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  • Offer Profile
  • Lika Electronic stands for encoders and position measuring systems. Since its inception in 1982, Lika Electronic develops and manufactures incremental and absolute, optical and magnetic, rotary and linear encoders, incremental & absolute sensors, linear and rotary incremental & absolute magnetic measurement systems, rotary actuators, displays, signal converters and encoder interfaces.

    Global presence, make us closer to the customer

    Lika Electronic operates all over the world providing a widespread and efficient global distribution network, offering unrivalled technical support and excellent customer service. At the present time the export share is approximately 60% of the turnover in more than 50 countries.


Product Portfolio
  • Rotary incremental encoders

  • Rotary incremental encoders are designed in a myriad of mechanical and electrical configurations to meet the needs of the most diverse industries: the range includes light and industrial, heavy-duty and stainless steel, programmable and redundant, ATEX and special application encoder models. Optical and magnetic versions available.
      • Rotary absolute encoders

      • Whether you need standard electrical interface encoders (SSI, BiSS, analogue, parallel, ...) or Ethernet/fieldbus interface encoders (Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, MODBUS TCP & RTU, CANopen, Profibus, ...), Lika provides multiple solutions suitable for the variety of industrial sectors. High resolution optical versions and general purpose magnetic versions available.
          • Bearingless and kit encoders

          • Lika Electronic develops and manufactures a wide range of in-stock and custom incremental and absolute encoders in either bearingless or kit configuration, they are expressly designed with minimum size for direct integration into motion control systems, motors, industrial robots and constricted spaces. Optical and magnetic versions available.
              • Heavy-duty & stainless steel encoders

              • Rugged construction and components, stainless steel enclosure, oversized bearings, special surface treatments, redundant and power circuits: heavy-duty encoders are designed to reliably operate under adverse climatic conditions and high stresses and to safely deal with critical tasks and harsh duty industrial applications. Optical and magnetic versions available.
                  • Linear incremental encoders

                  • Linear encoders boast great advantages. They are miniature and slim and can be easily encapsulated, the magnetic sensing technology is non-contact and virtually wear-free. They can achieve the highest IP ratings and are suitable to operate in the most critical conditions. Incremental range includes models for toothed profiles and racks and programmable versions.
                      • Linear absolute encoders

                      • SSI, BiSS and analogue linear encoders are more and more complemented by Ethernet and fieldbus models today. They can add a further incremental track for speed feedback in motor applications. Measuring length is up to 8.1 m / 319”, resolution is down to 1 µm. Minimum footprint, robustness, and high reliability are among their valuable strengths.
                          • Rotary actuators

                          • They are the all-in-one and cost-effective solution for flexible and efficient automatic size changeovers. BLDC motor, encoder, controller, and interface are all integrated in the single package. They are ideal to automate multi-axis systems and ensure quicker format adjustments, reduced downtime, and less waste materials. Available in four series with Profinet, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, Profibus, CANopen, and MODBUS interfaces.
                              • Draw-wire encoders

                              • Lika offers a comprehensive range of incremental and absolute draw-wire encoders with measuring lengths from 2 m / 78.74” up to 50 m / 164 ft. They are available in a full choice of incremental (programmable), electrical (SSI, analogue), Ethernet (Profinet, EtherCAT, POWERLINK), and fieldbus (CANopen, Profibus, DeviceNet) interfaces and provide resolutions down to 10 µm.
                                  • Displays & interfaces

                                  • They are designed to interface incremental and absolute encoders and translate their position information into linear or angular values (mm, inches, fractional inches, degrees). They can further convert, split, cross switch, scale, interpolate, and filter encoder signals according to needs. IFS10 is the safety monitor for encoder speed, standstill, and direction of motion in SIL3/PLe certified functional safety systems.
                                      • Couplings

                                      • Lika offers a comprehensive range of couplings to meet a variety of solid shaft installations: the range includes couplings specific for encoders and motors, flexible and rigid couplings, transmission couplings, electrically insulated couplings, couplings for special environments, etc. High variety of coupling types (Oldham, Rubber, Bellows, Disk...) and fixing options (setscrew, clamping, key and clamping + key) available.
                                          • Inclinometers

                                              • Lika LAB

                                              • Since its inception Lika Electronic has successfully developed custom encoders that make it easier for the customers to fit the right encoder into non-standard applications.
                                                Today Lika has the knowledge, the skill, and the expertise to satisfy specific design and engineering criteria while cutting off time-to-market and production time and cost. At the present time 56% of Lika's yearly turnover is generated by standard products while 44% is generated by custom products. More than 300 special and custom products are currently active in production.

                                                To support special projects and custom encoder products to be developed in close cooperation with our customers in a targeted manner, we formed Lika Lab.

                                                Lika Lab is the R&D business unit with a broad range of capabilities in design, prototype fabrication, and testing, focused on individual customer needs and rapidly evolving market requirements.

                                                Lika Lab is the special product division for:
                                                • adaptations on existing standard products;
                                                • additional features and/or specifications;
                                                • OEM / ODM businesses;
                                                • completely new designs for custom applications;
                                                • combinations of products/technologies;
                                                • integration of Lika parts into OEM assemblies.