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  • VARGUS is a world leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, precision threading, grooving, turning and hand deburring tools.

    Established in 1960, VARGUS is the cutting tools division of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, a multinational organization headquartered in Germany.

    Since the company's inception, VARGUS engineers have pioneered breakthrough tooling solutions such as the first triangular laydown threading insert; the first indexable thread milling system; and the original hand-deburring system.

Product Portfolio
  • VARDEX: Threat Turning and Thread Milling

  • Vardex has earned its reputation as the #1 indexable system worldwide.

    The Vardex indexable laydown thread turning insert technology was developed over 50 years ago. Vargus patented designs continue to be the industry standard to this day.

    With over 6000 different tools, VARDEX Thread Turning tools offer the largest and most extensive collection of pitches and standards in different grades, IC ranges and types of insert styles, as well as customized methods for the oil and gas industry. 

      • Vardex: Thread Turning

      • Vardex has earned its reputation as the #1 indexable system worldwide.

        The Vardex indexable laydown thread turning insert technology was developed over 50 years ago. Vargus patented designs continue to be the industry standard to this day.

        With over 6000 different tools, VARDEX Thread Turning tools offer the largest and most extensive collection of pitches and standards in different grades, IC ranges and types of insert styles, as well as customized methods for the oil and gas industry. 

          • Thread Turning System

          • The Vardex Thread Turning tooling program offers a wide range of external and internal solutions:

            • Standard tools for medium and fine pitches
            • V6 style inserts with 6 cutting corners
            • F-Line inserts - Fixed clamping system suited for high loads
            • U-style inserts for threading large pitches
            • VG-Cut threading inserts for threading between shoulders
            • V-style inserts for extra-large pitches
            • Mega Line inserts for pitches up to 25mm or 1TPI
            • Multi+ inserts for mass production
            • Mini-V miniature vertical tools
            • Mini-3 turning tools for small bores
            • Micro single & double-ended tools for bores as small as 3.2mm
              • General Use: VRX

              • Premium multipurpose submicron grade for stronger wear resistance and improved productivity, AlTiN alloyed PVD coated.
              • General Use: VTX

              • General purpose grade with tough submicron substrate. Provides good fracture toughness in non-rigid cutting conditions. TiAlN coated.
              • General Use: VKX

              • General purpose grade, excellent in steel and stainless steel, recommended for rigid cutting conditions. Ground or sintered chipbreaker styles. TiN coated.
              • General Use: VCB

              • Sintered chipbreaker with ground profile for machining materials with long chips. TiAlN coated.
              • Stainless Steel: VM7

              • Speciality grade for threading stainless steel. Multi-layer PVD caoted.
              • Non Ferrous, High Temperature Alloys and Titanium: VK2

              • Uncoated grade for non-ferrous, aluminium, heigh temperature and titanium alloys.
              • Non Ferrous, High Temperature Alloys and Titanium: VK2P

              • Highly-polished version of the VK2 uncoated grade for high quality surface finish in aluminium.
              • VG-Cut: VPG

              • Sub-micron substrate for a wide range of applications. Excellent anti-fracture resistance. highly recommended for medium to high cutting speeds.TiAlN coated.
              • OIL&Gas Materials: VRXP

              • Premium submicron grade with reinforced cutting edge for the oil & gas industry. Ideal for steel and stainless steel in unstabgle cutting conditions. AlTiN alloyed PVD coated.
              • OIL&Gas Materials: VTXP

              • Excellent all-purpose grade, tailor-made to the oil & gas industry with reinforced cutting edge. Recommanded for non-rigid cutting conditions. TiAlN coated.
              • OIL&Gas Materials: VKXP

              • General purpose grade, excellent in steel and stainless steel, and hihgly recommanded for rigid cutting conditions. Special design with reinforced cutting edge for the oil & fas industry. TiN coated.
              • MINIPRO: Mini 5L & Mini IC 6.0: VHX

              • HSS grade for Mini 5L and Mini 6.0 inserts. Recommanded for very low cutting speeds. TiN coated.
              • MINIPRO: Mini IC4.0, IC5.0 & Mini-V: VTX

