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  • Offer Profile
  • ZZ-Antriebe GmbH is specialized in manufacturing high-quality mechanical gears for mechanical engineering and concentrates on the production of:

    - uniform-motion transmissions with the focus on high-quality bevel gear sets in HPGS
    - execution standard and special bevel gear boxes, low backlash boxes for the servo technology, lifting spindle gear boxes
    - nonuniform-motion trans-missions with the focus on standard and special indexing units in demanding fields of application with full-hardened and ground cams high-precision cams
Product Portfolio
  • Bevel Gear Units, Screw Jacks, Indexers, Cams

    • bevel_gear_boxes
    • Bevel gear boxes type K

    • Every ZZ bevel gear unit is fitted with a palloid-spiral bevel gear assembly. Our bevel gear units are distinguished by their fully machined rectangular housings. All screw jointed faces have threaded holes. The lubrication level and supply holes are variably located according to the installed position.

      Design sizes: 10
      ZZ-Universal Line®
      with Palloid Gears lapped in pairs
      ZZ-Precision Line®
      with HPG-S gears, excellent torsion play

      Power up to 500kW
      Torque up to 7000Nm
      Efficiency factor 0,95-0,98
      Transmission ration 1:1 to 5:1 speed increasing upon request

      - base plates / corner feet
      - lifetime lubrication
      - motor flange / centering flange
      - special transmission ratios
      - HPGS - wheel sets
      - reduced backlash
    • ZZ-Servoline® Type KN

    • ZZ-Servoline KN has been designed as a bevel gear unit especially for high-dynamic servo drives in automation techniques. With the hypoid gearing, gear ratio's of up to i = 15:1 can be covered in one stage. The design of the gear takes into account a weighting according to requirements, between pitting, fatigue fracture, the loading capacity on the root of the gear tooth and gear scuffing.

      The gear unit is suitable for operating in any optional mounting position. The output shaft can be in the form of a single or double-ended solid shaft, or as an extended hollow shaft with external taper lock assembly. The various combinations of shafts and flanges, provide facilities for all commonly used servo motors.

      Technical Features:
      • 6 Sizes of gear units
      • up to 1400 Nm
      • up to 8000 rpm
      • Hypoid bevel gear sets
      • Minimum backlash
      • High power density
      • High gear rigidity
      • Gear ratio's 3:1 to 15:1
      • Amply dimensioned bearings
      • Various flange combinations
      • Maintenance-free lifetime lubrication
    • ZZ-Servolift® Bevel-gear screw jack units

    • ZZ-Servolift® gears are components for installing in machines and are exclusively for adjusting and positioning loads, workpieces and plant sub-assemblies with emphasis on plant installation and industrial automation. The screw jack unit ZZ-Servolift® is a compact gear unit and allows the integration of roller-ball spindles in a single-stage hypoid geared bevel gear box in the ZZ-Servoline® series. Due to the high degree of ef. ciency in lifting and lowering, the gears are not self-locking. With the screw nut and the basic model, two tried and tested functional principles are applied. Supplementary to the standard versions with roller spindles, swirled and for higher demands, polished spindles can also be used.

      With a spindle thread pitch (5 mm to 40 mm) and a bevel gear ratio (3:1 to 15:1), optimised to the selected application, various gear functions can be achieved – from precision adjustment gears through to fast screw-jack gears.

      The largest flexibility at the input side, is achieved by the modular concept of the motor flanges, whereby exchangeable and standardised motor flange plates can be installed at the dome on the gear side. The modular building-block system includes more than 120 different motor flange plates that allow the installation of almost all servomotors that are commercially available, on to the ZZ-Servolift® system. A direct drive without motor flange, i.e. by way of toothed belts, cardan shafts, etc., is also feasible.

      The ZZ-Servolift® takes into account all demands that may be placed on a modern gear concept. It combines the flexibility of a modular building-block system, resulting in a variety of applications, minimum torsional backlash, a high degree of rigidity, low overall weight, reduced mass inertia, high efficiency and with a universal fitting position, an operation that is almost free of any maintenance.

