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  • Offer Profile
    Hovmand develops, produces and markets efficient battery-powered lifters in aluminium and steel for lifting and moving of reels, drums and boxes. We supply lifters to a long range of the world’s leading companies in pharmaceuticals, food production, manufacturing, packaging, services and distribution.
    With Hovmand lifters you can:

    • Lift and carry more
    • Optimize workflows
    • Eliminate inappropriate lifting and handling
    • Increase efficiency
    • Improve work life and job satisfaction

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Product Portfolio

      • Small Lifters

      • The Impact 70-series and Compact are lifters in the most simple and elegant design. Used in offices, workshops and retail. Impact 70 gives the opportunity to combine 4 different leg types with 3 mast heights. Compact is the market’s smallest battery-driven lifter.
          • Impact 70 – elegant light lifter

          • The battery-powered Impact 70 lifter will enhance efficiency in your work processes and ensure health and safety. Impact 70 moves, lifts and handles loads up to 70 kg simply and efficiently.

            Impact 70 is easy to use with the Commander fingertip control switchgear, which makes it possible to operate the lifter from many positions. The lifter is equipped with an overload protection and a safety clutch. To meet individual requirements, the Impact 70 offers the opportunity of combining four different leg types with three mast heights and more than 15 different tools.

          • Compact – small and strong lifter

          • Compact is the market’s smallest battery-driven lifter for handling of reels. The lifter comes with a combined boom and V-block. The boom is equipped with a wheel easing the pushing of the reel onto the machine. The V-block is turnable and can be used for side or through-going shaft.

            Compact comes with an automatic over-load switch and all movable and electrical parts are shielded. The lifting and lowering function is controlled on the push button.

        • Multi purpose lifters

        • Impact 80, 130 and 200 are highly flexible lifters used in warehouses, workshops, manufacturing, supermarkets and professional kitchens. Impact 90 is the fastest lifter on the market and designed to handle numerous lifts a day. The lifting capacity ranges from 80 to 200 kg and from 1,200 to 2,771 mm in height (on selected products).
            • Impact 80 - light all-round lifter

            • Impact 80 is a reliable lifter designed for lifting and moving various items, such as reels or boxes weighing up to 80 kg. The lifter is working noiseless, has a built-in charger and a battery indicator. The quick change adapter makes it possible and easy to use one lifter with several tools, which provides high flexibility in the daily workflow.
            • Impact 90

            • Impact 90 is the fastest lifter on the market and designed to handle numerous lifts a day. Using the hand-held remote control unit, it is possible to operate at either full or half speed. The elegant Impact 90 lifts, moves and handles loads weighing up to 90 kg.
            • Impact 130

            • Impact 130 is a powerful lifter that lifts, moves and handles loads weighing up to 130 kg. The model is Hovmand´s most widely used model, as it can solve a huge quantity of lifting jobs.

              The lifter has an overload protection, a safety clutch and a soft start for easy handling. For special loads or specific requirements, the lifting tools can be developed for the job. The Impact 130 can be customized to your needs with five mast heights combined with leg types in different lengths and various wheel options.

            • Impact 200

            • Impact 200 is designed to do the hard work by lifting, moving and handling items up to 200 kg. It is possible to upgrade the lifter with exchangeable batteries, so it may be operational 24 hours a day.

              For the Impact 200 we offer a wide range of electrical tools, for handling e.g. reels and drums with a remote control – that provides many new opportunities in the production lines. The extensive range of both manual and electric lifting tools is available in various sizes and materials.

          • Stainless steel

          • INOX 90, INOX 200 and E300R in stainless steel have been developed for GMP in food production, the pharmaceutical industry and cleanrooms (C+D). The light semi-stainless Impox 70 has stainless legs, handles and tools. Lifting heights from 1200 to 2000 mm. Stainless steel type 1.4301 (AISI 304)
              • INOX 90 - Light lifter in stainless steel

              • INOX 90 is designed for demanding environments such as those found in the pharma and food industries, where production equipment is subject to strict hygiene and cleaning requirements (IP66). The stainless steel INOX 90 lifts, moves and handles loads weighing up to 90 kg. The lifter is electropolished and equipped with a remote control with two speeds.

                The lifter features built-in overload protection, safety clutch and battery indicator, and all moveable parts are shielded. All tools for the INOX 90 are made of stainless steel

              • INOX 200 - Powerful lifter in stainless steel

              • INOX 200 is made of electropolished stainless steel and handles loads up to 200 kg. It is designed for demanding environments as in pharma and food industries, where production equipment is subject to strict hygiene and cleaning requirements (IP66).

                The INOX 200 can be equipped with manual or electrical tools for handling of e.g. reels, boxes or drums depending on the requirements. All tools for the INOX 200 are made of stainless steel and available in various sizes.