              • Sub-micron grade for general machining in low and medium cutting speeds. Highly recommanded for stainless steel. TiAlN coated.
              • microscope: VBX

              • General purpose carbide grade for Micro double-ended inserts. TiN coated.
              • MINIPRO: MINI 5L & Mini IC 6.0: VKP

              • General purpose carbid grade for the Mini 5L and Mini 6.0 inserts. TiN coated.
              • MINIPRO: Mini IC4.0, IC5.0 & Mini-V: VBX

              • Sub-micron grade for general machining in low and medium cutting speed for Mini 4.0K, k.0K and Mini-V lines. Hihgly recommended for steel. TiCn coated.
            • Grades

            • The new VRX grade from Vardex is a multipurpose premium grade suitable for machining steel, hardened steel up to 55 HRc, stainless steel, high temperature alloys and non-ferrous metals at low and high cutting speeds.

              The advanced technological processes involved in the creation of the VRX grade ensure stronger wear resistance, a longer tool life and better productivity.

              In addition to the new VRX grade, the VARDEX Thread Turning program offers a wide range of grades for threading any type of material.

              VARDEX's speciality grades include:

              • VRX - multipurpose premium grade suited to a wide range of materials and cutting conditions
              • VTX - an excellent choice for general purpose and steel
              • VTXP - a high performance polished grade for oil and gas applications
              • VKX - excellent in medium- and high-speed working environments
              • VBX - Carbide grade for high-volume steel production
              • VM7 - a unique performer when threading stainless steel
              • VK2 - uncoated grade for non-ferrous, cast iron and titanium-alloy materials
              • VK2P - highly polished for exceptional performance for high quality surface finish in aluminium.
                • Threading Standards

                • With 28 different standards, VARGUS offers the widest range of thread standards in the industry.
                    • Custom Made Solutions

                    • Whether you require a non-standard size, a complex shape or a special design, the Vargus Custom Made Solutions team has the experience and know-how for essentially any tooling solution.

                      Working closely with the customer, VARGUS engineers provide the best solution for your operation, as well as guide and advise in the implementation of the customized machining process.

                      The Custom Made Solutions team has all of the know-how to design the right cutting tool, using the latest techniques and top-of-the-line technology.

                        • Range and Lines

                            • F-Line

                            • A new, one-of-a-kind anti-rotation stopper designed into the insert and toolholder to ensure 100% insert immobility and system rigidity throughout the entire machining process.


                              • Anti-Rotation Stopper
                                • Lasting and precise threading profile perpendicularity, ensuring compliance with standard specifications
                                • Uncompromising profile accuracy
                              • Toolholder Support
                                • Superior surface finish
                                • Extended tool life for exceptional cost-effectiveness
                              • Reinforced Anvil
                                • Optimal support for the cutting edge
                              • Nickel Coating
                                • Better wear resistance and anti-corrosion protection

                              Tool Range:

                              • Available in IC 1/2”F, in Standard and Multi+ styles
                                - Partial 60°, 55°, ISO, UN, W, NPT
                                - Round (DIN405, DIN20400)
                                - American Buttress, Metric Buttress (Sägengewinde)
                                - Trapez, ACME, Stub ACME
                              • VTX and VRX grades are available for all standard inserts
                              • External and Internal right hand toolholders
                            • Mega Line

                            • Extra large pitches designed for heavy duty applications with pitches up to 25mm or 1 TPI.


                              • New Insert Design - Reinforced inserts with improved geometry for heavy duty threading applications
                                • Standard Solution - Inserts and toolholders are no longer sold as special items, ensuring expedited ordering and delivery
                                • Unique Toolholder Support - For increased stability
                                • Unique Clamping System - Indented insert edge is designed to withstand increased cutting forces during machining and prevent insert rotation

                              Tool Range:

                              Insert Size
                              IC 5/8"MG - IC 5/8" with one cutting edge, specially designed for large pitches

                              Pitch Range
                              10-25mm (2-1TPI)

                              Standard Insert Range

                              • ISO
                              • ROUND (DIN 20400)
                              • TRAPEZ
                              • ACME
                              • STUB ACME
                              • ABUT
                              • METRIC BUTTRESS (SÄGE)
                            • MINIPRO

                            • The MINIPRO line offers a range of indexable and solid carbide tools for threading, grooving and boring applications.

