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  • ZEBEC Enjoy life.

    Fulfill your dream.

    Zebec Boats, which consist of around 150 boat models, all pass through an ISO system. Zebec brand boats are being exported via OEM to over 50 countries worldwide. Zebec's history has consisted of an endless pursuit of developing boats and related parts and accessories.
Product Portfolio
  • Transom Boats

    • Armada Rescue

    • Large 49 - 58 cm Tube Diameter, Super Tough, with the Safest Structure
      The Armada Rescue transom boats, which are the strongest and biggest group of boats, have been used by the military, for rescue, and commercially for many years. Recently this model has become popular with scuba divers, too. The main features of the Armada Rescue are its large tube diameters and its substantial load capacity, with room enough for 8 - 12 persons.

      Incredible Performance & Durability
      The strong, keeled, V - shape hull of these boats maximizes performance. Our 450AR can reach over 50 km / h with only a 40 hp outboard motor. And the top wear patches add a second layer of material on the top of the main tubes. This tough reinforcement enables you to enjoy long-lasting boating pleasure.

      Interchangeable Flooring System with Aluminum, Wood, or Plastic Floor

      The standard floor system of this series is a painted marine plywood floorboard. However, you can order an aluminum floorboard system as an option for your boat. And specifically, the SE420AR has a third option of plastic floorboard system. We have a wide variety of flooring systems for all models.
    • Armada

    • The Armada transom boat is the best model for leisure boating, with its high performance and easy maneuverability. The Armada is growing in popularity with fisherman and other water enthusiasts who want to enjoy a relaxing time on the water with their families. This model can tow a small water slide, and can be used for many other applications on the ocean, rivers or lakes.

      Excellent Stability and High Performance with less Horse Power
      The Armada was designed to easily handle 15-40 horse power outboard motor. You can have complete confidence in its strength, performance and reliability. This model has enough room to takes 5 - 8 persons on board very comfortably.

      Interchangeable Flooring System with Aluminum, Wood, or Plastic Floor

      The standard floor system of this series is a painted marine plywood floorboard. However, you can order an aluminum floorboard system as an option for your boat. And specifically, the SE380A has a third option of plastic floorboard system. We have a wide variety of flooring systems for all models.
    • Seabon

    • Mid-sized, Economically Priced, but still with Exceptional Performance
      The mid - sized Seabon model makes a great multi - purpose sport boat. An inflatable keel provides superb handling and permits the watercraft to easily reach planning speed using a smaller outboard motor ( less than 15 hp).

      Best Selling Design at more Affordable Price

      The wide beam and square bow configuration of the Seabon allow maximum interior space for passengers and equipments. This model has been our best seller for the past 25 years. The tube is designed for optimal buoyancy and provides stability and easy handling at an economical price.

      Interchangeable Flooring System with Aluminum, Wood, Plastic or Drop Stitch Floor
      You can install our high quality drop stitch floor in your Seabon as well as the other more traditional flooring systems. This floor is more convenient, easy to install, and a favorite among boat owners. The SE320S also has the option of a plastic floorboard system.
    • Neplus

    • Convenient and Easy to Use
      This model is so convenient and easy to use that you can often get on the water for exciting fun. The Neplus increases the enthusiasm for boating. Although the Neplus has no inflatable keel, it is stable and maneuverable. We are using the same 1000 denier high quality “Plastomer” boat fabric same as for our larger models. Furthermore, the practical price gives the satisfaction that you have received very good value for your money.

      Interchangeable Flooring System with Aluminum Roll - Up Slat, Plastic, or Drop Stitch Floor
      The Neplus comes standard with a wood roll - up floor. You may choose an aluminum roll - up floor for a small additional cost. As with the Seabon, you can install our high quality drop stitch floor in your Neplus, as well as the other more traditional floors. This floor is more convenient, easy to install, and a favorite among boat owners. The SE290N also has the option of a plastic floorboard system.
    • Yacht Tender

    • The Yacht Tender, with its new design, convenient features, and high quality materials is the best on the market. You will be proud to display this attractive tender on your yacht.