      • 3 Sizes
      • Basic- (type KSG) and screw nut model (type KSL)
      • Optional anti-twist element type KSV
      • Hypoid bevel gear sets (Klingelnberg)
      • Minimum backlash
      • High power density
      • High gear rigidity
      • Gear ratio's 3:1 to 15:1
      • Amply dimensioned bearings
      • Various flange combinations
      • Maintenance-free lifetime lubrication
    • Spiral bevel gear sets

    • Gear components are the key items manufactured by ZZ-Antriebe GmbH. They form the basis of the success of our company. Our high quality´bevel gear wheels are produced in accordance with the Klingelnberg design and enjoy a tremendous reputation for quality. They are used in ZZ bevel, superimposed and high-speed lifting gear units. In addition our gear wheels can be optimally applied in many customeroriented applications (e. g. machine tools, textile machines, printing machines, commercial vehicles, plant construction, etc.).

      Case hardened, nitriding, quenched and subsequently drawn steel as well as synthetics

      Heat Treatment
      Case-harden, nitride, quench and draw
      Alternativ dimensions available upon request
    • Screw jack units

    • The well-proven gear range as the basis for lifting plant and system solutions

      ZZ elevation screw gears are the ideal drive element for linear movements. With our comprehensive and functional range of accessories you can extend your plant into a complete system. In this we will individually advise and carry out the project design work on the lifting equipment exactly according to your requirements. Due to the fact that we manufacture the complete range of components ourselves we are still able to offer the well-known ZZ quality in this area also.

      Design sizes 10

      Type HG: Standard (Transtory spindle)
      Type HGV: Standard with spindle turning lock
      Type HL: Transitory Screw Nut
      Customised: BallScrew Spindle

      Spindle: TR 18x4 up to TR 180x18
      Load: up to 1000kW

      - plate screw end / clevis pin / fork screw end connections
      - base plates
      - bellows / conduit
      - locking element
      - stainless steel spindle

      complete lifting systems with motor and accessories
    • Gloiboid- and Radial Indexing Units

    • The perfect components for movements, cycling and positioning

      All ZZ cam mechanisms are fitted with through hardened and ground cams. This is the basis for high precision, positive action and long service life. A cam set converts a uniform input turning motion into stepped or oscillating output movement, which can be optimized for every application. The housings made of cast - iron or aluminium are fully machined.

      globoid gear boxes 25 types
      axial gear boxes 10 types
      transmission Freely definable (Pendulum, 2-20 stops)
      cam Through hardened and grounded
      torque up to 10.000Nm

      - individual transmission units (manufactured by ZZ)
      - geared brake motors
      - lifetime lubrication
      - motor flanges
      - special movement profiles
      - special cams
      - combination with ZZ-bevel gear boxes and/or ZZ-quick elevating screw jack units

      special designs: upon request
    • Indexing Tables

    • The perfect components for movements, cycling and positioning

      ZZ-indexing tables have proven their worth in various applications as for example packing machines, print- printing machines or assembling systems. They allow a high controlled cycle time together with low maintenance effort. They are suitable for absorbing high axial forces as large torque and moments of tilt. Within dwell phase there will be an interlock which also permits sensitive process operations on the part – together with high repetition accuracy. The output shaft is provided with a machined surface to take up an assembling platform.

      Oscilating function
      Indexing function with 2..32 steps

      - type RTX version with globoid cam for accurate applications
      which are complex in their motion sequence,
      distance between axis: up to 450 mm
      - type XZ version with cylinder cam with large central
      output hollow shaft, distance between axis: up to 615 mm
      - ATEX conformity (EG guideline 94/9/EG)

      Cams: through hardened and ground
      Torque: up to 32.000Nm
      Axial Forces: up to 250kN

      - worm gear units respectively gear brake motor
      - lifetime lubrication
      - mechanical or inductive end switches
      - special drilling templates for the table top
      - overload clutch
      - special cams / special motion sequences
      - cam sets with high accuracy

      Customised units available upon request
    • ZZ-Indexing Rings

    • ZZ-indexing rings are used in handling and assembling systems. Due to the drive unit which is installed on the outer ring and which is based on a cylinder cam an ex- extremely large inner ring diameter and a high position accuracy are possible. At the same time a high dynamic and soft acceleration process can be realised. The whole unit and especially the ring are very plane.

