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  • Energy Conversion is our Domain.
    Quality is Our Stock-in-Trade.

    PCS has over 140 years of experience in manufacturing power converters and electrical equipment. Our experts keep anything moving, from railroads to race cars. Now we are bringing our technological momentum to wind power: featuring quality, highest reliability, and efficient power converters. We harness the power that powers you.
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  • A Company in Motion:
    PCS Power Converter Solutions.

    Power converters keep things moving in the area of energy, industry and transportation. PCS - short for PCS Power Converter Solutions GmbH - is a maker of power converters and electric equipment for wind turbines, industrial applications, rail vehicles, as well as test benches for motors and gears. Having the flexibility of a medium-sized company and the competence of a major industrial player, we add momentum to the business. We will gladly do the same for yours.
    • Experience Meets Curiosity

    • Since the 1920th, electric equipment for rail vehicles has been developed, tested and manufactured in Berlin. Since 1998, we have used our competences to test motors and gears on highly dynamic test benches. Since 2005, we have developed and produced power converters for the wind power industry. Having renamed ourselves PCS in 2008, we do everything we can to bring a fresh breeze into the energy debate.
    • Perspective through Competence

    • As a former Bombardier Transportation member company, rail engineering is second nature to PCS. With a staff of about 220 professionals, PCS avails itself of the engineering, manufacturing and project-management competence of many decades. This enables us to maintain the long-term perspective it takes to provide top technology to the growth markets of the future.
    • Four Attractive Business Areas

    • Wind turbines call for a new generation of power converters - and PCS is there to provide it. The industry requires highly specific power converters and test benches, especially for motors and gears - PCS produces and services them. Railways are experiencing a global renaissance as an environmentally friendly means of transportation - using electric components made by PCS.
    • Using Core Technologies to Drive Success

    • In the wind power area, PCS power converters provide the necessary grid stability. Our industrial power converters for testing motors and gears facilitate the development and production of efficient and durable drive concepts. Thus, it is hard to imagine anymore what the motor test benches in F1 racing would do without our components. For years, the German railways have been using static converters, control cabinets and electric equipment made by PCS.
  • PCS Green Line

  • PCS Green Line:
    Bringing a Fresh Breeze to Wind Energy.

    The centrepiece of any wind turbine is the power converter that converts the captured wind energy into electric power, and feeds it into the grid. The PCS Green Line is the systematic further development of our power converters to meet the specific requirements of generating power from wind energy: A modular product line with standardised design that redefines the parameters of reliability and flexibility. It also sets new standards in terms of expandability - for instance through parallel connections.
    The PCS Green Line full power converters ensure compliance with current and future grid compatibility requirements by providing grid support functions. Whether as a retrofit product (Green Line 1000) or in a system with matching generator and transformer (Green Line Systems) - PCS is the power conversion specialist for wind turbines.
    • PCS Green Line 1000:
      Power Converter for a stable grid.

    • Today's power converters need to ensure reliable wind turbine operation even when grids are exposed to strongly fluctuating frequencies or voltages. The international guidelines for grid feed-in and grid compatibility (grid codes) require the delivery of reactive power during the low voltage ride through (LVRT) situation which the Green Line 1000 can fully meet.

      Green Line 1000 will keep the system online during brief balanced grid faults of up to 15% or during unbalanced grid faults down to 0% of the grid voltage. During an unbalanced short circuit of two phases in the medium voltage range, Green Line 1000 uses the remaining phase to supply reactive current.

      The Green Line 1000 is available in two performance classes: for large wind turbines up to 2500 A and for smaller turbines up to 850 A. Since it operates for brief periods of time only, it requires no water or forced air cooling. Natural convection fully suffices to cool the system.
      Key characteristics
      • Feeds reactive current during voltage drops
      • Designed for integration into existing wind
      • turbines
      • High dynamic reactive current
      • Modular design enables customization
      • Certified product, alreay installed worldwide
      • Superior value-for-cost-ratio
    • PCS Green Line 1522: for Wind Turbines with Synchronous Generators.

    • The PCS Green Line 1522 was developed for wind turbines with synchronous generators - with or without gearbox. The generator can be operated with permanent or external excitation. This modular power converter of sturdy design and small footprint combines flexible deployment with powerful performance.

      PCS Green Line 1522 is constructed as four-quadrant IGBT power converter. As a full converter, it feeds the entire generator output into the grid. Using a brake chopper in the voltage link moreover provides the fault-ride-through capability demanded by grid operators.

      Key characteristics
      • For synchronous generators
      • For permanent or external excitation
      • Performance class 1,500 kW
      • Liquid cooling
      • Installation in nacelle or tower
      • Satisfies technical directives and grid connection requirements (e.g. those of E.ON)
    • PCS Green Line Systems:
      Three Custom Configurations.

