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  • Offer Profile
  • Vogel Antriebstechnik manufactures  high-quality gear boxes for industrial applications:

    Servo Spiral bevel gearboxes, spiral bevel gearboxes, servo planetary gearboxes,
    low backlash planetary gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, bevel helical gearboxes, phase shifter gearboxes, gearbox combinations, special gearbox productions and rack-wheels.

    On request, we deliver servo drives with motor and custom gearbox solutions.

Product Portfolio
  • Gearboxes

  • The world of the VOGEL Antriebstechnik moves with nominal Output torques between 10 Nm and 25000 Nm. Our range of standardized Solutions extends right from the classic machinery gearboxes. through compact technology for coaxial- and right-angle applications to our own high-precision servo products.

    Always in the Spotlight: Dynamic development of all existing series with the aim of realizing technologically and thus economically Optimum drives for our customers.

    • Spiral bevel gearboxes

    • Ratio:
      Nominal Output torque:
      10-8500 Nm
      • Universal application
      • Easy to install and suit
      • Designed with the machine in mind
      • Efficient and reliable
      • Available in different versions
    • Bevel helical gearboxes

    • Ratio:
      Nominal Output torque:
      100- 13000Nm
      • In eight sizes-universal
      • Easy to handle
      • Quiet running
      • High power density
      • Available in different types
    • Servo spiral bevel gearboxes

    • Ratio:
      Nominal Output torque:
      up to 150 Nm
      • For toughest demands in dynamics
      • Flexible
      • Robust and durable
      • For any Installation position due to a flexible lubrication System
    • Phase shifter boxes

    • Ratio:
      Nominal Output torque:
      50-2500 Nm
      • Unbeatable in the printing industry
      • Highest levels of reliability and precision
      • For maximum flexibility
      • As a combination with a spiral bevel stage
    • Low backlash planetary gearboxes

    • 3-100
      Nominal Output torque:
      50- 1000Nm
      • Universal application through a particularly compact, symmetrical design and an flexible motor connection
      • Makes less noise
      • For high acceleration torque
    • planetary gearboxes

    • 3-245
      Nominal Output torque:
      up to 25000 Nm
      • For higher torque requirements and with a compact shape
      • Compact drive technology for coaxial applications where especially high power densities are required
      • Smooth-running even at high speeds
  • Special Solutions

  • Whether you need smaller adjustments for a specific application on the basis of our product range or something completely individual. We will supply you with exactly the gearbox you are looking for: You need a special shaft? A special motor flange? Or an ATEX gearbox?
    That's how flexible we are. Together, we will look for a cost-optimized special solution which will match any of our series production in quality and efficiency.
    • Special spiral bevel gearboxes

    • Examples:
      • In stainless steel, e.g. for the food industry
      • With forced oil lubrication for printing machinery
      • For high-speed saw drives
    • Special solution for mobile drive technology

    • Examples:
      • Drive units for material handling vehicles
      • For Ventilator motors in passenger transport
      • For power transmissions to auxiliary drives in lorries
    • Special planetary gearboxes for high-speed applications

    • Examples:
      • In explosion proof design (ATEX) for use offshore
      • Drive units for agitators and blending technology
      • For high-dynamic applications in the high bay warehouse
    • Gearing technology

    • External gear cutting:
      • Spur or helical
      • Milled or ground
      Bevel gear cutting:
      • Spiral cut
      • Milled, lapped or ground
      Internal gear cutting:
      • Spur or helical