      Function: Indexing function with 4 to 20 steps
      Version: Type XL
      Ring Diameter: 800-2100mm
      Cams: through hardened and ground
      Torque: up to 41.900Nm (within the dwell phase)
      Axial Forces: up to 290 kN

      - worm gear units respectively gear brake motor
      - lifetime lubrication
      - mechanical or inductive end switches
      - special drilling templates for the ring
      - overload clutch

      Alternativ dimensions available upon request
    • Cams

    • Using the latest manufacturing techniques ZZ-Antriebe GmbH manufactures plane and threedimensional cams in all common designs. Taking account of the respective application, materials and hardening process the cam profiles are milled, skive milled or ground. Our many years of experience are today extended and complemented by the use of comprehensive design programs. the combination of tradition and innovation makes optimum design and manufacturing quality possible.

      Our manufacturing range:

      cam type
      axial cam
      globoid cam
      radial cam

      Ø 620mm
      Ø 620mm
      Ø 1000mm


      Alternativ dimensions available upon request
    • Special gear units

    • Special gears matched to the application
      - ideas and competence from one source

      The comprehensive ZZ manufacturing range permits optimum gear design for special functions in the area of drive technology. As we combine and adapt our standard modules into new units we are able to offer particularly economic and efficient solutions.

      Special solutions as combinations of:
      - bevel gear boxes
      - cam mechanism
      - planetary gear boxes
      - worm gear boxes
      - elevating screw gear boxes

      Applicational areas for our special gears:
      - medical technology
      - rolling mill plant
      - machine and plant construction
      - printing presses
      - packaging technology
      - installation technology
      - theatre stages
      - machine tools
      - textile machinery
    • ZZ-LIFTRONIC - Screwjack with control

    • ZZ-LIFTRONIC offers a functional package consisting of screwjack unit, drive- and control system. It includes a flexible control for operation, installation, application and control of screw jack systems based on future oriented servo-drives.

      • based on the wide range of ZZ screwjack units
      • includes sevomotor with drive and control system
      • electronic link of several screw jack units is possible
      • Manual remote control acc. industrial standard and/or link to PLC system

      Normal functions of the control system
      • Control of wear of spindle nut
      • Control of safety nut
      • Speed reduction at the end positions
      • Display of all relevant movement positions
      • Status information of all supervision elements
      • Display of actual position incl. distance to end position
      • Remaining movement time to target position
      • Overload protection by current monitoring
      • Limitation of power consumption and drive torque
      • High accuracy positioning
      • High repeatability
      • Setting of mechanical and electrical limit values
      • Tipp- and position mode with preset speed or variable speed
      • Position mode to preset positions or variable positions
      • End position monitoring of the spindle
  • ENGINEERING AND DESIGN Calculation and Manufacturing of Electromechanical Drives

  • In the field of MECHANICS, we are clearly focussed on the development, engineering and design
    of gears and drive units. Supplemented by CONTROL TECHNOLOGY, we design and manufacture
    complete electromechanical drive solutions for a variety of applications. As SERVICE, we offer
    a widely diversified support and consultation at the centre and in the scope of the engineering

    DOWNLOAD Catalogue
    • • Speed regulation
      • Converter techniques
      • Electronic cam disk
      • Servomotor, Servo techniques
      • Electric drive design
    • • Components and Gear dimensioning
      • FEM calculation
      • Conversion, 2D to 3D
      • 3D applications
      • Market research
      • Innovation management
      • Simulation
      • Documentation
    • • Wide variation of gear construction
      • Special drive units
      • Single and series production
      • Test bench gears
      • Complete gear linkages
      • System applications
      • Toothed wheel / Gear elements
      • Optimising existing concepts
      and solutions
      • Design, Calculation, Dimensioning
      • Development, Manufacturing