      ● No heavy wooden floorboards to assemble or decay.
      ● Our drop stitch inflatable floor, the latest in floor design, inflates easily and is firm to stand on.
      ● When deflated, it rolls up quickly for easy transport or storage.
      ● The inflatable keel makes it easier to steer when operating with a motor,
      and also easier to paddle.
    • Walker bay Odyssey

    • Obviously, the Odyssey is the best selling boat of the Walker Bay series. Its innovative design and revolutionary construction make the Odyssey perfect for customers looking for simplicity and the best performance from a stowable tender.

      The Odyssey offers a wide range of sizes and models, so you will find the right inflatable boat for your needs. With more room for people, a larger diameter tube, and ergonomic compartments, the Odyssey has many remarkable features.

      Get the Odyssey and enjoy the pleasure of boating for yourself wherever you go.
  • Rigid Hull Boats

    • ZCB Model

    • The ZCB RIB series ofv rigid inflatable boats are the most compact and economical boats produced in their category and size range (270cm to 560cm long). In this series you will find more competitive pricing and customized design.

      Its unique hull design and construction allow high performance and soft navigation, even in difficult sea conditions. Bringing together the performance of ZCB (RIB) series with the safety, each aspect having been carefully considered every factor which can? happen to passengers while on the water.

      We have designed the ZCB RIB series to be extremely versatile. They are suitable for a wide range of uses and can be outfitted from an extensive choice of options. If you are looking for a family boat, for open ocean transportation or for heading out on a great adventure, the ZCB RIB series has the perfect boat for you.
    • Walker Bay Genesis

    • Do you want to experience the best combination of style, performance and functionality from your RIB boat? The Genesis is truly different in both design and construction from ordinary RIB boats.

      No other RIB boat has more features than the Genesis. Various accessories like the ergonomic seat, the integrated lid, and the large storage compartment with a removable tray set the Genesis apart. Innovatively designed, the Genesis offers more room for passengers and the V-shaped hull improves water flow and maneuverability at high speeds. The Genesis is truly something different from anything else on the water.
    • Walker Bay RID & Original

    • Do you want to enjoy sailing, rowing, and motoring all together? Experience these RID boats expertly engineered for perfect boating.

      Through the unique and highly efficient process of injection molds, these boats are made light weight, incredibly durable and essentially maintenance free. They also look great and perform magnificently on the water.

      With more built-in versatility, the larger space offers passengers comfortable seating with remarkable safety. You will see what a great value these RIB boats really are. No other boats offer more convenience and more quality choices.
  • White River Rafting Boats

    • White River Rafting Boats

    • You can choose your favorite boat floor system for River Rafts and Bugs
      We provide four different special floor systems for River Rafts and Bugs as described below. Bottom floor material is a 4000 denier polyester based material, coated with 1.8mm thickness. You have the option to order your favorite floor type and each is priced separately.

      ● Standard Floor(ST)
      This is not an inflated floor. Our super tough 1.8mm thick bottom material is stretched tightly to the side tubes and raised 5 - 7 cm (2”- 3”) for excellent tracking in any type of water. Our standard floors are made of 4000 denier material, and usually do not have drain holes.

      ● I - Beam Floor(IB)
      The I - Beam system is the traditional type of inflatable floor. Our 12cm (5”) thick I - Beam system is permanently installed on the bottom floor. We use a high quality Leafield air release valve in our
      I - Beam floors to protect them from over - inflation and high pressure caused by various circumstances.

      ● Air Bladder Floor(AB)
      The Air Bladder system is a highly advanced design which consists of a pocket with a zipped in bladder. The key to this system is an innovative inflatable air bladder made with poly - urethane coated nylon and inserted into the raft floor through the zipper opening. This inflatable air bladder is completely heat-welded, and can be easily replaced with a new one when needed.

