Business Profile

Seated in Kaiserslautern, Germany we have specialized on the development, the production and the sales of precision tools from ultra hard cutting materials such as CVD-D (CVD thick film diamond), PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and PCBN (cubic boron nitride) and have established ourselves successfully on the national and international market.

To be able to economically process these ultra hard cutting materials such as PCD, PCBN and CVD thick film diamond onto precision tools we had already noticed in the early stages that we had to move away from the old manufacturing technology "grinding" and had to advance to new technologies such as the "Laser technology". Ultra hard high-performance cutting materials have a key function in the metal cutting production.

Precision tools from ultra hard cutting materials are products which require a large need of explanation. The economical usage of these cutting materials is only guaranteed if the cutting process and the cutting materials are aligned with each other.

Exactly here "Diamond Tooling Systems GmbH" comes into the picture. Our main competence are the precision tools made from ultra hard cutting materials. These high tech tools have to be aligned exactly with the cutting process together with an experienced application engineer, only then is it possible to exploit the optimal potential.

With more than 25 years of optimization experience in the producing industry we see our strength!
During the running production we stand consulting by your side together with our experienced application engineers. This close cooperation on a mutual trust basis is the basis for our success.