    • PCS Green Line Systems represents preconfigured, proven, and thus particularly reliable combinations of power converters, transformers, and generators. At the moment, we put together and develop three configurations:

      PCS Green Line
      PCS Green Line
      PCS Green Line
      System composed of power converter + transformer System composed of power converter + generator System composed of power converter + transformer + generator

      From the user-friendly design, to the optimised control technology, and all the way to real and simulated runs, PCS Green Line Systems provides anything that state-of-the-art converters require to protect your investment as your one-stop shop - including complete project management and services.

  • PCS Yellow Line

  • PCS Yellow Line:
    Making the Most out of Sunshine.

    Our goal is to use specifically conceptualised converters to make the power conversion in solar power plants as efficient and reliable as PCS customers already know them to be in the industrial, rail, and wind energy sectors.

    Under the label PCS Yellow Line, we develop customised central power converters for solar array projects of any scale. If you are planning or operating a solar park, you will get a tailored solution on the basis of field-tested PCS technologies from us.

    We will also make our know-how available to interested cooperation partners in the solar industry to realise large-scale projects. We are looking forward to your inquiries, ideas and projects!
  • PCS Rail

  • PCS Rail:
    Onboard Power Supply Systems.

    Lightweight, reliable and small – PCS Rail develops and produces complete, individual power supplies for rail cars of all types. Whether commuter or long-distance, tram or high-speed train: in each PCS Rail solution, the specific requirements are implemented with the latest energy-efficient technology in a sophisticated overall design. Thanks to medium-frequency transmission methods, the weight and dimensions of the current conductors can be kept to an absolute minimum. This makes for easy technical integration into the vehicle – already nearly 10,000 times worldwide.

    Pre-Assembled Components.
    With a flexible design, we assist our customers with the development and production of high and low-voltage switching systems and switch cabinets, control panels, driver's consoles, etc.
    Here the customer decides to what extent he wants to profit from our 100 years of experience. The complete solution from a single source, from development to extensive service, is our specialty. Thanks to our strong partners, we reliably fulfil demands for local production. And this at a fair price. PCS has equipped more than 65,000 rail cars worldwide since 1945.
    • PCS Rail AU 500:
      Onboard power supply for commuter trains.

    • Light, compact and easy to maintain: PCS Rail AU 500 onboard power supplies are especially well-suited for use in trams, commuter trains and underground trains. They are among the lightest devices of their type and they distinguish themselves through their compact design, easy maintenance and low noise emissions. These systems are suitable for use in roof and underfloor applications at 750 V DC. All current converters include an emergency start device for starting up vehicles with discharged batteries. More than 3,500 onboard converters with integrated battery chargers are in use in commuter trains worldwide.

      Input voltage: 750 V DC
      AC Output power: 15 to 120 kVA
      Output power DC (24 up to 110 V): 7 to 15 kW
    • PCS Rail AU 1000:
      Onboard Power Supply for Regional and Long-Distance Trains.

    • Flexible, modular and custom-built: PCS Rail AU 1000 onboard power supplies are the ideal solution for long-distance trains – from double-decker cars to passenger cars to traction vehicles. Each system is configured individually and adapted to the specific requirements of our customers. Therefore, each AU 1000 solution in each rail car is actually custom-tailored. More than 3,500 onboard power supplies for regional and long-distance rail cars are currently in use worldwide.

      Input voltage: 1.000 V AC
                                1.500 V DC
                                1.500 V AC
                                3.000 V DC
      Output power AC: 3 to 65 kVA (can be combined)
      Output power DC (24 to 110 V): 7 to 15 kW
      (emergency power supply 3 kW)
    • PCS Rail CU:
      Stand-alone battery chargers.

    • Battery chargers with high output are especially in demand for high-speed trains. With its first platform for 25 kW power, PCS fulfills vehicle manufacturers' requirements admirably. More than 1,500 battery chargers will soon be in use worldwide.

      Input voltage: 400 V AC
      Output power DC: 25 kW
      Other: optionally with integrated battery power converter 15 kVA
    • PCS Rail AU 500 is the product series for commuter rail cars.
    • The PCS Rail AU 1000 product family is used in regional and long-distance rail cars.
    • PCS Rail CU stands for medium and high-output stand-alone battery chargers.
  • PCS Blue Line

  • PCS Blue Line:
    for Highly Dynamic Customers.

    Highly dynamic test bays form the backbone of industrial development. These ensure that systems withstand future stress, and work reliably. PCS Blue Line represents the high end in line power and propulsion converters - designed for highly dynamic motor and gear test benches, special applications and active grid compensation. The use of smart performance modules, the compact design, the minimal number of components, and the forced air and water cooling define our state-of-the-art technology. This explains why virtually all Formula 1 racing teams use PCS Blue Line power converters.
    • PCS Blue Line:
      Modules for Systems of any Dimension.