      ● Drop Stitch Floor(DS)
      The Drop Stitch floor system is another option. Our special 15cm (6”) or 20cm(8”) thick drop stitch fabric can be made into a separate rigid inflatable floor and it can be inserted into the raft floor through the zipper opening. With the zipped-in construction, you can easily replace this floor when needed.
    • River Rafts

    • We are proud of our unique White Water Rafting Boats

      Our River Rafts are hand crafted and built tough with quadruple reinforced seams. We make the main tubes with 1000 denier 0.9mm thick, high quality fabric. They can also be made with 2000 denier 1.2mm thick special fabric. The bottoms are made from heavy - duty 1.8mm thick material using the double strength, full Panama method. In addition, the heavy - duty D - rings, full length side rub strakes, handles, and our own valves and glue bring special value to our River Rafts. Many years of experience and field testing enable us to manufacture these swift, stable designs with all of the above features.

      Our River Rafts have maximal space inside the boat and is fitted for comfortable usage of river guides and users, the unique design of our gradual bow and stern rise, along with a slightly raised floor for improved tracking. We are well known for their easy handling and maneuverability.
    • Bugs

    • The patented Bug Series is quick and responsive
      The Bugs are boats with a new concept. Looking down from the top, they look like a raft. Looking up from the bottom, they look like a cataraft with a high floor. We combined the best features of both the raft and the cataraft together in one boat, and the Bugs were created.

      The Bugs have the speed, maneuverability, and surfing performance of a cataraft, while at the same time providing the comfort, convenience, and splash protection of a raft. The Bugs are appropriate for experienced rafters for use on Class III - Class IV + rivers. The variety of sizes and the speed of the Bugs also makes them a dream for families or small groups to use on slower and milder rivers.

      We constructed the huge main tubes 26” in diameter, diminishing to 16” at the bow and stern, with a minimal number of seams. Then we mounted the heavy - duty, super tough, 4000 denier Standard Floor, 14” up from the bottom of the tubes, up in the middle of the Super Bugs.

      The Sport Bug(SPB14) - A Raft and a Transom sport boat combined
      The Sport Bug is great for lakes, calm or whitewater rivers, or any combination in one trip. The Sport Bug has up to three thwarts for paddling or it can be equipped with a row frame. Put a motor on this versatile craft and you have a sport boat. You can use it on a whitewater river through the rapids with the motor up, and then enjoy a power boat ride on the flat water. A 9.9 hp motor is the largest recommended for use on whitewater and with experienced rafters only. On lakes or flat water, a 20 hp motor provides excellent speed.
    • Catarafts

    • 9CF
      The 9’ Cat Fish is another line of fishing boats. We have included all the advancements in the cataraft and fishing boats in the Cat Fish, which can be used on both rivers and lakes. You may install the optional row frame seat. Enjoy any of our catarafts by outfitting them with one of our functional Row Frames.

      14CR, 16CR & 15 DCR
      These catarafts are designed to carry lots of cargo and also provide excellent stability and handling. On the top, the nearly flat surface from bow to stern gives maximum frame length and load capacity. On the bottom, a long water line combines with the curved bow and stern to provide top performance with heavy loads.
  • Kayaks

    • Regular Kayaks (PK & CK)

    • Inflatable Kayaks are world class quality bringing the pleasure of kayaking to many people around the globe. Our kayaks are made from high quality PVC material and are built with quadruple reinforced seams, providing maximum tear resistance and durability for the most challenging whitewater.

      For kayaking, touring and expeditions, Inflatable Kayaks are ideal to make any trip pleasurable and successful. When deflated and rolled up, these kayaks can be transported inside a vehicle or stored in a small area.

      Our Kayaks feature buckle - in thwarts. And Like our river rafts, these kayaks are available with the I-Beam floor, the Air Bladder floor, or the Drop Stitch floor as options.
    • Frame Kayaks

    • Newly developed Frame Kayaks deliver performance and portability in a cutting edge design. We used extremely durable materials and high - end components for these kayaks.