                              Indexable inserts for threading in bores as small as 3.2mm diameter

                              Mini Tools:

                              The VARDEX MINIPRO line was designed to provide an answer to nearly every threading operation performed on miniature, high-precision components.

                              With increasing market demands for smaller and more accurate solutions, the machinist is forced to find specialty tools and expert solutions to meet this growing challenge.

                              The VARDEX MINIPRO line provides the customer with the perfect tools for any internal threading operation.


                          • Vardex: Thread Milling

                          • The VARDEX Thread Milling Line offers an all-encompassing range of solutions.

                            Thread Milling tools offer applications in multi-tooth, single-tooth for deep holes, and solid carbide tools.

                            Thread Milling Advantages

                            Thread milling has become an increasingly popular alternative to tapping and thread turning. See all of theseThread Milling advantages:

                            • Machining large work pieces which cannot be easily mounted on a lathe
                            • Easily machine non-rotatable and asymmetrical parts
                            • Complete operation in one clamping
                            • Threading of large diameters requires less power than threading using taps
                            • No upper limits to bore diameter
                            • Chips are short
                            • Blind holes without a thread relief groove can be machined
                            • Thread relief grooves are unnecessary
                            • One holder can be used for both internal and external threads
                            • One tool can be used for both right hand and left hand thread
                            • Inventory can be reduced to a minimum as small range of tooling covers a wide range of thread diameters
                            • Interchangeable inserts
                            • Suitable for machining of hard materials
                            • Threads have a high surface finish
                            • Allows for correction of tool diameter and length
                            • Interrupted cuts are easily machined
                            • One tool for a wide range of materials
                            • A better thread quality in soft materials where taps normally tear the material
                            • Short machining time due to high cutting speed and rapid feed rates
                            • Small cutting forces allow machining of parts with thin walls


                              • TM Solid TMDR

                              • Drilling, Thread Milling & Chamfering

                                Features and Benefits

                                • TMDR tools drill, thread and chamfer all in one tooling operation
                                • Pre-drilled holes are no longer required!
                                • Tools also work on components with pre-drilled holes, such as, blind holes, through holes, and even semi-finished holes
                                • For shank diameters 8, 10, and 12mm tools are offered with coolant thru
                                • Thread Lengths: 2xDo and 2.5Do (Thread Diameter)

                                Thread standards:

                                • ISO Metric: From M3x0.5 up to M23x2.0
                                • American UN: From No. 4-40 up to 3/8”x16

                                The TMDR is available in VTS grade

                              • TM Solid MultiFlute

                              • Increased No. of Flutes for Faster Machining

                                Features and Benefits

                                • Reduced machining times: Up to 40%!
                                • Large number of flutes (max 7)
                                • Available in 2xDo and 3xDo (thread diameter)
                                • Thread Standards:
                                  • ISO Metric (mm shank): M3x0.5 to M16x2.0
                                • VTH Grade:
                                  General-purpose, heavy duty thread milling grade, TiCN coated for high resistance to wear
                                • For better chip evacuation in high feeds, radial multi-pass machining is required
                              • TMSD Modular Toolholder Heads

                              • Features and Benefits:
                                • One modular toolholder head fits an assortment of shank lengths
                                • Compatible with the most common steel and carbide shanks in the market
                                • Tools include high pressure coolant thru for extended tool life
                                • Multi-flute tools for fast machining
                                • Suitable for TMSD U Style inserts
                                • Specially suited for deep holes
                                • Reduced load on cutting edges due to single point insert design


                              • MiTM - Multi-Flute Indexable Thread Milling

                              • An innovative system for fast machining and reducing cycle times when machining threads with long inserts.

                                MiTM holders are nickel coated, providing anti-rust protection.

                                MiTM tools are offered in Standard, Conical, Shell Mill & Shell Mill Conical 

                              • TMSD - Thread Milling for Deep Holes

                              • A multi-flute, highly productive and economical solution for milling threads in deep holes.

