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  • Offer Profile
  • Groschopp AG is a leading company in the field of electrical drive technology. Servo, commutator, induction or brushless are the methods and for the electrical motors from Groschopp the common denominator.

    The standard product program comprises numerous variations of the described motor types, combined with a wide variety of gear reducers and regulated by our own designed controllers. Skeleton- and housed motors for DC-, single phase- and three phase-current are designed for an output range of up to 7,5 kW and can be combined with worm-, spur wheel- and planetary gear reducers.
Product Portfolio
  • Motors

    • KE/KG/KH
      Commutator Motors

    • - Size from 44 up to 120
      - 4 up to 430 W
      - Optimised EMV
      - Insulation class F
      - Optimum efficiency
      - Robust
    • PM/PGK
      Permanent magnet DC Motors

    • Powerful, modular
      - Typesize from 40 up to 114
      - 24 up to 160 V DC
      - 4 up to 400 W
      - Strong magnets
      - Modular design with brake, encoder and gearbox
      Induction motors

    • Housed and skeleton, fan cooled or non ventilated

      Efficient, compact, robust

      - Optimum efficiency
      - Compact
      - 6 up to 700 W
      - Up to IP 54
      - Isolation class F
      - Skeleton- or housing motor
      - Energy-saving
      - Three-phase and Single-phase-motor
    • EGK/EE
      Brushless AC Motors

    • The brushless AC-Servomotors EGK Black Panther® in few words:
      - extremely high power density
      - high positioning accuracy
      - very high dynamics
      - torsion-rigid drive shaft (brake at drive-side)
      - IP 65
      - various positioning systems (resolver, optical positioning devices)
      - extremely good price/output ratio
      - B5-flange
      - compact built
      - basically suitable for Groschopp reducers and those of other manufacturer's
      - can be operated with both Groschopp servo-controllers and other servo-controllers
    • BGK/BE
      Brushless AC Motors

      Brushless AC-motors

      NR Economy-Servo
      Brushless AC-motors
  • Gearboxes

    • E/VE
      Single-worm gearboxes

    • Compact, variable, long-lasting

      - VE 31, VE 40
      - Modular
      - Up to 45 Nm
      - Low noise level
    • Z
      Wormwheel gearbox - double reduction

    • Ratio from i = 20 to 2250
      max. Output Torque:
      300 - 6000 Ncm
    • D
      Wormwheel gearbox - triple reduction

    • Ratio from i = 125 to 150000
      max. Output Torque:
      300 - 1000 Ncm
    • Z-Combi
      Combination worm/ spurwheel gearboxes

    • Ratio from i = 25 to 375
      max. Output Torque:
      2500 Ncm
    • SG
      Spurwheel gearboxes

    • High flexibility and smoothness

      - Typesizes from 20 up to 300
      - 2 up to 5 stages
      - Up to 30 Nm
      - Ratios from i = 1,24 up to 1024
      - Energy-efficient
  • Drive control systems

    • DIS-2
      Decentralised servo positioning controller

    • DIS 24/8
      Decentralised servo controller axial integrated

    • RBD-S
      4-Quadrants-Regulator for brushless AC-Motors

    • DIS-FB
      Decentralised fieldbus-servo-controller

  • Branches

    • Energy-Distribution

    • Appliances/Machines:
      Low-/, Medium- and High-Voltage Switches
      Vacuum Switches
      Step-Switches for Transformers Disconnectors
    • Chemical & Pharma

    • Appliances/Machines:
      Cutting Machines for Plastic Foam-mats
      Plants for Plastic Foam Production
      Testing equipment for Plastics
      Machines for Production of Extrusion Materials
      Rubber- and Plastic-Machinery
      Barrel- and Vessel-Pumps
      Dosage-Appliances for Production of Plastics
      Pumps for Building/Construction-Vehicles
      Dosage-Appliances for Sealing-Materials
      Compressors and Vacuum-Pumps
      Filling Plants/Racks
    • Medical Equipment

    • Appliances/Machines:
      Wheel Chairs
      Stirring Equipment for Laboratory
      Laboratory Mills
      Laboratory Shakers (Vibrating equipment)
      Measuring Equipment
      Testing Equipment
      Saws for Plaster of Paris
      De-scaling Equipment
      Dental Equipment
      Equipment for Pedicure
    • Foodstuffs-Industry

    • Appliances/Machines:
      Equipment for Grilling
      Equipment for curing / smoking
      Centrifuges for honey extraction
      Butcher's Shop-Machinery
      Animal Curry-Comb
      Baking Plant
      Coffee Mills
      Animal Shears
      Dosage Weighting Scales
      Train-Weighting Scales
      Weighting Scales for Foodstuffs-Packaging
    • Packing-Machinery

    • Appliances/Machines:
      Hauling Plants
      Conveyor Belts
      Apron (Cash-Register at check-outs)
      Transport Bands
    • Textile-Industry

    • Appliances/Machines:
      Textile-Testing Equipment
      Ironing Machines
      Positioning Machines
      Machines for Sewing- and Clothing-Industry
      Textile Machines
      Distaff- / Mandrel-Drives
      Cutting Machines for Cloths
      Cutting Machines for Concrete
      Edge-Milling Equipment (Carpets)
      Machines for Stone- / Rock-Tooling
      Machines for Mining-Industry