    • No test bay is like the next. Hence, PCS Blue Line is designed for maximum flexibility. Covering a spectrum of 100 kW to 6,000 kW, the individual components can be custom-fit for the respective deployment purpose. Any configuration is possible, from a compact, reliable test bench for combustion engines to a Formula 1 test bench with maximum dynamics.

      Motor test benches
      Common setup for testing combustion engines

      Gearbox test benches
      High-end control using two motor converters

      Formula-1 test stands
      Combustion pulse simulation
      plus race track simulation

      Transformer test benches
      For high voltage transformer
      test facilities
    • PCS Blue Line:
      Cutting-Edge Technology for many Areas.

    • PCS Blue Line permits simulating technological processes in their entirety. This helps to lower development costs substantially, and dramatically speeds up development times. Our engineers will handle the performance electronics and thermal design, and will create the software application, including the control of the line-side and motor converter for highly dynamic drives. We construct, test and prove each system on site - electrically, thermally, mechanically, and in terms of electric-magnetic compatibility. Naturally, you will get all-round service and user-friendly service software directly from PCS.

      Test Benches
      • Automotive industry
      • Engine, gearbox, hybrid test benches
      • Transformer and cable test benches
      Industrial applications
      • For especially high requirements
      • Individual customer requests can be
      • implemented
      Active grid compensation
      • Minimising the reactive current transmission
      • Optimising the grid voltage quality
      • Reactive current-, harmonic- and
        flicker compensation
    • PCS Blue Line in the Field: Four-Wheel Test Bench Used by Ford Group.

      • Ford uses a stationary converter system for the operation of highly dynamic, permanently excited synchronous motors for Volvo in Sweden, a Ford member company.
      • The system is used in gear and drive-train development for four-wheel drive passenger vehicles.
      • It electronically simulates the vehicle's behaviour on the road.
      • Four IGBT motor converters are used for the operation of four permanently excited synchronous motors.
      • A four-quadrant line-side converter on IGBT basis is used for quick energy exchange with the feeding grid.
      • The synchronous motors are coupled not to the wheels but to the drive train.
        The motor converter generates a high precise torque in the synchronous motors, ranging from 0 to 3.500 Nm at the drive trains.
  • PCS After Sales

  • PCS After Sales:
    as Unique as Your Company.

    Whether we are talking wind turbines, motor test benches, or rail vehicles: Each PCS solution may be combined with a comprehensive package of qualified servicing and support services. Personalised agreements will scale our services according to your needs - from the start-up all the way to 24/7-availability, from the procurement of spare parts to the organisation or a complete commissioning warehouse.
    • PCS After-Sales:
      Project Facilitation.

    • You are not on your own with our products. As early as the project phase, we will actively support you with bespoke service on the ground.

      The Services of this Department at a Glance:
      • Worldwide installation support and commissioningto secure agreed availabilit
      • Training your staff on your premises or in-house at PCS
      • Training your customers’ staff on their premises or in-house at PCS
      • Deploying on-site technicians to secure agreed availabilit
      • Developing and implementing an optimal spare parts concept
      • Performing repairs in-house at PCS or else on yours or your customers’ premises
      • Capturing field data as basis for product redevelopment
      • Evaluating repairs and identifying required spare parts
      • Modernizing and upgrading existing systems

    • Spare Parts Management: Keeping Everything Running at Your End.

    • The spare parts division is an essential component of PCS' after-sales concept. Having ready access to current and archived technical documents helps to secure the quality of spare parts in terms of "form, fit & function" for any system and component ever delivered or installed in ongoing projects. A strategically managed service warehouse ensures that all parts, especially high-risk parts, are always in stock. On top of that, PCS offer well-coordinated spare parts concepts that may be optimally tailored to meet the requirements of our customers in regard to "mean time between failure" and "time to repair.

      The Services of this Department at a Glance:

      • Compiling qualified quotes
      • Developing technical alternatives
      • Processing orders, tracking and coordinating shipments
      • Advising on inventory strategies, not least with a view to economic aspects
      • Devising and managing diverse warehousing concept (commissioning warehouse, optimal safety stock)
      • Direct customer communication, warranty management, and complaints processing
      • Managing electrical rail vehicle products made by FAGA Fahrzeugausrüstung Berlin
      • FAGA spare parts catalogue
    • Repair & Modernization.

    • Service Highlights at a Glance
      • Delivering as-new devices in shop quality, tested in the PCS test bay
      • Optional emergency repairs to ensure availability
      • Organizing and implementing design changes
      • Implementing extra function in conjunction with modernization measures
      • Coordinating all data required to ensure continuous quality assurance