                                The TMSD line also offers full profile inserts in ISO Metric, American UN, NPT, API Round & American Buttress.

                              • TM Solid - Solid Carbide Thread Milling Tools

                              • A complete range of miniature and long solid carbide tools, available with and without coolant.

                                The TM Solid line features a wide range of solid carbide thread milling tools for general purpose as well as specific wide-ranging industries from automotive and taps, to medical and dental.

                                The advantages of using the VARDEX TM Solid line are:

                                • Small thread due to small cutting diameter
                                • Multi flutes for extremely fast machining
                                • High rigidity
                                • Unique design for machining hard materials (up to 63 HRc)
                                • High accuracy
                                • Designed to fit specific applications
                                • Cylindrical shank - hydraulic and shrink fit clamping
                                • Minimal run-out
                            • Vardex: Gear Milling

                            • Advanced Technologies for Gear, Spline & Rack Manufacturing

                              VARDEX presents an original and innovative solution for the gear milling industry, offering a competitive alternative to the traditional Hob system. Gear manufacturers can now mill external splines, external cylindrical gears, sprockets and racks as well as many additional gear applications with VARDEX gear milling tools.

                              The VARDEX Gear Milling Concept

                              • Advanced milling tools with multi-flute indexable carbide grade inserts for super fast machining
                              • Offering a competitive alternative to the traditional Hob system
                              • Tailor-made inserts and holders designed per customer application, with the exact required profile shape (evolvent, involute or any other profile) to be transferred to the component

                              Gear Milling System Advantages

                              Super Fast Machining

                              • At least 50% less machining cycle time over other methods
                              • Carbide inserts with Semi Partial & Partial designed for single pass machining

                              Long Tool Life

                              • Tough sub-micron grade coated inserts with up to 3 cutting edges High Accuracy & Quality Machining
                              • No need for additional machining
                              • High quality surface finish

                              Economical Solution

                              • Absolute price/performance advantage over existing technology

                              High Precision Machining, For example:

                              • Gears: Up to Class 7 according to DIN 3962 and DIN 3967 or Class 11 according to AGMA
                              • Involute Splines: According to DIN 5480 or ANSI B92.1
                              • Straight Side Splines: According to ISO 14

                              Simplified Machining

                              • Easy set-up and use on standard 3.5 axis CNC milling machines
                                • Major Applications

                                    • Gear

                                    • VARDEX Gear milling tools are suitable for machining both straight and helical teeth covering modules from 0.5-6.0mm or DP 128.0-4.0
                                    • Spline

                                    • VARDEX Spline milling tools are suitable for machining both involute or straight-sided profiles, covering modules from 0.5-8.0mm or DP 48/96-4/8
                                    • Rack

                                    • VARDEX Rack milling tools are suitable for covering modules from 0.5-6.0mm or DP 128.0-4.0
                                  • Vardex: GENius Software

                                  • Introducing the world's most intelligent tool selector and CNC program generator.
                                    The VARGUS GENius™ offers the most popular and advanced thread turning and thread milling software on the market today, featuring VARDEX's threading applications.

                                      • GROOVEX

                                      • The newest product line by VARGUS, provides innovative solutions for grooving, boring and turning, in a wide range of applications
                                          • External Turning: VG-Cut

                                          • Deep Grooving, Threading, Parting Off, Boring and Face Grooving

                                            The new family of VG-Cut tools opens doors to greater application exposure within the same insert pocket of Deep Grooving, Parting Off, Turning, Profiling, Boring, Face Grooving and Threading.

                                            The VG-Cut inserts offer excellent designated chip formers and carbide grades, making VG-Cut the most versatile product yet.VG-Cut tools cover a wide range of Threading Standards for machining between shoulders and close to the spindle in up to shoulder depth of 10.0mm.

                                            The VG-Cut, with its unique multifunctional geometry, minimizes inventory for the end-user in an extensive selection of applications.

                                          • External Turning: GrooVical

                                          • New Range of Indexable Grooving Inserts

                                            The Groovical Family of products by GROOVEX offers improved solutions for internal and external grooving and turning applications.

