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  • Offer Profile
  • Moventas is a renewable energy technology expert and service provider to its own brand and most brands in the industry. Moventas’ technology strives for lowering the cost of energy across the lifecycle of renewable energy generation, from superior gearbox design and manufacture to extensive after sales service. Moventas is part of the global engineering group Clyde Blowers.
Product Portfolio
  • Wind Turbine Gearboxes

      • Exceed Series 3+

      • Highest torque carrying capacity product platform for high and medium speed drivetrains in 3 MW and up.

        Provides competitive edge by lowering the LCoE of wind turbines with
        • 20% more torque density
        • 10% smaller size
        • 100% proven technology

        New design from the gearbox pioneer with 30+ years of experience in introducing innovations to the industry. Platform approach enables adaptability, scalability and cost efficiency. Every design validated by simulation and testing. Only available from Moventas.
        It’s the survival of the fittest - Exceed helps you WIN.
      • Onshore Wind - Multi-Megawatt

      • Serial deliveries in MMW class since 2004.

        Highly optimized structures lead to low cost of energy for the wind power industry. This is the leading idea of Moventas’ design work.

        We have earned our strong position in the industry by innovative technology in multi-megawatt platforms. Serial deliveries of multi-megawatt products since 2004 have shown successful lifecycle performance ever since. We have a wide offering and can tailor our MMW products with several variants, according to our customers' needs.

        Key Product Benefits
        • High power density.
        • Leading solution provider of its power class.
        • Field-proven products with excellent track record.
        • Superior technology with ten-year delivery history.
      • Onshore Wind - Megawatt Class

      • Superior gear platforms based on 35 years of history

        A mainstream power class needs well proven drivetrain solutions. For this power class, we can offer a superior MW gearbox platform based on our long kW class heritage, combined with the latest innovation. This robust combination guarantees unbeatable reliability, providing trouble free production of your wind turbine.

        We also offer a wide range of replacement gearboxes in both MW and kW classes.

        Key Product Benefits
        • Wide variety in serial volumes.
        • Well proven platforms for most wind turbines.
        • Reliability is based on field experience and a wide installed base with excellent track record.
        • Flexible solutions for all wind classes.
      • Onshore Wind - Kilowatt Class

      • Classics still in production & operation.

        Our huge track record tells its own story about uncompromising reliability. When we say field-proven, we usually mean decades - we have been developing kilowatt class gear technology since early 80´s.

        These classics are still in production, updated with the latest technology, operating in thousands of nacelles around the world and available as quality replacement gearboxes.

        Key Product Benefits
        • Field-proven
        • A classic still in production
        • Wide installed base
        • Comprehensive service and replacements available
      • Offshore Wind

      • Offshore requires optimum reliability and ease of maintenance.

        In developing offshore wind turbine gears, we do not only cut the cost of energy by reducing the capital cost and weight of the drivetrain, but also minimize the lifetime cost of machinery by improved performance and maintenance made easy.

        Key Benefits
        • High-grade materials and innovative technology
        • Case hardened ring wheel
        • Enables low O&M Costs
        • Remote diagnostics system CMaS guarantees O&M peace of mind.
      • FusionDrive 3-10

      • The industry’s smallest and most light-weight gear and generator combination.

        Moventas has combined its 100% proven gearbox with the medium-speed permanent magnet generator (PMG) of The Switch, a leading supplier of megawatt-class permanent magnet generator and full-power converter packages. The result is a solution that offers high availability, compact size and lowest weight: the FusionDrive®.

        FusionDrive reduces CoE of wind power by 6%, offering 20-25% to grid parity thanks to its features, such as up-tower serviceability.
        Minimize total life cycle cost & boost annual energy production

        The FusionDrive has no slip-rings and no rotor windings. It has low cogging torque and no bearing currents. Its medium speed bearings have no smearing risk. Total amount of bearings is low, as no high speed bearings or generator bearings are needed. A common lubricant oil space provides controlled environment for force transferring rolling components. Gear stages and generator are perfectly aligned. No extra bearing forces or induced vibration appear. FusionDrive also has efficient air cooling system inside the generator.

        FusionDrive® requires minimal maintenance. Right from the beginning, FusionDrive® has been designed with easy serviceability in mind — FusionDrive can be completely maintained without an external crane. The gear and generator can be split, and all components are changeable in the nacelle. Small size, simplified turbine and great serviceability together bring down total lifecycle costs.
      • Tidal & Wave

      • Combining our ideal wind and marine background into innovation.

        With over 70 years of experience in industrial and marine gear applications and with a further 35 in wind turbine gearbox manufacture it is no surprise that Moventas is working closely with marine tidal turbine OEMs. What many people don't know is that the first gearbox we ever delivered in 1940's was a small tidal turbine gearbox that is still in operation today in eastern Finland.

        Our open and innovative approach to customer needs combined with our pro-active R&D philosophy sets us apart from the competition. Our attention to detail, quality and serviceability is well known throughout industry as is our total lifecycle support services.

        We design custom made tidal gearboxes according to customer needs, representing the Moventas quality and reliability that's well known in the wind industry and emphasizing easy serviceability and lifecycle care.
      • Advantages

      • Lowering the cost of new energy with innovation

        Power Density

        In the constant pursuit of reducing the overall weight of the wind turbine mass, Moventas' engineers have discovered an innovative power / density concept based on proven designs. By designing it compact and extremely lightweight, our state-of-the-art gearbox provides a significant reduction of tower head mass. The need for drivetrain space in the axial direction is equally reduced by the power density concept. All reaction forces can be transmitted to the nacelle structure in an optimal way. The concept also ensures that there is no need for separate support structures for the generator.

