque drive, ensures the same accuracy as the tap itself
                                                                      • Right- and left-hand tapping
                                                                    • Gyro

                                                                    • GYRO is a rugged and adjustable toolholder developed by ISCAR/ETM to solve drilling, tapping and reaming problems encountered on CNC and turret lathes. Its unique design allows smooth and easy adjustment of radial and angular misalignment between chuck and turret.

                                                                      GYRO reduces total machining time by making it possible to complete machining of holes in one drilling step and to achieve tolerances as close as 0.01 mm, thereby eliminating subsequent boring or reaming operations.

                                                                      • A breakthrough in drilling technology for CNC lathes
                                                                      • Dramatic increase in tool performance at reduced cost
                                                                    • ShrinkIn

                                                                    • Integral SHRINKIN Chucks 3-32mm Diameter Range HSK A50, HSK A63, HSK A100, BT40,BT50, CAT40, CAT50,DIN69871 40, DIN69871 50.
                                                                      Integral Slime Chucks HSK A63, HSK E32, HSK E40, HSK E50, HSK E63, HSK F63, CAT40, BT40, DIN69871 40.

                                                                      The integral SRKIN SHRINKIN toolholder line was designed for milling applications requiring higher rigidity - the new generation of integral SRKIN toolholders. These new chucks actually integrate into SHRINKIN ER SRK…slime ER20,ER25,ER32 collets with standard taper shanks to form a single, solid piece chuck.
                                                                      These SRKIN integral units may be used for solid carbide, steel & HSS shanks, while SRK Slime Line suitable for solid carbide only.
                                                                    • Anti-Vibration Holders and Adapters

                                                                    • A range of anti-vibration components is available from ISCAR.
                                                                      Included is an extension of the existing boring bar "IHAXF…AVI" heavy metal, "IHAXF… E" carbide shank dampening holders and long projection "RE…AVI" reducer line.
                                                                      The advantages of ISCAR's anti-vibration components include improved accuracy, surface finish and tool life and the ability to bore deeper applications, thereby improving productivity.
                                                                    • Istbore (Modular, High Precision Toolholder System)

                                                                    • ITSBORE is a modular, high precision toolholder system for boring, milling, drilling and tapping applications that provides an extremely high degree of rigidity.
                                                                      The system's flexibility and simplicity make it suitable for machine tools, machining centers and flexible manufacturing systems.
                                                                      It uses a unique cylindrical-conical coupling and radial expansion pin to ensure maximum rigidity and concentricity.
                                                                      For applications that require machining to strict tolerances with a superior surface finish, ITSBORE is an excellent solution.

                                                                      The system is available with an internal coolant supply for all of its components as:
                                                                      • BHR rough
                                                                      • BHF finish
                                                                      • BHC combination (rough and finish)
                                                                      • TCH twin cutter roughing head
                                                                      • TCH finish head
                                                                    • Istbore (Fine Boring Heads)

                                                                    • Due to market demand, especially from the heavy duty industry which is characterized by high power machines, ISCAR–ETM is expanding the ITSBORE system by adding MB110 adapters, to be used on large shanks.

                                                                      The new adapters will enable using the MB boring system also for heavy duty machining by the heavy industries, such as power generation.

                                                                      MB110 will be available with the following combinations:
                                                                      • SKA 50/60, BT 50/60
                                                                      • Extensions
                                                                      • Reducers
                                                                      • Shell mill holders
                                                                      • Blanks
                                                                    • Istbore (Modular Sytsem for Disk Type Cutters)

                                                                    • The new holder has 2 coolant holes and was designed for SDN slot milling cutters with a 60 mm mounting hole diameter and driving key to transmit the cutting torque.
                                                                      It can be used on any standard ITSBORE MB80 shank, which offers a very rigid clamping system with several adaptation and length options.
                                                                      The universal adapter enables using various width of slotting cutters by applying spacer rings. The new holder can be used for high load applications, which offers a standard solution instead of the currently used special adaptations.
                                                                  • Clamping Systems

                                                                      • ClickIn

                                                                      • The CLICKIN system utilizes both the taper and the tool face to provide maximum rigidity.
                                                                        The system can be used to connect a SHRINKIN toolholder with a mounted tool to a large taper shank holder for mounting on the machine.
                                                                        The CLICKIN system uses a combination of the taper and face contact for high precision runout and high rigidity, yet provides quick and easy clamping. This is an ideal clamping concept for high speed machining.
                                                                        For clamping, the taper shank and holder connect in a quick half-turn. There is no thermal shock on the holder taper. The system is available in a variety of diameters and lengths as well as specially tailored, to eliminate the need for any extension chucks - and it functions without any spare parts.
                                                                        This CLICKIN system may also be used with a solid carbide tool mounted in SHRINKIN
                                                                      • ClickFit

                                                                      • This unique adapter system expands the application range of ISCAR endmills and its HELIBALL line. The tools are especially useful for applications that require machining in deep cavities, such as in the Die and Mold industries.

                                                                        FLEXFIT is designed for all HELIBALL CR and CRF inserts.
                                                                        • CR inserts include the range of 8 to 25 mm (.315 to .984").
                                                                        • CRF inserts have a range of 12 to 25 mm (.472 to .984").

