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Company Profile

Paragon Yachts Oy was founded by Sakari Mattila, also known as the founder of the Scandinavias fastest growing brand, the Aquador Boats, later sold to Bella-Boats Oy in the autumn of 2000. Modern boat-building methods combined with traditional craftsmanship and experience ensures that the Paragon 25 is a boat of the highest quality while being good value-for-money. Manufactured to comply fully with the strictest Scandinavian safety norms and fitted with the IMCI CE certification plate. Paragon Yachts is a company within the Nimbus Group. Other brands included within the group include Nimbus Boats, Storebro, Ryds and Maxi Yachts. The Paragon philosophy The concept for Paragon has been a long dream awaiting its realisation for Sakari Mattila, the founder of Aquador Boats. A boat that delivers uncompromising driveability and comfort, combining fuel efficiency with a smooth ride, craftmanship and the feel of quality. We at Paragon Yachts are very proud to present the new Paragon 25. Its uncompromising performance combined with exceptional practicality and safety. Our philosophy has been to develop boats suitable for weekend cruises and safe commuting everywhere around the world, without compromising comfort and driveability. We are proud to say that we are manufacturing one of the northern Europe highest quality boat, for the connoisseurs. Though on the outside, soft and elegant on the inside. Our first ideas were inspired by the rugged search and rescue boats working to protect seafarers, and the capabilities of these craft to operate in extreme conditions. An essential property when lives are at stake. The Paragon 25 successfully combines this ability to cope with all kinds of weather and manoeuvre with precision and safety, while offering spacious and versatile solutions both inside and out. These are the key features of Paragon philosophy .