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  • Offer Profile
  • Since 1995 we design and produce measuring and assembly systems as well as clamping and fixture solutions for the metal manufacturing industry.

    Our brands TOOLSET, TOOLFIX, UNILOCK, UNICLAMP, FIRSTCLAMP, UNIVICE and the ROC mineral cast technology are worldwide available and appreciated. In addition to our standard products, we also like to inspire our customers with specially designed solutions.
Product Portfolio
  • Clamping technique

  • Our clamping technique area covers widely all requiremens for work piece clamping. The product range includes fix towards flexible installable clamping elements. Dive into the clamping technique of today and reduce your setup time for up to 90%.
      • UNILOCK Clamping system

      • Each UNILOCK chuck was developed for a specific application, to be used efficiently for different requirements.

        Our many years of experience in zero-point clamping and our enthusiasm for clamping technology in general, are visible in our products. The UNILOCK family was designed compatible since its beginning and was always developed further as a system.
          • UNILOCK Clamping chuck function

          • 1 Clamping knob
            The UNILOCK Clamping knob connects the Clamping chuck to the work piece or the device
            being position and held. The Clamping knob mounting method depends on the work piece weight or the machining process. The appropriate sized attachment thread needs to be used.

            2 Body
            UNILOCK Clamping chucks are manufactured in
            different versions, according to their application.
            Material: steel, hardened, corrosion-resistant.

            3 Slide Wedges
            Solid slide wedges are made out of high-tensile
            steel. They are hardened as well for a save locking
            function of the Clamping knob.

            4 Piston
            The UNILOCK piston includes high-quality sealing elements and pins which ensure a
            balanced movement of the slide wedges.

            5 Springs
            Springs made out of fatigue strength quality steel
            ensure the preservation of clamping force without
            air pressure assistance.
          • UNILOCK Clamping chucks

          • Structure
            Our UNILOCK chucks are divided into two main areas. Chucks developed for installation and chucks devolped for assembling. Each UNILOCK chuck is designed for a specific application to efficiently serve the diverse needs.

            Installation Clamping chucks
            The orientation of UNILOCK Installation clamping chucks is handled over the centering collar. They are suitable for partial or full installation. All these chucks have integrated mounting holes.

            Assembly Clamping chucks
            The orientation of UNILOCK Assembly clamping chucks is handled over pass borehole and cylinder pin. They can be assembled on all general devices and grid plates. These chucks are mounted with the help of clamps.
          • UNILOCK Clamping stations

          • Standard Clamping stations
            Our Clamping stations include the proven ESM 138 Installation clamping chuck and are available in different sizes for immediate mounting on the machine table. Lose- and turbo function as well as central adjustment boreholes are included. With a standard inside micrometer of 200mm from pallets, magnetic clamping plates to vices and devices everything can be clamped within seconds.

            In addition we provide on request mounting holes especially for your machine table.

            Special Clamping stations
            Each machine table has its special characteristics and its special part range which we like to include in our development. Through our standardized process it is possible for us to produce your special Clamping station with a short delivery time.
          • UNILOCK Clamping towers

          • Standard clamping towers with ROC Mineral cast
            Our Clamping towers consist of a steel frame and are offered with a ROC mineral cast filling. This optimization generates advantages like 6-10 times better attenuation-attributes as grey iron, lower thermal conductivity as well as lower weight. The clamping devices which are mainly used in our Clamping towers are the proven EFM 138 Installation flange chuck, which are operated from the side. Mounting options for tombstone base plates are offered after customer requirements.

            The defined standard inside micrometer between the EFM 138 Installation flange chucks is 200mm. But all UNILOCK Clamping towers are also available in other, customized dimensions.

            Standard clamping towers without ROC Mineral cast, for narrow constructions
            For a narrow construction we offer a UNILOCK clamping tower with a base plate (height 36mm) made on request out of aluminum or steel and with two lateral steel sides. This versatile mounting tower has two air connections G 1/4 "with included ESM 138 Installation clamping chucks.

            Grid clamping towers with ROC Mineral cast
            As an alternative to conventional steel-grid towers we offer different sizes of grid towers made with ROC mineral cast. The Grid towers include position bushings (Dia. F7-12) with an M12 thread as well as a lifting screw and a base plate. The grid holes are ordered symmetrically over the center of the clamping body and are produced selectively in grid 40 or 50. In addition all grid tombstones are also offered with position bushings Dia. 16-F7 with an M16 thread suitable for grid 50.

            Special clamping towers
            For your specific requirements we also produce Clamping towers in special sizes and with your
            desired features. We are happy to support you with a proposal, tell us your requirements!
          • UNILOCK Clamping pallets

          • Standard Clamping pallets without ROC Mineral cast
            In steel or aluminum available Clamping pallets are designed for a fast device assembly and are delivered including clamping knobs and handles. They fit for UNILOCK Clamping stations as well as for installed or assembled UNILOCK chucks with an inside micrometer of 200mm.

            Grid Clamping pallets with ROC Mineral cast
            Specifically tailored to the requirements of the new machining centers, we offer Grid Clamping pallets with ROC Mineral cast filling and a steel surface on the top of the pallet for a better stability and wear protection.

            The Grid Clamping pallet is with ROC specifications about 50% lighter than a comparable steel Grid Clamping pallet. The excellent damping characteristics support a careful operation for workpiece and machine center. Clamping pallets in special sizes are of course available upon request.

