Company Profile

Janz Automation Systems Ltd., based in Paderborn since 1982, is one of the leading manufacturers of components and systems for the automation technology industry. Our core business is in the production of components and systems that are manufactured to industry standards but that can be customized to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our focus is on providing the optimal customer solution – matching customized requirements with the best software and hardware configuration. Customers are looking for solid solutions tailored to their requirements, as well as long term availability. And, of course, high quality and good value money are expected. Custom Designed means a single source for the whole system: - Conception - Design - Production - Quality Assurance A single source means one-stop total responsibility for correct operation and integration (no costly and time-consuming battles where the software manufacturer blames the hardware, and vice versa!) Customers of Janz Automation Systems Ltd. include many well-known companies, from machine and equipment manufacturing, to medical, transportation and power and energy, who all rely on the skills and experience that are provided at Janz.

Product Range

  • Embedded systems: Custom designed PC and computer modules
  • Embedded systems: ECs
  • Embedded systems: Embedded computer modules ECM
  • Embedded systems: Embedded networking products
  • Embedded systems: Embedded PC
  • Industrial PC
  • Industrial PC: Embedded PC
  • LCD display