                                                                        This system facilitates machining with large overhang yet is economical, as one head can be used with a combination of shank options. Additionally, its CDP heads can be mounted on both metric and inch tool combinations and its milling heads can carry the respective size of both metric and inch inserts.

                                                                        A clamping screw pushes the shank of the tool through a narrowed opening forcing elastic deformation of the steel holder and face contact.
                                                                        As the steel contracts around the tool, contact is made around slightly more than a full 180°.
                                                                        The result is rigidity comparable to a solid part.

                                                                    • Integral Shrink Chucks

                                                                        • ShrinkIn (Slim Design with a 4.0° Nose Angle)

                                                                        • Integral SHRINKIN Chucks
                                                                          • Preset screws in all sizes to adjust the required length for fixed position 10 mm (3/8”) range.
                                                                          • Special high alloy H13 steel with high thermal shock resistance over 500°C (930°F).

                                                                          Chucks 6-32 mm (1/4 - 1-1/4") Diameter Range HSK A 50, 63, 100, DIN69871 40, 50, BT40, 50, CAT40, 50

                                                                          • High accuracy run out OD-ID 0.003 mm (.00012")
                                                                          • Powerful clamping with high friction force.
                                                                          • High stiffness due to one solid piece.
                                                                          • Symmetrical ,balanced design for high speed G2.5, 25,000rpm < 1g X mm. (An optional balancing correction may be accomplished by 4 threaded holes in the nose circumference).
                                                                          • Prolonged tool life due to its low heating temperature and better rigidity, accuracy and stiffness.
                                                                          • Slim design with a 4.0° nose angle, according to DIN69882-8 standard.

                                                                          The INTEGRAL SRKIN chucks are designed for tools in the diameter range of 6-32 mm (1/4 - 1 1/4”) for shanks with h6 tolerance for heavy milling operations. The ER… SRK are intended for high speed machining using tools in the 3-12 mm (1/8 - 1/2”) diameter range on a standard collet chuck, or milling heads on turning centers. They are available with 3 different length projections: 35, 60 and 85 mm (1.5, 2.5 and 3.5").

                                                                          Heating Units:
                                                                          1. For the ER…SRK we will continue to offer our compact unit: SHRINKIN UNIT - EUR / SHRINKIN UNIT - USA.
                                                                          2. For the INTEGRAL SRKIN there is an induction thermal unit with quick insertion and release (less than 5 sec). It is available in the range of 3-32 mm (1/8-1 1/4”).
                                                                        • ShrinkIn (Rigid Clamping of Solid Carbide End Mills)

                                                                        • The SHRINKIN Thermal Shrink ER Collet Chucking System is an enhancement to the popular ER system.
                                                                          The SHRINKIN collets utilize the "thermal shrink" phenomenon for rigid clamping of solid carbide end mills. The new system provides higher torque, precision runout and better repeatability.
                                                                          The SHRINKIN collets with their slim design and different projection lengths allow the user to reach into deeper cavities and perform narrow milling applications.
                                                                          ISCAR offers a complete system for SHRINKIN ER collets, including a uniquely designed heating unit with a portable heating handle.
                                                                          The unit is equipped with a high-tech temperature control for easy and practical use at the machining center or in the tool room.

                                                                          ER-SRK Thermal Collet
                                                                          ISCAR has unique ER 20, ER 25, ER 32 SRK collets in its growing line of SHRINKIN chucks with diameter range 3 - 12mm.
                                                                          All of ER 20, ER 25 and ER 32 collets are also available with JET2 double nozzle coolant holes - directed to the cutting edge - to be used with standard straight-shank cutting tools.
                                                                          The standard heating unit is available with a seating pocket for ER 32 and #40. Therefore the new collets need to be mounted, for heating and cooling, into any standard ER 20.25 collet chuck.

                                                                          SHRINKIN Features
                                                                          • Slim design with different projections
                                                                          • Interchangeability with standard ER chucks
                                                                          • High torque transfer
                                                                          • Rigid clamping of carbide tools
                                                                          • Precision runout
                                                                          • Perfect repeatability
                                                                          • Vibration dampening
                                                                          • Coolant through the tool
                                                                          • Coolant Jet II is available
                                                                          • Symmetric design for high speed machining
                                                                          • Quick and easy tool changing
                                                                          • Unique SHRINKIN heating unit with portable handle
                                                                      • Grades

                                                                      • ISCAR's SUMO TEC post coated grades significantly extend insert tool life as a result of a unique innovative substrate. The even surface contributes to smooth uninterrupted chip flow, less generated heat and less friction. This improves toughness and chipping resistance, thus reducing friction and built-up edge, which in turn prolongs tool life at increased machining conditions for all types of workpiece material.
                                                                          • ISCAR Grades

                                                                          • The SUMO TEC grades feature a special post-coating treatment which provides substantially improved tool life and better reliability.
                                                                            The new process improves toughness and chipping resistance, reduces friction and built-up edge, thus increasing tool life.
                                                                            The golden-colored flank facilitates wear detection.