            Special Clamping pallets
            Each part range requires its own devices or its own setup procedure. For an efficient use of the UNILOCK system we offer in addition the development of special Clamping pallets and fixtures. Coordinated with your production process, we work for your flexibility.
        • UNILOCK 5-Axis clamping system

        • The UNILOCK 5-Axis clamping system was developed specially for 5-side operation. Due to its modular assembly possibility and the big chuck range, this system can individually be configured for many different applications and can always be combined new. The combination possibilities are limitless!
            • UNILOCK 5-Axis clamping system function

            • The UNILOCK 5-axis clamping system provides a perfect clamping way for complex work pieces. Due to its media-free and manual operation, it simplifies assembling as well as implementation.
              Important facts regarding the system are described as follow:

              1 Clamping knob
              The UNILOCK Clamping knob conects work pieces, devices or clamping pallets with the UNILOCK Clamping chuck. Clamping knob mounting methods depend on the work piece weight or the machining process. The use of an appropriate screw dimension should  be guaranteed.

              2 Reduction
              Reductions offer the advantage of clamping workpieces with a limited supporting surface. By using reductions, a better workpiece accessibility can be reached.

              3 Assembly chuck
              Assembly chucks are available in different lengths to reach the required operation height. In combination with two or more chucks, different construction heights can be built up.

              4 Base chuck
              Base chucks are mounted on machine tables and presented as the foundation of the UNILOCK 5-Axis series. Due to flexible mounting systems, base chucks can be placed on almost all machine table types. In addition, all 5-Axis Base chucks are available as indexed versions. This hardened indexing is provided as a fitted key 10h7.

              5 Operation
              The operation of 5-Axis Systems are media-free and manual with the help of a torque wrench. Over a Thread spindle both clamping wedges open or close. Please note a maximum tightening torque of 15Nm.

              6 Fixation
              Mounting and assembly can be realised easily with different given fixation versions for the 5-Axis System.
            • UNILOCK 5-Axis Clamping chucks

            • Structure
              UNILOCK 5-Axis clamping chucks are divided in base and assembly chucks. Base chucks are mounted on the machine table and assembly chucks are used to raise the clamping height. If both elements are combined, different assembly heights can be achieved.

              UNILOCK 5-Axis Base chucks
              UNILOCK 5-Axis Clamping chucks can be mounted on 50/40/M12 grids, T-nut machine tables as well as on UNILOCK Zeropoint Clamping systems using UNILOCK Clamping knobs.

              UNILOCK 5-Axis Base chucks with double manual clamping
              UNILOCK 5-Axis Base chucks with double manual clamping with a height of 125mm have two interfaces respectively mounting possibilities of a UNILOCK Clamping knob. From the top as well as from the bottom. This Base chuck could be your universal interface between machine table and work piece.

              UNILOCK 5-Axis Assembly chucks
              UNILOCK 5-Axis Assembly chucks are used as a raising on Base chucks. The Assembly chuck with a height of 75mm is also available with indexing 10h7. By building up different chuck types, work pieces which are difficult to access or which have different heights are easy to clamp.

              UNILOCK 5-Axis Assembly chuck, pneumatic
              The pneumatic UNILOCK 5-Axis Assembly chuck is used as a raising on Base chucks and is available with a height of 75mm. In case of serial production, a higher work piece change comfort is given by using the pneumatic version.

              UNILOCK 5-Axis Mounting and raising accessories
              As support for UNILOCK 5-Axis base and advanced chucks we offer different base-feets and heightenings. They can be used as a strong foundation for the use of UNILOCK 5-Axis Base and Assembly chucks and can be mounted on all machine tables with max. 18mm screws or with big hole grids without using mounting clamps. Contact us, we would like to consult you with the right UNILOCK 5-Axis elements.
            • UNILOCK 5-Axis Reduction

            • The work piece or the device which has to be manufactured can be assembled with the help of reductions, work piece fixtures or clamping knobs. These interfaces can be chosen as required.

              By using soft or hard Reduction adaptors it is possible to clamp work pieces with a limited supporting surface for a better work piece accessibility. The soft Reduction adaptors can be modified without problems for every requirement.
            • UNILOCK 5-Axis Height-adjustment adaptor

            • Clamping work pieces with different heights safely, that is not always a simple task. Our UNILOCK 5-Axis Height-adjustment adaptor offers remedy. It can be assembled quickly on UNILOCK 5-Axis Base chucks, UNILOCK 5-Axis Assembly chucks as well as all pneumatic UNILOCK Clamping chucks to level uneven work piece heights. With only one adaptor, heights between 50mm and 75mm are adjustable.
            • UNILOCK 5-Axis Work piece holders

            • For optimal clamping of small work pieces we offer work piece holders for different raw parts. Best work piece accessibility and strongest retention forces in clamping be paramount.

              UNILOCK 5-Axis Collet adaptor
              UNILOCK 5-Axis collet adaptor is the perfect instrument for clamping shafts and other round devices. The ER 40 Collet adaptor for example can hold diameters until 25mm.

              UNILOCK 5-Axis Plane grip adaptor
              UNILOCK 5-Axis Plane grip adaptor can be used for little work pieces with the help of an M10 mounting thread through the UNILOCK Clamping knob. The work piece will be clamped optimally and with maximum safeness due to the star-formed grip surface.
          • UNILOCK Clamping knobs

          • The UNILOCK Clamping knob provides commonality and interchangeability between all Standard UNILOCK Clamping chucks. He gives the whole system power and safety.

            Due to the high proportion in the centering taper and a thick-wall, low-profile construction, these Clamping knobs perfectly suit heavy-duty machining. Outstanding performance will be achieved by the backlash-free short taper centering as well as the self-locking clamping contour.

            These massive UNILOCK Standard clamping knobs are made out of steel with collar, they are hardened and grinded μ-exactly and suit for every thinkable installation. For a very precise use there are also different UNILOCK Clamping knobs available on request in a special higher-precision version. 

              • UNILOCK Clamping knob function

              • The UNILOCK Clamping knob presents the connection between the work piece and Clamping chuck and is available in different versions for different applications. Since 1996, the UNILOCK Clamping knob is designed steady and compatible. Its function is to guarantee strongest gripping forces, unmatched stability and operational security.

