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  • Offer Profile
  • Nadella was founded, with the name of Nadella Cuscinetti S.p.A., in 1963 as the Italian branch of a French manufacturer of needle bearings.

    The traditional commercial activity of Nadella consisted in sale of needle bearings produced in French, after that new interesting lines of products were developed. These products are mainly linear guide systems, linear actuators, adjusting nuts and angle gear boxes. Design and production of linear guide systems are not only oriented to standard products, but also to custom solutions for specific customer applications.
Product Portfolio
  • Linear and Motion Solutions

    • Linear Guide Systems

    • Nadella is specialised in the design and production of linear guide rail and rollers, divided into heavy and light load families, suitable for all applications where high speed and low noise are required and the operating environment is very aggressive.
      Our rails can be supplied with a single length of 6 meters, can be cut and drilled according to the customers’ needs and can be jointed together.
      The main application fields of Nadella’s linear guide systems are the following:
      • Robotic, handler and pick & place systems
      • Packaging
      • Machine Tools
      • Wood Working Machines
      • Assembly Machines
      • Measure Instruments
      • Electro-medical Machines 8.
      • Print machines
    • Adjusting Nuts

    • The adjusting locking/unlocking nuts and rings are used whenever precision mechanisms require a precision clamping as well as a powerful and safe locking, but above all for adjusting and clamping all type of bearings. The original clamping system is constituted from a part of the threaded section of the adjusting nut or ring (threaded clamping spring). When tightening the hexagon grub screws clamping is applied with a very strong pressure onto the threaded spring which meshes perfectly into the corresponding threads of the shaft or spindle. The Nadella adjusting nuts and rings can be easily mounted, dismounted and reused without losing the precision features.
    • Telescopic-Line

    • Nadella telescopic slides are special ball bearing guides for high load rating. Two or more ball bearing mounted guide rails which can be drawn telescopic wise guarantee a high reliability. According to the requirements a combination of different manufactured parts are used. Load and extension proportions are the basic characteristics of the telescopic slides.

      The model line is made up of five types and three extension proportions: part extensions, full extensions, full extensions in Z-design, heavy duty extensions and over extensions.
    • Belt Actuators

    • Nadella’s linear modules are an integrated product. The aluminium extruded profile of high rigidity contains linear guidance and a belt drive system which allow high performance in any application, with a single module or in multi-axes configurations. The four available sizes (AXN 45 / 65 / 80 / 100) make use of our roller guide system (rollers of large dimensions with double ball cages, lubricated for life), and hardened and ground steel shafting pressed into the aluminium profile. For the drive system a toothed belt in polyurethane with steel tension cords rolls on two steel toothed pulleys located in the heads of the module. An integrated lubrication system, easily accessed on the carriage, facilitates lubricating the contact area between the rollers and the shafts. The roller guide system allows high speed motion (up to 10 m/s), at low noise levels. Nadella offers complete systems including connecting shafts, motor flanges, couplings, limit-switches, T-slot nuts, fasteners and connecting plates.
    • Needle Roller Bearings

    • Needle bearings are a standard element of a rotational motion system. Needle bearings are used in applications where high load capacity, high precision and small overall dimensions are required. Nadella offers a big range of needle bearings. The strength of Nadella’s production consists also in the ability of producing special items at a reasonable price. Every bearing contains the long experience acquired from Nadella through decades of design, production and application.
      • Needle bushes, full complement retained or with cage
      • Needle cages
      • Bearings with cage guided needles
      • Full complement needle bearings
      • Needle rollers - Rollers and cam followers
      • Thrust bearings with needles and with rollers
      • Combined bearings with needles (RAX)
      • Precision combined bearings with adjustable preload
      • Sealing rings