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  • Offer Profile
  • NEUTEQ Microfinishing Solutions
    • NEUTEQ manufacture the Worldstar Range of microfinishing solutions in Europe under licence from IMPCO, USA (Industrial Metal Products Corporation).
    • Through the IMPCO network and in conjunction with other licencees such as GM (Grindmaster International, India / China) NEUTEQ can offer truly global product and support.
    • NEUTEQ has over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and installation of Microfinishing solutions

    NEUTEQ Robotic Automation Solutions

    NEUTEQ offers a range of standard and bespoke automation solutions working closely with major manufacturers within the industry

Product Portfolio
  • Neuteq Microfinishing and Robotic Solutions

  • At NEUTEQ Europe we believe in the application of technology and know-how to offer our customers world leading solutions in:
    • Microfinishing
    • Robotic Automation
    • Research and Development

    We manufacture a full range of Microfinishing solutions from flexible machines designed for low volume, high accuracy components through to dedicated OEM solutions capable of producing 100's of components per hour.

    Our many years experience of supplying Microfinishing solutions to some of the most demanding clients in the world (automotive OEM's, F1, Aerospace) has enabled us to create an industry standard Microfinishing process for:
    • Camshafts
    • Crankshafts
    • Transmission components

    This same experience and understanding of manufacturing requirements has been harnessed to develop standard robotic automation solutions for:
    • Vision Guided Robot Systems
    • Machine Tending
    • Robotic Machining
    • De-burring

    By utilising standard modules we are able to offer proven techniques rather than one of experiments and quickly configure a turnkey solution
      • Microfinishing

      • Our leading Microfinishing solutions will allow you to obtain a consistent surface finish on almost any product requirement you may have.
      • Robotic Automation

      • NEUTEQ are experts not only in automation, but the manufacturing processes to which they are to be employed.
      • Research & Development

      • NEUTEQ has a full Microfinishing Research and Development facility on site at our head office in Tamworth.
    • Microfinishing

    • Our leading Microfinishing solutions will allow you to obtain a consistent surface finish on almost any product requirement you may have. As our primary service solution we have experience in delivering cost effective and reliable solutions into a wide variety of clients which include Formula 1 race teams who trust NEUTEQ with high performance tolerance requirements that are met first time, every time.

      We offer a complete range of microfinishing systems from large OEM production machines to smaller low volume batch production units. As with all NEUTEQ products our microfinishing solutions are designed to be modular and therefore are easily installed and operable at your facility in the shortest time possible to avoid any disruption to your manufacturing process.

      Our microfinishing machines allow for:
      • Efficiency improvements
      • Friction reduction
      • Noise reduction
      • Elimination of microscopic burrs
      • Improves geometry
      • Cost savings of process checks
        • Microfinishing

        • World leading process for the generation of functional surface finish and geometrical form improvement and optimisation.

          NEUTEQ Microfinishing Systems go beyond traditional polishing, lapping or stone finishing to create a functional surface and geometry specific to your application, offering:

          • Optimised surface topography – reduced high & low frequency surface chatter
          • Optimised component geometry – reduced running clearance in bearing assembly
          • Reduced 'Oil Film' thickness - allowing reduced friction and bearing clearance
          • Reduced friction improving engine power whilst reducing Co2
          • Removal of ferrite caps in nodular iron crankshafts
          • Optimised bearing profiles can be achieved, reducing and eliminating edge loading on bearings

          NEUTEQ Europe manufactures a range of Microfinishing solutions covering:
          • OEM's high volume engine manufacturers upto 1.2mtr
          • OEM's high volume large engine manufacturers up to 8.0mtr
          • OEM's low volume high performance
          • Flexible microfinishing requirements available where low production / high variation components are manufactured
        • Automotive

        • Flexible production solutions for global production requirements.