                1 Taper planar support
                High-precision taper planar support for a high, form-locking and low wear power transmission. This high taper-to taper contact ratio is able to provide high repeatable accuracies of <0.005mm over long term utilization. (Some Clamping knobs achieve repeatability accuracies of <0.001mm).

                2 Locking surface
                A massive contact surface provides high power
                transmissions in the area of entry- and retention force. The 15° clamping surface ensures an involuntary opening of the Clamping system by self-locking.

                3 Insertion radius
                The big radius facilitates the damage free manual loading operation and the placing of the Clamping knob.

                4 Locating Boss
                Standard centering: Dia. 25mm, Length 5mm
                Special diameters and lengths are available on request.

                5 Fixation
                Standard fixation: M12 inside the knob as well as step bores for thru fixation M10.
                Additional thread sizes: M16 and M20 in the knob as well as step bores for thru fixation M12 and M16.

                6 Indexing
                As an indexing by fixation of the internal thread, a hexagon form is included in the Clamping knob.
              • UNILOCK Clamping knob positioning

              • UNILOCK Clamping knobs are produced in types A, B and C. This difference guarantees accuracy by using more then one Clamping chuck. How the single Clamping knob types can be positioned for an optimal result is explained with the following picture.

                • Centering clamping knob type A
                  Ensures position accuracy at the requested tolerance.
                • Balanced clamping knob type B
                  Established orientation about the type A knob (Diamond pin).
                • Clamping knob type C
                  Clamps without centering at the requested clearance.
              • UNILOCK Clamping knob structure

              • For an individual, flexible as well as precise use of UNILOCK Clamping knobs, different Clamping knob types are offered. Hereinafter the differences of our four main Clamping knob versions are explained.

                Standard clamping knob
                Due to different centering collar length of 5mm, 10mm and 15mm, individual applications can be realised. A Standard centering diameter of 25mm is available for thread sizes M12, M16 and M20. For existing centering holes, Clamping knobs has been developed with different centering diameters of 16mm, 18mm and 20mm using a standard centering colar length of 5mm.
                Mounting possibility: with norm screw from device or Clamping knob side.

                Clamping knob with integrated thread
                Especially for heavy machining operations, two special Clamping knobs are developed. Firstly with centering diameter 25mm, centering collar length 15mm and integrated outside thread M16. Secondly with centering diameter 32mmm centering collar length 30mm an interated outside thread M24.
                Mounting possibility: directly with integrated thread knob.

                Clamping knob with centering hole
                For direct mounting into the work piece or on grid plates, these Clamping knobs can be fixed precisely.
                Mounting possibility: depends on each application, assembling with different pass screws.

                Clamping knobs for T-Slot
                For an easy fixation of Clamping knobs on current T-Slot machine tables, special Clamping knobs are offered for Nuts 14, 18 and 22.
                Mounting possibility: directly with slot nuts and mounting screws (included in our scope of delivery).
              • UNILOCK Clamping knobs

              • All UNILOCK Clamping knobs are also available on request made out of stainless steel.
                Please note for safety reasons that the load forces for stainless steel knob applications need to be reduced by approximately 30%.

                UNILOCK Clamping knobs for HSM 196

                For the UNILOCK Clamping chuck HSM 196 special, big Clamping knobs in 3 different versions have been developed. Clamping knob type HSF 90 has been designed for chuck flange and Clamping knob type HSI 90 for socket screws M24/1“. If devices in combination with UNILOCK Standard clamping knobs want to be used on the HSM 196, the reduction adaptor HSR 90 is available which connects both Clamping knob types.
              • UNILOCK Clamping knob mounting variations

              • There are many mounting possibiliteis for different applications. UNILOCK Standard Clamping knobs are assemblied with norm screws and for UNILOCK Clamping knobs with centering hole, UNILOCK Pass screws in different sizes are provided.

                Standard Clamping knobs
                Standard Clamping knobs can be fixed in three different possibilities by using norm screws.

                Assembling with grub screw DIN 913
                Assembling with screw DIN 912, through the Clamping knob
                Assembling with screw DIN 912 through devices or work pieces

                Clamping knob with integrated thread
                For mounting possibilities with the Clamping knob itself, special sizes of the centering and the thread are available on request.

                Clamping knob with centering hole
                These Clamping knobs can be assembled by using various UNILOCK pass screws. They are mounted through the Clamping knob and centered over a precision thread or a precision-pass diameter. UNILOCK pass screws are available for many different applications.

                We support the Clamping knob UL800.153 with pass screws having a pass diameter of 12mm und the Clamping knob UL800.152 with pass screws having a pass diameter of 16mm.

                Clamping knobs for T-Slot
                UNILOCK Clamping knobs for T-Slot-Installation have a central pass-surface for assembling and orientation in T-Slot tables. They are availabe in standard sizes 14, 18 and 22. Special sizes can be offered on request.
              • UNILOCK Pass screws

              • All UNILOCK pass screws are produced out of a high-strength material and hardened, for centering in a high precise thread. Length L 4 types are centering over the pass diameter. To have the possibility to adjust the depth of the thread, insert rings are available.
              • UNILOCK Positioning kit

              • The UNILOCK 5-Axis Positioning kit is made for precise, grid free positioning of UNILOCK 5-Axis Base chucks on the machine table.

                The UNILOCK 5-Axis Positioning kit can be fixed with the upper screw (S 1) in a Weldon chuck with Dia. 25mm (ISO 40, ISO 50, HSK forms).

                The second screw (S 2) remains loose. By driving into the 5-Axis Base chuck, the Clamping knob can deflect for 2-3mm.

                In addition, an O-Ring of 5mm wall thickness serves as a damper.

                The scope of delivery includes one Centering clamping knob as well as a screw with o-ring.