                                            The new GVN26 and GVN29 feature inserts with three cutting corners and a unique rigid clamping system for improved productivity.

                                            The new GVN style inserts offer new applications, now featuring a Turning and Grooving chip former to form helical chips, new parting off tools, and machining close to shoulders.

                                            The Groovical line offers right hand and left hand tools. 


                                          • Internal Turning: Microscope

                                          • The Microscope line offers new and improved solutions for micro boring, grooving, chamfering and threading in bores as small as 1.0mm.

                                            The Microscope line offers a large and extended range of single-ended inserts and a full range of toolholders with a simple clamping system.

                                          • Internal Turning: Mini-V

                                          • Small Parts Machining Solutions for Boring, Grooving & Threading in Bores from 7.8 mm
                                          • Internal Turning: GrooVical Applications

                                          • Groovical Internal Grooving Applications

                                            Groovical Internal applications include square grooving & turning, square grooving, round grooving, and pre part off in the GV/N29 style inserts.

                                            GV29 and GVN29 holders are available in right hand and left hand.

                                          • Internal Turning: VG-Cut

                                          • Internal Grooving & Turning Applications

                                            Internal Grooving & Turning applications (boring) feature a wide range of insert geometries and grades.

                                            Internal toolholders feature high pressure coolant thru and are available in pocket width of 2.0 - 4.0mm.

                                            The minimum bore diameter ranges from 25.0mm to 32.0mm.

                                            All toolholdes are available in right hand and left hand.

                                          • Internal Grooving & Turning Applications

                                          • Face Grooving & Turning Applications

                                            The VG-Cut grooving and turning range is also available in face grooving applications.

                                            Insert range includes different geometries and grades for optimal machining.

                                          • Face Grooving: Microscope

                                          • Internal & External Face Grooving Applications

                                            Internal and external Microscope Face Grooving tools are offered in minimum bore diameter of 6.2mm.

                                            Tools are available in right hand and left hand.

                                          • Face Grooving: Mini-V

                                          • Mini-V Face Grooving Range
                                            • Internal and External Face Grooving
                                            • Square and Round Face Grooving
                                            • Minimum Bore Diameter: 12mm
                                        • Shaviv: Industrial Deburring Solutions

                                        • SHAVIV is a world leader in hand-deburring solutions for a wide range of metal, plastic and wood materials.
                                            • SHAVIV - Sets and kits

                                            • SHAVIV blades, holders and handles are available as individual components or in combination of sets and kits.

                                              • Sets
                                              • Professional Kits
                                              • Premium Kits
                                              • GloBurrization
                                            • SV-Burr Premium Carbide Burrs

                                            • The new SV-Burr line from SHAVIV comprises a wide range of carbide tools
                                              for the finest machining of sharp edges and burrs.

                                              Features & Benefits:
                                              • Wide range of carbide cutters - up to three times stronger than high speed steel (HSS)
                                              • Compatible with hand-held tools and CNC machines
                                              • Widely used in all industries such as: Metalworking, tool and jewelry making, engineering, deburring, grinding, welding, carving, casting and mold making
                                              • SV milling cutters are suitable for extreme applications and achieve the best performance at high temperatures
                                              • New technologies ensure optimum efficiency and a wide range of deburring solutions
                                              • Unique geometric designs cover a wide range of tooth and cutting shapes
                                              • Meets increasing market demands for machining and deburring stainless steel, steel, cast steel and complex applications
                                                Optimal adaptation and longer tool life
                                          • The New VT10 Grade

                                          • Innovative Surface Treatment | New Grade

                                                • VT10 Grade

                                                • Features & Benefits:

                                                  • Multipurpose grade for a wide range of materials
                                                  • High consistency
                                                  • Especially effective in unstable cutting conditions
                                                  • Available for all standard laydown inserts (EX & IN) in size IC 3/8" (16)*
                                                  • Any standard laydown IC3/8" insert, which is available in the Vardex Main Catalog can be ordered.
                                                  • Most popular thread profiles are already in stock.

                                                  * MACH TT, FS-Line, and SCB inserts are not available in VT10 grade.