          NEUTEQ manufacture the Worldstar range of microfinishing solutions for production crankshaft / camshaft machining. Utilising the GBQ process these machines are capable of mcirofinishing components in under 30 seconds covering the following features:
          • Main bearng diameters
          • Pin bearing diameters
          • Thurst face
          • Oil seal diameters
          • Journal diameters
          • Lobe Surfaces

          For both crank and camshafts NEUTEQ have solutions to suit production requirements in terms of
          • Gantry load
          • Manual load from the front
          • Through Feed
        • General Components

        • NEUTEQ manufacture a range of flexible microfinishing solutions to address requirements where production volumes are low and flexibility demand is high,whilst still offering the same geometrical and surface finish control as our production solutions.

          Our flexible approach to projects, process and solutions allows us to develop the microfinishing solution and associated tooling. In parallel to this we would develop the automation (if required) to suit the cycle time requirements, whilst respecting the final operating environment .

          The above application work can be applied across a wide range of industries using many different material types, and components.
          • Pump Gears
          • Fuel Pump Cams
          • Balance shafts
          • Drive shafts
          • Syncro Cones
          • Bearing components
          • Medical implants
          • UAV - components
          • Ferrous / non-ferrous
          • Ceramic components
          • Quarts components
        • Autosport

        • Functional surface finish and geometrical optimisation of highly loaded critical features for the performance industry where bearing clearance is critical.

          We have a full on-site R+D facility with high-end metrology equipment which ensures that we work closely as a simultaneous development partner across many levels of the Autosport Industry. Whether it be consultancy or the undertaking sub-contract batch work, process development or providing machines Neuteq has a range of solutions for high-end Autosport users.
        • Crankshaft Machines

        • We offer various solutions for your Crankshaft Machining requirements and each solution is customisable to your specific requirements. We are always happy to discuss your requirements with you to ensure you purchase the right machine to match your needs today and the future.

          Worldstar 1640 Microfinishing Machine
          Our Worldstar 1640 Microfinishing Machine is a truly modular solution. We offer configurable base units which delivers a one, two or three level Microfinishing process. The rigid, hydraulic, horizontal arm pack combined with standard GBQ tooling offers accurate, repeatable machining over 1000's of cycles.

          The Worldstar 1640 can machine
          • Mains
          • Pins
          • Thrust face
          • Oil Seal

          Process & Capacity
          • GBQ II process time 30 seconds
          • Simultaneous Microfinishing of pins and mains
          • Part capacity 100mm – 800mm

          Loading is completed via
          • Gantry Loading
          • Robot/Automated Loading
          • Operative/Manual Loading
        • Camshaft Machines

        • Our World renowned Camshaft Machining Solutions deliver quality with exceptional production speeds that ensure your output is perfectly machined to enabled total quality management.

          Worldstar 1660 Microfinishing Machine
          Utilising the standard, rigid, hydraulically operated arm pack and standard GBQ tooling the 1660 combines repeatability and accuracy with large component capacity and flexibility. The machine architecture offers stitching along a component through indexing both the component and toolslide.

          Features Machined
          • Mains
          • Pins
          • Thrust face
          • Oil Seal

          Process & Capacity
          • Part capacity 100mm – 3000mm
          • Simultaneous Microfinishing of pins and mains

          • Gantry Loading
          • Robot/Automated Loading
          • Manual Loading
      • Robotic Automation

      • NEUTEQ are experts not only in automation, but the manufacturing processes to which they are to be employed, this understanding allows us to select not only the correct equipment but also the most efficient processes, providing a full turnkey solutions using proven standard concepts.

        Vision guided robot systems, Machine tending, Robotic machining and de-burring are just some of the market leading standard solutions NEUTEQ can offer, alongside large scale bespoke automation systems.

        NEUTEQ offer complete solutions based on standard machines, but where the link to each customer's application is unique.

        NEUTEQ's approach to affordability is using standard modules where we are able to offer solutions that are not one off experiments but proven solutions that have been developed over many years to be user friendly, efficient and reliable. Using standard modules also enables us to be competitively priced (predict accurate build times)
          • Standard Machine tending solutions

          • Cost effective standard solution for flexible automatic loading and handling for a whole host of operations.