                This Positioning kit is also available for collet chucks dia. 12mm. The assembly way for this version is quite similar, only the single parts are different then shown in the picture on this site.
            • MAGNET Clamping technique

            • For the milling of medium and large work pieces, the square pole-magnet technology has proven worldwide as one of the best clamping techniques. Extremely short set-up times as well as a vibration- and interference-free clamping are only some reasons for its use in the fine mechanics area to the ship building industry.


              • Vibration-free working and clamping of work pieces
              • Fast and secure clamping of uneven parts
              • Equal clamping force over the entire surface, without warping the work piece
              • Five-side machining without crash risk
              • Full use of the machine travel ways
              • Minimal set-up times
              • Fast and accurate plane-parallel milling 
              • Clamping of uneven welding constructions in no time
              • Fast assembly of individual, magnetic clamping chucks
              • Equal retention force in all directions due to square pole technique
                • MAGNET Clamping technique function

                • The advanced QX technology comes up with many intelligent improvements, both mechanically and magnetically. Due to the use of connected block-pole-fields in the monolithic frame construction of the magnet clamping plate, the stiffness has been significantly increased compared to the old single-pole-technology - even with its small construction height. Also the epoxy-resin-interfaces have been reduced and the magnetic retention forces as well as the air gap behavior have been improved with the revolutionary block-field-technology. The threads in the soft magnet poles are provided with wear-resistant tool steel inserts.

                  The QX magnet clamping technology is available for plates in different heights and for clamping blocks. Two different pole sizes can be selected. Depending on the expected work piece geometry two pole sizes, 50 x 50mm or 70 x 70mm, can be chosen.

                  Poles with the size of 50 x 50mm generate a magnetic field which enters 12mm into the work piece. That makes them a perfect choice for thinner and smaller work pieces. Another advantage is that especially smaller work pieces occupy more pole transitions which ensures a more evenly clamping process. Compared to the 70 x 70mm pole, a poorer air gap behavior and a higher set-up effort (more pole extensions) must be mentioned as a disadvantage. The nominal retention force is super strong with 160N/cm2 = 4 kN per pole.

                  Pole with the size of 70 x 70mm generate a magnetic field which enters 18mm into the work piece. That makes them a perfect choice for larger work pieces. The excellent air gap behavior allows to clamp also uneven work pieces safely. On the 70 poles, pole extensions with a higher hub (height adjustment) can be used. The nominal retention force is super strong with 160N/cm2 = 7.8 kN per pole.
                • MAGNET Clamping plates

                • Structure

                  Depending on the work piece or machine table different magnet clamping plates are available. They vary in their shape, height and magnetic performance as well as in their pole arrangement and pole size. The right control unit for each magnet clamping plate can be found easily through the instance of shortcuts in the tables below. Let us know your requirements, we are happy to help you selecting your magnet clamping plate.

                  MAGNET Clamping plates QX-HE50

                  This is a super light magnet clamping plate with a height of 51mm and QX technology with 50 poles. The HE50 is designed for the tooling and machine building area. It is suitable for clamping small and thin-walled work pieces. Mounting slots on two sides and the ability to drill holes into the magnet clamping plate in many places supports a fast and flexible installation.

                  MAGNET Clamping plates QX-Lock HD50

                  QX Lock HD50 magnet clamping plates are equipped with an extra strong frame construction. The construction height is 68mm and the plates can be back sided drilled until about 22mm deepness or milled for 12mm. This is perfect for installing reference elements for zero-point clamping systems. Transport thread around the plates allow an easy horizontal or vertical crane transport.

                  MAGNET Clamping plates QX-HD70

                  The magnet clamping plate QX-HD70 is a version with 70 x 70mm Poles for the operation of predominantly large work pieces. Available in heights 51mm or 68mm. QX-HD70 plates are compatible with the world's best sold magnet clamping systems for heavy-duty machining. Mounting slots on two sides and the ability to drill holes into the magnet clamping plate in many places supports a fast and flexible installation. The magnet clamping plate version with a height of 68mm can be back sided drilled until about 22mm deepness.

                  MAGNET Clamping plates QX-RD50

                  These round magnet clamping plates with QX square poles suite perfectly for machining centers with rotary tables, for turning and milling operations. The QX RD magnet clamping plates are available in heights of 51mm or 68mm. Standard vice they come with a sided plug-connection as well as with grinding contacts for the shaft passage.

                  MAGNET Clamping block QX-Block HD70

                  The QX-Block is an active, two-sided and flexible magnet clamping block. Each side is provided with two/four 70mm QX poles, that means with a total of 15.6 / 31.2 kN of clamping force. It can be used to mount work pieces in a flexible way or to avoid vibrations as an additional clamping element especially for higher fixtures. The standard construction height of 100,2mm can be reduced by 6mm. Fixed and mobile standard pole extensions can be used on both sides of the clamping block. Heights between 94mm and 240mm can be realized. The QX block can be operated with a ST 211 Feme controller or almost any standard 400 V reserve control unit. Over a junction box, more QX blocks can be operated simultaneously.
                • MAGNET Clamping plates ST control units

                • ST Control units are produced at latest state-of-the-art. They are all short-circuit-proofed and equipped with a power management to control the complete magnetization. Optionally single plates or whole tables can be switched. The integration into the machine control center is easily possible. The item ST 211 Grind is equipped with an 8-stage-retention force regulation as well as with a special demagnetize cycle for the operation of grinding plates.

                  The mentioned shortcuts for the control units in the tables below help to find the right control unit for each magnet clamping plate. These shortcuts are also listed at the magnet clamping plate sites.