              • E300 - For the most demanding jobs

              • With E300 you can lift, move, grip, turn and tip up to 300 kg. Made in stainless steel and equipped with a remote control for easy operations. The lifter is highly configurable as it can be equipped with a broad range of manual and electrical tools from platforms, booms and forks to advanced gripping tools. The grippers for the electrical tools can be customized for almost every drum, vat, container or kettle.

                All tools for E300R are made of stainless steel and available in customized sizes.

              • Impox 70 - Semi-stainless steel lifter

              • Impox 70 is a light and elegant lifter which is suitable for slightly more challenging environments, which are subject to stricter hygiene requirements, for example the food industry. The legs and handles are stainless steel (electropolished), the control unit for lifting/lowering is made of plastic, while the wheels on the lifter are ESD and food-approved.

                Impox 70 lifts, moves and handles loads weighing up to 70 kg. All tools for the lifter are stainless steel.

            • Pallet Trucks

                • Quick Pallet Truck

                • The Quick pallet truck handles items up to 300 kg in a quick and simple way, e.g. display pallets, half pallets, wire-cages or euro-pallets (long and short side). The unique lifting device is fast and simple. Press the foot pedal and lift the pallet. When the pedal is down, the pallet truck automatically locks in a lifted position. When you press the foot pedal again, the pallet is lowered.
                  Quick is not a stock item at Hovmand, it is only produced as project sales in larger quantities.

              • Handling techniques

                  • Reel Handling

                  • A Hovmand lifter with the right equipment makes it possible for you to lift and move almost all kinds of reels – large and small, short and long – up to 300 kilos.

                    Using larger reels means reduction of necessary reel changes. You save time, because one person can do the work and you avoid downtime. You make more efficient use of your storage facility: the reels may be stacked higher and sourcing larger reels paves the way for lower foil prices. In most cases, your Hovmand lifter will increase your efficiency and minimize costs at the same time.

                    Using a Hovmand lifter makes it possible to:

                    • Use larger reels
                    • Load reels directly into the packaging machine
                    • Lift and move reels single-handed
                    • Place reels high or low without other equipment or help
                    • Easily pick up reels from a pallet
                    • Have reels delivered in higher stacks

                    We provide you with an intelligent range of reel lifting and moving options: from lifters for the most basic handling of large and small reels with a boom or V-block over specialized designs that grips the roll by the core and rotates it. Or a lifter that grips the reel from the outside and turns it around, manually or electrically, as well as purpose-built lifters for tool changes in your production process.

                  • Box Handling

                  • When you pack, move, store and distribute goods you use boxes. Especially plastic boxes and crates have become important and integrated parts of many logistics systems.

                    By employing a lifter you improve the flow of your work processes and you save time. You can also carry and move higher stacks, saving both space and distribution costs.

                    You can lift heavy boxes and more boxes at once. You can simultaneously transport several boxes instead of one or two at a time. You can stack boxes higher and exploit the height of your storage or transport facility better; and also use the top spots on the shelf. You can turn and tip boxes to facilitate emptying. Hovmand lifters are also used to move heavy boxes directly from one place to another without intermediate storage on a pallet.

                    A lifter is often a good solution when you need to pack, move, store and distribute. We provide lifters equipped with platforms, forks, grippers and equipment that turn and tip boxes.

                  • Drum Handling

                  • Many commodities are packaged, stored and distributed in drums, containers and cans. There are also large numbers of manufacturing processes where drums, vats, containers, kettles and pots are lifted and emptied.

                    With a lifter you can grip the container, run it over to the work place and lift, rotate, tip and drain in one single operation instead of first moving the container, lifting it and finally tipping it. This provides savings in time and reduces other equipment investments.

                    With lifters you can lift heavy items without help, complex geometries, warm and cold containers, etc. And you can handle different items and sizes with the same equipment, simplify and streamline filling and lift even higher.

                    Hovmand lifters can grip, lift and tip almost any kind of container, i.e. drum, pot, kettle or vat. They can be taken from the floor and lifted. The grippers can be designed to handle difficult and complex shapes as well as different materials such as steel, plastic and cardboard.

                • OEM Solutions

                • Hovmand offers the development of OEM lifters that fit your requirements to be sold along with your product as a turnkey solution. We have solved problems and met challenges within a wide range of areas, e.g. 3D printers, packaging, pumps and processing.

                  We use a proven project model to meet customer requirements, and our dedicated project teams with experienced engineers ensure the appropriate solution, right from the first idea to drawings, documentation, testing and prototypes.

                  The vast number of options in terms of design, dimensions and accessories makes it possible to develop a lifter for almost any lifting and moving process – we manufacture your solution!

                  • Optimise the customer experience of your product
                  • Grip, lift, move and turn any object
                  • Solve handling issues
                  • Reduce operating time
                  • Increase efficiency
                  • Eliminate harmful work processes