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  • Offer Profile
  • Ramsey Products has specialized in silent chain drive products for more than 85 years. Today, Ramsey is the world's leading supplier of silent chain based solutions for industry. We offer an extensive range of silent chains, sprockets, chain driven speed reducers, transmissions, and couplings, all backed by our commitment to exceptional customer service and support.
Product Portfolio
  • Power Transmission

    • Silent Chains

    • Silent chain drives are capable of transmitting power with low noise, high efficiency, and reduced vibration, at speeds and loads that exceed the capability of other belts and chains. There are many styles of silent chain and Ramsey offers a wide range of designs for different application requirements and budgets. Almost all Ramsey silent power transmission chains utilize efficient, quiet, two-pin roller bearing joints.
    • Silent Chain Sprockets

    • Ramsey offers a full range of stock and made to order sprockets in pitches ranging from 3/16” pitch to 2 1/4” pitch. Stock sprockets are available with minimum plain bores or taper lock bushings. For an additional charge they can be machined with a finished bore and keyway. Made to order sprockets provide an almost unlimited range of options and are a large part of our daily production.Ramsey also supplies sprockets to replace most competitors' products. We welcome all inquiries.
    • Surface Hardening

    • Many power transmission components are manufactured with heat treated surfaces to increase durability and reduce wear. Ramsey has over thirty years of experience in the precision surface hardening of gears, sprockets, pulleys, and shafts. Utilizing computer controlled flame hardening equipment Ramsey can economically harden a wide range of part sizes.
    • Silent Chain Couplings

    • There are two models of Ramsey silent chain couplings, the Straight Type and the Diagonal Type. Straight Type couplings are composed of coupling halves that are split perpendicular to the shaft axis. A hardened steel silent chain joins the two halves. Diagonal Type couplings are split at an angle to the shaft axis. Due to the angular split, the chain that wraps a Diagonal couplings is loaded in shear,as well as tension. This results in Diagonal couplings having a somewhat higher load capacity than straight couplings, where the chain is only loaded in shear.
    • Complete Silent Chain Drive Systems

    • A Ramsey Hyperlink drive may be the answer to your problems.

      Ramsey Hyperlink  Drive Features:

      Up to 99% Efficient
      Large Center Distances (up to 45")
      Optimum / Exact Drive Ratios
      Fully Customizable
      Built to Exact Space Requirements
      Low Maintenance
      Capable of loads of 3,000 HP( 2240 Kw) and speeds exceeding 7,000 FPM ( 35.5 M/s)
      No Minimum Order Quantity
    • Custom Gears & Roller Chain Sprockets

    • Ramsey offers made to order roller chain sprockets, gears, and pulleys. There is no minimum order quantity and parts can be machined from the material of your choice, to your exact specifications. Tooth hardening is available.

      3/8" pitch through 1 1/2" pitch roller chain sprockets
      Spur gears 16 through 4 DP
      Helical Gears
      Tolerances to AGMA class 10
  • Glass Transport

    • Silent Conveying Chains

    • Ramsey has supplied glass conveying chain to bottle producers and glass equipment manufacturer’s for more than 40 years. Today, we offer the widest range of production proven silent conveying chains of any company in the world. From hot end, to cold end, to inspection applications, Ramsey silent chain can be found in production plants throughout the world.
    • Wear Protected Conveying Chains

    • Allguard and AllguardFX are conveying chains that offer exceptional wear resistance for applications where pin head wear must be completely eliminated
    • Take Out Arm Drives

    • Working with Glass Industry engineers, Ramsey has developed a new solution that greatly extends the life of take out arm drives. Utilizing high performance RPV silent chain in place of elastomeric belts, Ramsey take out arm drives can provide more than 10 times the life of a typical belt drive. Available in kit form to retrofit most existing take out arms or as a complete assembly.