                  All magnet clamping plate control units have the following technical data:
                  • Output voltage Impulse
                  • Housing IP 44 / protection class 1
                  • 100% ED, 0-40°C
                  • Release contact for machine security
                • MAGNET Pole extensions

                • Structure

                  Magnet pole extensions are generally divided into fixed and mobile pole extensions. Fixed and mobile pole extensions on square-pole clamping systems allow the clamping of wavy and warped metal parts. They adapt to the workpiece and keep it safe. The individual points of contact between magnetic chuck and workpiece can be defined individually. Single points of contact between the magnet clamping plate and the work piece can be defined individually. As a result the drilling and machining of inner edges is possible on magnetically clamped work pieces. Additional pole extensions can be mounted quickly or interfering ones removed. Like that each work piece has its individual fixture in no time.

                  For fa 5-side machining the work piece can be set free with the help of pole extensions. Complex structures for hard to clamp work pieces can be added into the magnetic active surface with pole plates. They protect the magnet clamping plate from wear and damage.

                  Pole extensions are made out of high-quality steel and have best magnet fluency characteristics. They are technically perfect and long-lasting.

                  • Vibration-free operation and clamping of work pieces
                  • Protection for the magnet clamping plate
                  • Flexible in the mounting height
                  • Interfering contours free milling and drill through is possible
                  • No vacuum adhesion between magnet clamping plate and workpiece
                  • Easy removal of the work piece also with high-alloyed / hardened materials.
              • VACUUM Clamping technique

              • innotool austria aluminum vacuum clamping pallets are available in various sizes and thicknesses. In most times Vaccum clamping pallets are designed and manufactured to customer's need. Through to their use in combination with our UNILOCK Zeropoint clamping system, every Vacuum pallet is already equipped with mounting holes on the bottom for UNILOCK Clamping knobs.

                Vacuum Clamping pallets can be mounted directly on the machine table or with the quick-change process using UNILOCK Clamping technology. They are preferably used for plastic material, aluminum machining and non-magnetic materials.
                    • innotool austria Vacuum clamping pallets

                    • We offer our Vacuum clamping pallets in standard sizes as well as in special dimensions. The Vacuum clamping pallets have a circumferential clamp-groove, the vacuum removes externally at all clamping pallets. The following features are seen as standard:
                      • Aluminum 5083
                      • Sealing cord 4x6mm
                      • Grid 25x25mm
                      • Stop bore holes 6F7 / M6
                      • Suction bore holes are lockable
                      • Vacuum connection G 1/8“, 4x90°
                • MECHANIC Clamping technique

                • To complete our UNILOCK system, we also offer Mechanic clamping systems for different applications.
                  In this way, more multiple clamping and mounting possibilities arise for a better support of customers needs.

                  The Mechanical clamping systems program includes vices of the new generation as well as modular and universal clamping systems for a flexible fixture construction:

                  FIRSTCLAMP is used for raw materials and for clamping of small parts.

                  Type 1: Width 34mm, Clamping length 0-120mm
                  Type 2: Width 50mm, Clamping length 0-145mm

                  UNIVICE vices can be used for universal fixtures requirements.

                  Type 1 UNIVICE Precision: Width 125mm, Clamping length 0-301mm or Width 160mm,
                  Clamping length 0-402mm
                  Type 2 UNIVICE Compact: Width 125mm, Clamping length 0-301mm
                  Type 3 UNIVICE Compact 5S: Width 125mm, Jaw program for 5-side processing
                  Type 4 UNIVICE Syncro: Width 99mm, Clamping length 0-210mm, centric or Width 99mm,
                  Clamping length 0-120mm, Fixed-jaw-clamping.
                    • UNICLAMP Multiple clamping system

                    • The universal UNICLAMP Clamping system offers highest repeatability due to its precision toothing. Small Base rails of only 40mm width, a support height of 60mm and three different rail lengths were chosen in order to achieve maximum flexibility in the clamping operation with a short set-up time.


                    • FIRSTCLAMP Clamper

                    • This compact, modular and flexible clamper can be used for small as well as for large work pieces. Especially for 5-side machining this modular clamper brings significant benefits. Due to its very low clamping edge, the work piece can be almost completely machined. FIRSTCLAMP has as well as the UNILOCK products a high clamping force of 3 kN. Further on, its small construction helps for fast re-setting-up on your machine centers.

                      FIRSTCLAMP Function

                      The claws of the narrow jaw stamp the work piece with a high turning moment. By a short opening and closing again of the clamping device. Raw materials, flame-cut- and saw-cut-parts are that way precisely clamped and not tensed up. The moveable FIRSTCLAMP jaws have further the ability to be installed reversed if they are rotated by 180 °. The mounting of the FIRSTCLAMP can be done through the clamping body as well as with an adaptor plate.
                    • Vice heightening

                    • For a more flexible use of your Clamping vices we offer heightenings for many popular Clamping vice brands. Clamping vices up to a width of 125mm can be mounted on our ROC Clamping vice heightening, adapted on their mounting possibilities.

                      Clamping vice brands with the following dimensions can be mounted:
                      • 100*400mm (W*L)
                      • 125*475mm (W*L)
                    • UNIVICE Clamping Vice

                    • UNIVICE Precision

                      UNIVICE High-pressure machine vices have a constant construction length for high precision parts on machining centers, for horizontal as well as for vertical use.
                      • Body made of spheroidal graphite iron
                      • GJS-600
                      • Hardened and precision-grinded guideways
                      • Longitudinal and transverse grooves 20 H7 for positioning on machine tables as well as two pass holes dia. 25 H7 for assembling UNILOCK Clamping knobs
                      • Extra fine clamping force preselection
                      • Double-sided connection threads for side stop
                      • Step-jaws for large clamping width
                      • Quick change system for additionally step-bars
                      • Mechanic-hydraulic spindle, completely encapsulated, wear-resistant and maintenance-free
                      • Thread-holes for fixation of pre-jaws (accessory)
                      • Spindle is bayonet-mounted for a fast removing
                      • Possibility for direct clamping with the provided operating key
                      • Solid, exchangeable Cover plates