        Torque density is used to measure gear performance. It states the level of torque one kilogram of material, used for gear unit, can carry. Lowering the mass influences also to gear dimension, so density correlates with mass. Moventas' expert gear design skills and application know-how with improved materials allow higher gear torque density for new gear unit designs.

        Noise & Vibration

        Moventas has successfully reduced the noise level of its gearboxes by improving tooth accuracy and choosing the optimal geometry and profile. Theoretical evaluation as well as on-site testing is used to eliminate any harmful resonance sounds of the structural elements. To achieve noiseless wind power, the gear unit must not vibrate. Therefore, our gear units are especially designed to prevent vibrations from passing through the gearbox fixing points to the foundation of the wind power plant.


        The Moventas product portfolio is the result of proven technology including modular components for all drivetrain solutions. Moventas planetary gear consists of our special knowhow of e.g. integrated bearings, case hardened ring wheels and Flexspider technology. Our product concepts are based on approved methods of regulatory agencies.

        All the gear units are verified by tests and measurements. Moventas has vast experience from prototype testing and qualification. During the last decade we have performed over one hundred modern wind turbine gear prototype test in MW class alone. Typically prototype gear units go through lifecycle and cold climate chamber tests. We also use virtual prototype environment to define drivetrain dynamics.
    • Service

        • Replacement Gearboxes

        • Moventas offers a comprehensive Gearbox Pool & Exchange Service for specific wind industry needs, operating close to our customers. In many cases, replacement gearboxes are on your site within days. Moventas also stores gearboxes fully accessorized, thus minimizing turbine downtime and exchange costs. As the damaged gearbox is removed, the new gearbox is installed using the same crane and service team. We also accept and service gearboxes of other manufacturers. Moventas has successfully reverse engineered, repaired, overhauled, upgraded and supplied many popular gearboxes from other manufacturers.

          The benefits are clear.

          Instant access to a new or refurbished gearbox.
          Reduced downtime due to prolonged delivery.
          Crane and service team only required for one site visit.
          Single source supply and reduced risk from old damaged or contaminated accessories.
        • Spare Parts

        • Genuine Moventas Spare Parts are of the highest quality and represent true value for money.

          Moventas spare parts and accessories are designed for uncompromising reliability. We use only the highest quality materials, and our state-of-the-art production facilities and advanced production and hardening techniques ensure minimal wear and maximize the longevity of the internal parts, thus reducing downtime.

          The choice of spare parts and spare parts suppliers are understandably influenced by financial considerations. In this context spare parts from the OEM are sometimes perceived as the expensive option. We can deliver spare parts to any Moventas gearbox, no matter when it was manufactured. Spare parts offering includes parts from single seals or bearings to complete internal gear wheel packages and external accessories like clutches, couplings, filter, coolers etc.
        • Factory Service

        • Decades of experience

          Moventas factory repair, overhaul and upgrade service processes are tried and tested with over 70 years of experience and evolution behind them. From incoming inspection of the gearbox and its component parts, refurbishment or replacement of key components, through to load testing, final assembly and return to the customer. The same processes are also applied to accessories and other associated drive-train components.

          Any gearbox received by Moventas will be fully assessed and options for repair, overhaul and/or upgrade to the latest state of the art are relayed to the customer. Upon the instruction of the customer we carry out the work requested. At all Moventas Factory sites and at selected service centres testing of the repaired gear is carried out as standard practice.
        • Upgrades

        • Every gearbox we service is better than when it was new.

          An upgrade is a cost-efficient way of extending the lifetime of older gearbox fleets. We perform upgrades on Moventas and non-Moventas gearbox models on Acciona, Bonus, DeWind, Gamesa, Nordex, PowerWind, RRB, RePower (Senvion), Siemens, Vestas and WinWind turbines.
        • Field Service

        • We offer services tailored to customer specific requirements to improve wind gearbox performance. Our trained engineers and technicians are able to travel where ever needed to provide vast services on your gearboxes. We have been agile in developing new services and methods based on decades of expertise in the wind service business, based on our 35 years of experience in wind gearbox manufacturing.

          We perform top-quality up-tower service for both Moventas and competitor models, which is a major saving for O&Ms and hence makes wind power even more competitive than before.
        • CMaS Condition Management System

        • Moventas' CMaS has been developed to monitor how the gearbox and other drivetrain components in are performing, 24/7. Even more importantly, it anticipates possible upcoming failures, responding by providing you with timely updates and alerting maintenance crews.

          CMaS can do all this for one or thousands of units spread over a wide geographical area, increasing cost efficiency significantly. For end-users, it guarantees the continuity of their energy yield. For energy utilities, it transforms conventional maintenance into smart, proactive maintenance and longer, more trouble-free operations. For turbine and system suppliers, it provides a new, value-added dimension to their product offering. For industrial gear applications, the Moventas CMaS can handle a large number of different parameters from multiple measurable locations.
        • Service Agreements

        • Maximum availability & minimum downtime with our full-scope deals.

          To ensure that you can get the best out of your production machinery over the long term calls for a long-term approach to maintenance and service. This means thinking proactively across production processes’ entire lifecycle – knowing how to plan service programs and when to carry out maintenance, when to upgrade and modernize, and when to replace parts before they fail. This way, you can always stay one step ahead of any performance challenges and enjoy trouble-free operations.