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  • Offer Profile
  • Nicolini & C is an industrial manufacturer of electric motors. For 35 years Nicolini & C has been producing electric motors under the direct supervision of the founder members, in the region of  Campagnola Emilia.

    Nicolini & C. produces both threephase and singlephase electric motors, self-breaking and explosion-proof electric motors and. more generally, electric motors for any type of use, from size IEC63 to size IEC200.
Product Portfolio
  • Motors

    • Threephase Motors

    • - available poles: 2(@3000RPM) - 8 (@750RPM)
      - output available  from 0.9 - 37 kW
    • Singlephase Motors

    • - available poles: 2 (@3000RPM) - 6 (@750RPM)
      - output available from 0.11 - 3 kW
    • Double Flange Motor

    • - available poles: 4 - 6
      - output available from  2.2 - 18.5 kW
  • The Company

    • Mission

    • Since the very beginning the working concept that has characterised the company has been aimed at satisfying the clients by providing a quality product and an efficient service. In addition to this, Nicolini & c. has always been aware of the need to constantly renew manufacturing technologies whilst at the same time adapting the product to suit current market trends.

      In addition to the consolidation of a nationally recognised leading position, Nicolini & C has acquired a prestigious clientele in the technologically advanced European markets and is directing its efforts towards intercontinental markets for which new ranges of products have been created in accordance with the technical requirements dictated by the standards in each single country.
    • Production

    • Nicolini & C. technicians collaborate with the specialists from the various client companies to offer over thirty years of experience in creating both electrical and mechanical solutions. Great attention is given to the quality of the components, the details of the mechanical processing and the precision of the electrical performances. To this purpose strict controls are performed on all goods that arrive and on all motors that leave.

      In the large warehouse of Campagnola Emilia's factory Nicolini & C. has the components for about 15.000 motors with various sizes and types. This allows to meet any delivery demand in a short time with the flexibility and the rapidity that users require today.