                      UNIVICE Compact

                      Mechanical compact vice with pull-clamping-system and a patented clamping-with-adjustment (also available in pneumatic version).
                      • Mechanical clamping force setup
                      • Repeatable clamping force by using a torque wrench
                      • Encapsulated spindle, dirt-resistant, no threads in chip areas
                      • Patented quick-adjustment of the clamping width
                      • Solid body made out of spheroidal graphite iron GJS-600
                      • Compact construction design, constant construction length for machining centers
                      • Large clamping width by using step-jaws

                      UNIVICE Compact 5S

                      Flexible, mechanic compact vice for 5-side operations as well as for clamping raw parts.
                      By using different jaws, the vice can be flexible adjusted on the work piece.
                      • Compact construction design: perfect accessibility for 5-side machining
                      • Mechanical clamping force setup
                      • Repeatable clamping force by using a torque wrench
                      • Re-clamping disk-spring, ideal for clamping with "grip"
                      • Covered, encapsulated spindle, dirt-resistant, no threads in chip areas
                      • Patented quick-adjustment of the clamping width
                      • Solid body made out of spheroidal graphite iron
                      • GJS-600
                      • Compact construction design, constant construction length for machining centers
                      • Large clamping width by using step-jaws

                      UNIVICE Syncro

                      Centric and single vice for 5-side machining. Versatile use on many machine centers.
                      • Solid body made out of spheroidal graphite iron GJS-600
                      • Patented jaw-quick-change-system
                      • Step-jaws to "click-in"
                      • Screw-mountable "grip"-bars
                      • Perfect chip protection of the spindly by patented wipe technique
                      • Orientation by longitudinal and transverse grooves as well as by moving-in systems
                  • Automation

                  • Out of manual work holding situations many requirements showed up for development possibilities of automated clamping systems. Our product line expanded over the years with automation champing chucks, robot- and pallet interfaces as well as special application for the automatic area.

                    Automation requires knowledge and highest manufacturing know-how which we both use to support our customers with best solutions. Our experience in heavy-duty-machining helps us to also develop powerful and strongest components for automation use.
                      • UNILOCK Automation Function

                      • 1 Clamping ring
                        The high-precision, play-free UNILOCK Automation Clamping rings are made out of hardened steel and suitable for solid applications.

                        2 Body
                        UNILOCK Automation chucks are manufactured in different versions, according to their application.
                        Material: steel, hardened, corrosion-resistant.

                        3 Slide Wedges
                        Solid slide wedges are made out of high-tensile steel and hardened for a save locking function of the Clamping knob.

                        4 Piston
                        The UNILOCK piston includes high-quality sealing elements and knee lever operation, which ensures a balanced movement of the slide wedges.

                        5 Springs
                        Springs made out of fatigue-resisting quality steel
                        ensure the preservation of clamping force without
                        air pressure assistance.
                      • UNILOCK Automation clamping chucks

                      • Structure

                        Our UNILOCK Automation clamping chuck range is decided into Clamping chucks using UNILOCK Clamping knobs (UNILOCK Standard principle) and Clamping chucks using UNILOCK Clamping rings (UNILOCK Automation principle). Chucks after the UNILOCK standard principle have been developed as Automation beginner solutions because the costs are lower by using UNILOCK Clamping knobs then by using UNILOCK Clamping rings. Every Automation clamping chuck has been developed for a specific application area, depending on transport pallet sizes and pallet weights.
                        UNILOCK Automation chuck according to the UNILOCK Standard principle

                        This UNILOCK Automation clamping chuck has been developed for automatization with robots or pallet-change-systems. It has an integrated emulsion drain as well as a smaller ring support with sealed air. Open-control is navigated over a micro valve. For a low-wear job, the combination with UNILOCK Clamping knob (Centering collar length 10mm) and UNILOCK Support ring 70*5mm (hardened) is recommended.

                        UNILOCK Automation chuck according to the UNILOCK Automation principle

                        UNILOCK Automation clamping chucks using UNILOCK Clamping rings were developed for automatic pallet change of pallets with various sizes. Depending on sizes and clamping force of the individual Automation chucks, pallets of 500*500mm to 2500*2500mm can be machined. The biggest and strongest UNILOCK Automation chuck can handle weights up to 5 tons.

                        Contact us, we are happy to assist you with your Automation clamping concept.
                      • UNILOCK Automation clamping units

                      • UNILOCK Automation clamping units are made out of steel and can be assembled on any autonomous clamping location. With a powerful clamping location, they are suitable for immediate use. These UNILOCK Automation clamping units have four clamping wedges as well as four hardened and grinded centering units included. The media performance for a clamping device operation is provided.

                        As a counterpart to UNILOCK Automation clamping units we also offer clamping pallets for every clamping unit. In most cases we are manufacturing clamping pallets after customers requirements.
                      • UNILOCK Automation clamping rings / centering devices

                      • These centering elements guarantee a high-precision pallet positioning for single and multiple chuck applications. Single UNILOCK Automation chucks are oriented and supported with external centering devices. The big advantage here is in the planar cone contact with integrated blow-off-functions at both, the chuck and the external orientation and support devices.

                        Every UNILOCK Automation clamping chuck has its own Clamping rings.
                        There use and handling is for all versions the same.
                      • UNILOCK robot- / pallet interfaces

                      • Two different Interface systems have been developed for pallet-changing with the help of robots. Robot interface 105-65-RK3 as sleeve adaptor and robot interface RK5 as Clamping knob adaptor. Both UNILOCK Robot interfaces can be adapted to the most common robot interfaces. RK3 is using a one-bolt system and can be used for pallets with a weight to mac. 500kg. RK5 is developed specially for heavy-lift components and is designed with a strong two-bolt system.