            Flexibility as standard, designed to easily interface with new and existing CNC machines, the flexiloader is designed for easy installation with simple 'plug and play' features the cell offers flexible automation at an affordable price providing significant payback opportunities for a host of machine tending applications.

            Up and running in minutes
            Machine Tending Solutions System
            Up and running in minutes this simple but innovative modular concept offers manufacturers pre-engineered solutions, designed to handle many different parts with quick set up features to enhance productivity, reliability, quality and greatly reduce labour costs for Press / Machining Tools and Materials Handling.

            Faster loading no waiting for doors to open, chucks to slow down.

            Consistent predictable 24/7 running enabling better planning, with no fluctuations to production.
          • Vision Guided Robotics

          • Advanced vision pick and place with Simplicity at its core. Robots that can see, the components to be picked up. Standard machines that can feed virtually any components and can be easily taught by semi-skilled operators. System can be taught to recognise and pick any component in minutes.

            For ultimate flexibility NEUTEQ provide standard vision cells with the ability to quickly and easily program new components making short production runs or wide variety of parts possible to automate.

            The heart of the vision guided cells is the highly acclaimed SVIA vision system – Pickvision. The System provides advanced technology in user-friendly standardised machines.

            Within automation, properties such as flexibility are often neglected in place of speed and precision, but you do not need to compromise. Instead, we combine precisely these attributes!

            The basic principle is that components are fed towards a camera, where the vision system, Pickvision, identifies the position of the component. A robot can then pick up the component directly with high precision and feed it on, correctly positioned, to the next stage of the process.

            New components can be learnt by the system in just a few minutes and with ease closely linking the robot, vision and grippers all through one system via step by step wizard software program with auto recognition and auto suggestion functions.
          • De-Burring / Profile Cutting Cell

          • For light machining, cutting and finishing of composites and aluminium. Easily programmable automatic tool path generation, from 3D CAD.

            For the ultimate flexibility in de-burring and cutting of aluminium, composite and wood materials

            Combining the cost efficiency and flexibility of robots with the ease of programming of MasterCam all in one complete standard Machine.

            The principle is one machine that operates as a complete system whereby the tool path, robot and spindle are all controlled through one system via step by step wizard software program. 3D CAD models are imported into the pc based interface, with auto generation and intelligent Robot motion functions.

            Providing flexibile de-burring and profiling in a proven standard solution, with quick set-up time in a CNC machine style format.

            In collaboration with MasterCam flexibility and user-friendliness are put firmly at the centre.
          • Robotic Development Center

          • This facility enables the customer to prove solutions and processes before large investments are made.

            Robotics development centre with ABB 4600 robot, can be used for proving a variety of Robotic processes from grinding to polishing, deburring and Robotic 6 axis machining.

            This facility enables the customer to prove solutions and processes before large investments are made.

            We are also able to carry out development work for more complex processes and theories, working with the customer to achieve the required solution.
        • Research & Development

        • Microfinishing
          Research and Development
          NEUTEQ has a full Microfinishing Research and Development facility on site at our head office in Tamworth, UK featuring:

          • 3 dedicated Process Development Machines
          • Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf i120 surface profiler
          • Taylor Hobson Form talysurf i60 surface profiler
          • Marposs size gauges
          • Mitutoyo laser micrometer
          • Large capacity roundness measuring system

          Utilising this state of the art equipment combined with our extensive R&D experience working within autosport, automotive, aerospace, hydraulics and many other industries NEUTEQ can provide a full design and development support function.

          NEUTEQ continues to invest in the science of microfinishing through:
          • Sponsorship of a Phd student at Huddersfield University focused full time on advancing microfinishing techniques
          • Close relationships with research centres such as NPL (National Physical Laboratory) with whom NEUTEQ are working on a collaborative project to understand which of the new areal parameters best describes friction on a bearing surface
          • Supporting customer development work in reducing carbon emission