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  • Offer Profile
  • Wherever sophisticated drive technology is needed, motors can be found from the house Heidrive - from chicken-barbecue to complex robotics.
Product Portfolio
  • Motors

  • In the power range <4kW we offer you a wide range of servo and brushless DC motors, AC motors and AC induction motors, shaded pole motors and DC motors. We would be willing to adjust our standard engines to your application.
      • HeiMotion Dynamic

      • The new servomotors series
        The new servo motor series HeiMotion Dynamic is the answer to the increasing demand for highly dynamic servo motors. Moreover, the HMD motors are extremely robust and largely customizable. Thus the HMD series is a needs-based extension of the modular HeiMotion servo system.
      • HeiMotion Premium

      • The new servomotors series
        The new servomotor series "HeiMotion Premium" is a consistent further development of 2008th "HeiMotion Compact" series in regard of requirements on the European market. The AC servomotors are available in 5 different flange sizes and operate a power range from 50W to 3.75 kW.
      • HeiMotion Compact

      • Servomotors of 200 W - 3 KW
        Our "HeiMotion" program comprises a range of eight highly efficient servo motors and two families of servo controllers, best suited to go with the HeiMotion motors and well equipped with different functionalities. Depending on the customer's application, the motor can be picked from either the Low Inertia or the Middle Inertia series, each series offering a choice of 4 motor types.
      • EC motors

      • Motor range up to 300 W
        Our EC motors feature an extremely high life-span, are robust and maintenance-free since - apart from the bearing system - they do not dispose of any mechanical wear parts. The motors are highly efficient (up to a level of approx. 80%) and have an excellent power capability.
      • Three-phase motors

      • Up to 550 W
        Heidrive three-phase motors are asynchronous squirrel cage motors with delta or star connection. They are characterized by a high start torque which is considerable higher than the nominal torque. The three-phase motors run smoothly and quietly, are robust, maintenance-free and feature a long life-span.
      • Capacitor motors

      • Up to 550 W
        Regarding design and layout, our capacitor motors correspond to our three-phase motors. They are being used for operation at the single-phase mains supply. Operation of the motors requires a capacitor that is delivered unmounted together with the motor. To reduce the noise level, the motors dispose of 4 poles; on request, they can also be delivered with different pole numbers.
      • Shaded pole motors

      • Up to 30 W
        Heidrive shaded pole motors are asynchronous squirrelcage motors for connection to a single-phase accurrent. Their simple, robust and maintenance-free design makes them universally usable drive elements. Furthermore, they are characterized by excellent reliability, long operating life and no need for maintenance. Electronic speed control, motor brakes, gears and cooling vanes make shaded pole motors even more versatile.
    • Gears

    • Compact, quiet, maintenance-free, durable and fatigue resistant - our gears are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are designed for heavy duty use in engineering.
        • Planetary Gear

        • Direct mounting for servo drives
          As an extension of the servo motor series HeiMotion Premium, Heidrive offers planetary gears with direct mounting of 40mm up to 100mm. The modular flanges allow besides the standard combinations even to combine different motor and gearbox sizes to realize special requirements such as high radial loads or various mounting types on the machine.
        • Special gears

        • Flat gear
          Whenever an application requires both high torque and low speed, our newly developed flat gear F105 is the right choice. The main characteristic of this gear is a terminal box already integrated within the gear housing: this design allows a simple and fast connection of the operating capacitor. Due to its extremely compact size, F105 can even be used for applications offering only tiniest installation space.
        • Helical gears

        • Up to 100 Nm
          Configure your own, ideally tailored to your needs Gearmotor - our modular HeiDrive series makes it possible! In the field of helical gear are seven different gear sizes, a variety of translations and a selection of different types of motors and accessories available.
        • Helical bevel gears

        • Also in the area of helical bevel gears, our gear motor programme provides a variety of combinations. From three gear sizes and a wide range of standard combinations you can choose your perfect gear motor combination. Four motor designs and lots of accessories complete our product range.
        • Worm gear

        • Up to 20 Nm
          Our worm gear units are available in two sizes and are available with ratios between 1:7 and 1:100. They are filled with synthetic oil, closed and therefore maintenance-free. The worm gear on ball bearings and therefore permit high axial and radial forces.
        • Gear motors compact

        • For several years, our gear motor program is being complemented by Gearmotorprogramme Compact. These gears have been designed especially for applications requiring a protection class of IP40 or less. For these applications, our Compact range is a very cost-effective alternative choice to the well-known standard profile motors. Gear motor Compact comprises helical gears, helical bevel gears and worm gears.
        • Small gears

        • Up to 10 Nm
          Also in the field of small gears up to 10 Nm, our customers can choose their solution out of a broad range of helical gears (partially with electr. speed control) and worm gears. For the most part, they are being used in machines and apparatuses. They can be delivered in an open or closed design. Another advantage: the gears are maintenance-free.
      • Electronic Controls

      • The servo drives HCB, HCE and HCJ are the perfect extension for the Heidrive motors. All combinations of motors and servo drives are equipped with a CAN fieldbus interface with DSP402 standard and extensive digital and analog inputs and outputs. Optionally a Profibus interface can be added by refitting. In terms of encoders digital/analog Hall sensors, resolvers or sin/cos encoders with HIPERFACE┬«-interface can be used.
          • Servo drive HCB

          • 0,4 to 1 kW
            The new servo controller series HCB from Heidrive covers a range of 0.4 to 1 kW and assumes the most demanding control tasks. The special feature: the power is supplied by a multi-voltage input with active PFC.
          • Servo drive HCE

          • 4-Q drive controllers
            Our HeiControl servo-drive controllers type HCE are 4-Q drive controllers with a broad range of serial functions. They can be used for both synchronous and asynchronous motors. The integrated PLC function allows to solve demanding controlling tasks fast and cost-effective without any superordinated control.
          • Servo drive HCF

          • 4-Q-drive controller
            The regulator HCF offers a cost-effective DC 24V or 48V supply concept for use in the demanding world of automation. Its functionality it has of its "big brother", inherited the HCE. So the HCF also features positioning functionality at the highest level, and more robust mechanical concept.
          • Servo drive HCJ

          • 4-Q-drive controller
            The modular single axis servo controller HCJ combine the highest performance volume and extensive motion control functions in four compact sizes. The high variance of the field bus systems and the latest encoder interfaces, such as EnDat 2.2 and HIPERFACE-DSL are perfect for dynamic movements and rapid positioning.
          • HeiMotion Integrated

          • Decentralized drive technology
            With the servo motors of the new series HeiMotion Integrated we are extending our product range with decentralized drive technology. By integrating the servo controller in the motor, control cabinets can be dispensed with and the wiring effort can be reduced significantly.
          • 1-Q-control Integrated

          • Integrated electronics
            Our control "EC-Compact" EC-C) is an electronic 1-Q control for brushless DC motors. This control is extremely small and compact which allows its integration inside the terminal box. It can be used for Heidrive EC motors and servo drives.
          • 1-Q control 0,1 - 0,4 kW

          • 0,1 - 0,4 kW
            Our 1-Q control is a low-cost control for speed-controlled applications. Reference value input and operation are done via switch and potentiometer. It can be used with all EC motors with commutation sensors. If the adjusting range has to be enhanced, an additional encoder can be added. Parameterization is done via a serial PC interface.