                        Every UNILOCK Robot interface has its own pallet interface. In most cases applications are very specific that we develop pallet interfaces after customers requirements.
                    • Mineralcast technique

                    • Since 2008 we have our own mineral casting factory which makes it possible to optimize our clamping and measuring products in-house. UNILOCK Clamping pallets and UNILOCK Clamping towers can be manufactured lighter with the use of ROC mineral cast to not affect modern machine centers in their operation speed. The excellent damping characteristics of the ROC mineral cast guarantee best production results.

                      For our TOOLSET Measuring system for example, we produce the specially designed base and measuring towers in a high-precision process. Our mold construction team also creates custom designs for ROC mineral cast products which we offer to produce on loan base.
                        • ROC technology

                        • The technology for mounting and clamping devices

                          Mineral cast is a two-part-system, consisting of mineral particles and an epoxy casting resin as binding material. The main materials in the finished mineral cast are minerals with about 90 weight-percent. The epoxy casting resin consists of liquid resin and curing agent.

                          Mineral cast will be molded, by using a cold-cast-procedure at room temperature, into precise negative forms. The minerals will be a combination of different mineral sizes and the liquids, which will be intensively mixed together under a special procedure. After that, the mixture will be cast into the forms under vibration and a homogeneous structure is created. The hardening afterwards is an exothermic process and takes about 12 hours. The cast can then be put out of the forms and the forms can be prepared for the next process. A relevant advantage of this procedure is that the results are accurate to shape and measure. That’s why machine elements like thread inserts, plates, guidances and tubes for example can be placed exactly into the cast and don’t have to be reworked or finished after the shaping. Another advantage especially for the application and clamping device production are the good vibration damping the low weight (Tightness 2.3 kg/dm3) of the material and the various design

                          Subsuming can be noted that the mineral cast is having lots of advantages for the end customer like efficient use on machine centers (speed, tool wear, finish quality), short procurement time and interesting procurement prices. The specific material properties require an adjusted engineering according to each application. They enable flexible solutions, however, particularly in the fixture construction and therefore contribute to the economical use of the procedure.
                        • "ROC" The brand

                        • Using our ROC Mineral cast technology, we are producing high precision clamping towers, clamping pallets, grid towers, grid pallets as well as customized items. A production process devised according to newest technological requirements and a modern, air-conditioned production hall guarantees highest quality products.

                          Advantages with ROC Mineral casting
                          • Excellent attenuation-attributes (6-10 times better then Grey iron)
                          • Low thermal conductivity, ROC® Mineral cast is reacting very slowly to temperature changes
                          • Chemically and mechanically resistant against aggressive as well as abrasive medias
                          • No corrosion
                          • Design independence for creating any forms
                          • Possibility to integrate inserts like heavy-anchors, air or hydraulic parts
                          • Very little specific weight, lighter then aluminum
                          • Pleasant surface, no paintwork necessary
                          • About 30% lifetime increase of machining tools

                          Please note that ROC Mineral cast is heaving a low tensile- and impact strength, but with a suitable design we improve this characteristics.
                        • ROC products

                        • We use the ROC mineral cast technology mainly in our Clamping technology. We optimize and produce the following products with ROC Mineral cast:
                          • UNILOCK Clamping towers
                          • innotool austria Grid clamping towers
                          • innotool austria Grid clamping pallets
                          • innotool austria ROC vice heightenings

                          ROC Fillings

                          As an additional plus we offer our customers ROC Fillings from Automation Clamping pallets to manual Clamping stations and devices. All clamping pallets and devices can be manufactured as light as possible and filled up with ROC Mineral cast. Reachable advantages in the handling for your machining center or robot are:
                          • reduced weight
                          • outstanding attenuation-characteristics
                          • highest stability
                          • avoidance of chip nests

                          Threaded inserts or other construction elements can be potted in the pallets. Pneumatic pipes are with help of Mineral cast safely covered and completely airtight.

                          ROC Customized items

                          Our ROC Mineral cast production is designed for producing economical, customized forms and casts also for small production series. We are very flexible in creating varied sizes of castings up to 1000*1000mm or approximately 500kg as a standard.

                          We gladly provide our Know-how in this area for maximizing your constructions. We look forward to giving you advice on the use of ROC Mineral cast technology for your own components and to show you possible cost-reducing potential.
                        • ROC history

                        • Historical development of mineral casting in the machining industry

                          The search for alternatives to metallic raw materials - in machine tool building especially - started during the Second World War already. The main focus was on improved vibration dampening and good material availability. At that time, first tests on concrete beds for turning machines were made in Germany, which were not very successful in the beginning.

                          Only around 1960 were machine tool beds manufactured industrially from hydraulic concrete. However, this concrete had two crucial disadvantages: a very low tensile strength and its problematic performance towards liquids. Later on, mechanical parts were produced from polymer concrete, which was already well known in the building industry. After some years searching for an adequate binder, the epoxy-based mineral cast established itself. The deficiencies of the hydraulic concrete could be avoided, but the production was still challenging and expensive.

                          In the late 70ies, companies of the grinding machine sector started producing grinding machine beds from mineral cast. Also smaller companies of other fields started using mineral cast, so that the use of the material became popular in the 80ies in the machine tool building. In the 90ies, the material was so well-developed, that different manufactures in Switzerland, Germany and the United States used it to produce measuring systems, woodworking machines and devices.

                          Today, mineral cast technology is considered to be tried and tested as well as an economical alternative to metallic material for serial production of machines and tools. Design guidelines as well as material data are established.
                      • Measuring system

                      • TOOLSET Measuring systems have a solid measuring column and a strong base, made out ​​of mineral cast which ensures an extraordinary stability as well as best temperature resistance for accuracy of repeatability. Due to the innotool austria easy-run-system, the measuring axes can be moved simply and rapidly by single hand.

                        High-precision measuring scales, solid guide rails and a measuring electronic after newest standards are simplifying the measuring operation and ensuring maximum security. As tool holders the TOOLSET Measuring system offers spindles with ISO 50 and ISO 40 as well as reductions on it for all kind of tool types.

