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  • Offer Profile
  • Founded in 1974, Kimco Magnetics is one of the original pioneers to commercialize products made with rare earth magnet materials.

    We have merged leading-edge capabilities and cost effective manufacturing know-how with highly personalized applications expertise. This combination has propelled BEI Kimco Magnetics into market dominance where we have remained a leading manufacturer of brushless DC motors and linear and rotary voice coil actuators for over 35 years.
Product Portfolio
  • Linear Voice Coil Actuators

  • BEI Kimco Voice Coil Actuators are ideally suited for such demanding applications as semiconductor equipment, defense systems and life-sustaining medical systems; Our voice coil actuators are direct drive, hysteresis-free, cog-free devices offering high-acceleration and “clean” technology. They deliver infinite position sensitivity, limited only by resolution of the feedback device. These units exhibit perfectly smooth force-versus stroke characteristics. New packaging and miniaturization capabilities offer the designer added flexibility without compromise. Units can be packaged for integrated assemblies including encoder, motor, switch or other functions to streamline operations and cost.
  • Rotary Voice Coil Actuators

  • The BEI Kimco Magnetics' RA models are used in many applications, ranging from Z axis control in semiconductor lead bonding equipment to gimbal torques and pick-and-place robotics. Actuators feature maximum stroke of +/- 60 degrees, maximum torque of 20nm, through hole and set screw hole for easy shaft coupling and two through holes for field assembly mounting. Choices include arc-segment and cylindrical designs.
  • Smart Voice Coil Actuators

      • LAS Series

      • BEI Kimco introduces its housed voice coil actuator (VCA) with an integrated position sensor. A smart voice coil actuator integrates a position feedback sensor for servo positioning or velocity control. It can be mounted into hand-held wands and used in reciprocal medical applications like skin-abrasion and tissue stimulation.

        This servo-ready device is compatible with several controllers. Users can control velocity, position, force, reciprocation, and acceleration in applications such as valve control, beam steering, clamping, and servo-control of the X, Y, and Z axis.
  • Brush DC Motors

  • Brushless DC Motors

  • BEI Kimco manufactures a comprehensive line of fractional horsepower brushless DC Motors that are currently manufactured in sizes from 1.1" to 9.0" diameter capable of operating at speeds in excess of 70K RPM.

    BEI Kimco has developed brushless DC motors to operate virtually noise-free, ideal for user confidence in quiet operating systems and patient care applications.

    At BEI Kimco Magnetics, we integrate our expertise with customer requirements in motion control devices. Our motors fit into a variety applications ranging from factory automation, to low-bandwidth torquers, gimbal drives, robotics and other stabilized platform applications. It means faster, quieter, more reliable devices for semiconductor and medical equipment where throughput and life itself are critical to success. We remain deeply committed to solving your application challenges through technological innovation. Think of the possibilities...
  • BLDC Motor Controllers

  • - Compact Size
    - 12-32 VDC Input
    - 5 & 10 Amp Current
    - Start, Stop, & Reverse
    - Brake
    - Speed Control