                        Two versions are available as a standard. A mechanical version with indicator for easier measuring operations and a version with camera for more ambitious measuring methods.

                        Technology Meets Design

                        In the designing process of our TOOLSET Measuring systems, harmonic forms were in focus. These systems fits into every work shop. The used material ROC Mineral cast for the base and the measurement column gives a warm and pleasant character.
                          • TOOLSET Indicator

                          • The TOOLSET Indicator system with its two-axis indicator has a slipstick-free mounted mechanism for minimum measuring compressions. A big and turnable 2-Axis display, designed for latest technical requirements, is mounted on the back side of the TOOLSET and offers best operation comfort. All measuring values are represented clearly, due to its perfect illumination.

                            TOOLSET Indicator measuring system printer

                            The TOOLSET display includes an outgoing RS232 port for connecting a DYMO Label printer SE450. Printing is possible via a simple press of a display button.
                          • TOOLSET Camera

                          • TOOLSET Camera measuring systems are provided with a high precision Camera and a generously 5,7" LCD Touch display. The Camera picture shows a fix haircross and all common measuring possibilities like angle-, radius- and lenth-measurements. Up to 99 reference points (base- or reduction settings) can be organized in the TOOLSET display. If needed, Measuring datas can be transferred to an external Computer over an USB Exit port.

                            TOOLSET Camera measuring system printer

                            TOOLSET Display is supported with an USB Exit port for the connection of a DYMO Lable Printer LW450. The print-out is possible over a simple click on the display button "Print".
                          • TOOLSET Reductions

                          • In order to measure different tooling types in our TOOLSET Measuring systems, we offer as an accessory reductions to our spindle sizes ISO 40 and ISO 50. Our reductions are manufactured in a high-precision process and made out of stainless steel.
                        • Assembly system

                        • Our TOOLFIX Assembly systems are available for all common tool shanks and offer maximum ease of operation due to its unique automatic clamping system.

                          • Ideal ergonomics through 45° adaptor devision with automatic locking
                          • Minimum force applied with major torques
                          • Adjustable to a variety of tool types
                          • Maximum safety for operator and tool
                            • TOOLFIX Function

                            • TOOLFIX Assembly system consists of a base unit and an adaptor as desired. The system is divided into two versions, the TOOLFIX MONO with fix mounted adaptor and the TOOLFIX VARIO with exchangeable adaptor.

                              The big golden button on the top of the base unit operates the TOOLFIX swivel function. On the TOOLFIX VARIO base unit there is in addition a smaller golden button on the side which operates the changing function for adaptors. Depending on the adaptor type, clamping fingers or clamping levers are used to fix and secure the tool into the adaptor shaft. Against tool rotation in the adapter shaft, indexing pins are provided.

                              TOOLFIX Swivel function

                              The tool can be swiveled into the ideal set-up position by pressure on the locking bolt. The tool can have eight 45-degree divisions. Devision locking is carried out automatically. On inquired also special types with a higher division can be produced.

                              TOOFIX Adaptor

                              The tool is automatically secured when placed in the adaptor. The clamping fingers can be adjusted to suit the given type of tool and function. (MAS-BT/ANSI/DIN). Only a withdrawal of the bolt will release the tool.

                              For heavy tools at first turn the tool in a horizontal position, pull the bolt and turn right. The bolt will be secured. Now with both hands the tool can put out of the TOOLFIX. To put the bolt into the starting position, turn left.

                              TOOLFIX Assembling

                              The TOOLFIX unit can be fastened to a work-bench or a tool cabinet. The TOOLFIX can be fixed from the top with 4*M10 screws (with threaded inserts in the table) and also from the bottom with 4*M12 screws (the length of the screws depends on the thickness of the table).
                            • TOOLFIX MONO

                            • TOOLFIX MONO is an assembly tool with fixed tool adaptors. On account of his high stability TOOLFIX MONO is appropriate for big and heavy tools and also for the use of just one adaptor type.
                            • TOOLFIX VARIO

                            • TOOLFIX VARIO is an assembly tool with fast-change-lock for changing the different adaptor types. Users with more than one tool shank type have the possibility to use different adaptors on one TOOLFIX base unit. A best price is given by already two different adaptor types instead of using two TOOLFIX MONO.
                            • TOOLFIX TURN

                            • TOOLFIX TURN offers the advantage to change inserts essential for drilling heads and milling cutters very ergonomic and clearly arranged. This adaptors can be rotated 360° and be locked at 12 different positions. THe best position for changing drilling or milling inserts can always be found. TOOLFIX TURN are offered as TOOLFIX MONO as well as TOOLFIX VARIO adaptor versions.
                            • TOOLFIX Adaptor types

                            • Our TOOLFIX Adaptor range includes all standard tool shanks. Manufactur-specific tools like for example Kennametal or Komet ABS are also available on request.

                              The following tool types can be delivered fix mounted on TOOLFIX MONO and TOOLFIX MONO TURN as well as delivered as change adaptor for TOOLFIX VARIO and TOOLFIX VARIO TURN.
                          • Turning holder

                          • The ITOOL Turning holder includes exchangeable and swivel-mounted insert holders in one with adjustable centre height. A high-precision interface as well as a maximum rigidity with dampening attributes guarantees best turning results. The First-Aid ITOOL Turning holder can be used in left as well as in right turning operations.
                                • ITOOL Turning holder

                                • Our ITOOL Turning holder applies as a First-Aid-tool for your turning department.
                                  The First-Aid formula is: 1pcs Base holder (right/left) and 4pcs Turning heads.
                                  That consequential comes to 50 turning combinations.

                                  • Adjustment: 6x10° (left + right)
                                  • Hardened chamfers: adjustable all 2.5°
                                  • Scope of delivery: incl. plastic case