      From the beginning, the FK200 model has been our best selling kayak. We have expanded its production to one person and three person models to meet the various needs of our customers.

      Our Frame Kayaks provide expanded carrying capacity, ergonomic seats and more leg room. When you sit in one of our frame kayaks, you will see why we are so proud of the “Frame Kayaks” with their remarkable quality and varied functions.
    • Sea Eagle PaddleSki

    • The Paddle Ski is truly unique craft that can be used in many ways as a sailboat, motor boat, fishing boat, row boat, or paddling boat. These kayaks paddle or row faster and straighter because they are actually catamarans with kayak bows.

      They literally glide a long on their two pontoons - the center floor is 4” above the water (so drag from the floor is completely eliminated ). The two deep molded skegs under the inflatable pontoons make this paddling or rowing kayak track straighter and go faster even in high winds and choppy conditions. It is true open water kayaks on lakes, rivers, ponds, bays, or oceans.

      Recognized as one of the best steady-selling models, over 5,000 units of the Sea Eagle Paddle Ski, exclusively made by us, are currently being sold to the USA market.
    • Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak

    • If you are looking for an expedition quality kayak, rugged enough to go down class IV whitewater, large enough to hold 2 people and weeks of camping gear, and tough enough to be taken for months into the wilderness, look no further! Tougher, larger, and more rigid than other inflatable kayaks, the Explorer is made for the most demanding wilderness situations. It is quite simple the best inflatable kayak in the world.

      The Explorer Kayak can be piloted by one and easily accommodates two adventurers and tons of gear. With abeam of just over three feet wide, you get extreme stability. Two shock - absorbing inflatable seats (or optional high-back seats) are held rock- solid with nylon webbing that clips to six integrated D -rings. The Explorer Kayak comes complete and ready for action.

      The 4 super large drain valves, 2 each in the bow & stern, can be shut or left open. You can leave them open for self - bailing white water kayaking or shut them for dry open water paddling. Most inflatable kayaks do not have this very important feature.
    • Walker Bay Airis Kayak

    • The Airis Kayak is the lightest and most compact high pressure inflatable kayak in the world. The award winning Airis Kayak features the new drop stitch fabric based construction, creating rigidity not normally found in inflatable products. It is incredibly rigid and durable without the use of aluminum insert or other complicated frame parts and keeps the assembly quick and simple.

      The Airis kayak can be quickly rolled - up and stowed in the back pack in just seconds. It is super portable and simple to set - up by anyone wanting to enjoy exploring. The Airis Kayak is the perfect for your next expedition.

      ● Incredibly Rigid
      ● Lightweight & Compact
      ● Tracks Straight; Stable & Comfortable
    • Flash Kayak

    • The two models of the Flash Kayak are designed for a variety of uses as a recreational kayak on rivers, lakes, or on the ocean. The Flash is large enough to hold one (FL100) or two (FL200) paddlers and camping gear. Both models are very stable, even in whitewater. Unique self bailing feature allows the option to open several valves on each side for quick draining in whitewater or to close them for a drier ride while touring on a lake or flat water. Hull is made with 1000 denier super tough supported fabric, resulting in a high quality, durable kayak. New inflatable drop stitch floor construction creates a stiff, rigid floor not normally found in an inflatable, as well as being exceptionally sturdy and very lightweight. Newly developed zipper seats provide support and comfort to make your kayaking experience more enjoyable.

      ● Deluxe H3 valve: removable, replaceable, reliable and airtight
      ● Directional skeg: better tracking and easy paddling
      ● Comfortable footrests: enhanced stability while paddling
      ● Drain valves: easily open for fast draining in whitewater
      ● 1000 denier super tough supported fabric: superior strength and durability
      ● Inflatable drop stitch floor: creates a stiff, rigid and sturdy
      ● Attractive design: sharp looking, stable, and lightweight
    • Tango Kayak

    • he Tango TA200 is our most popular kayak. This is probably because it is light enough and short
      enough to be easily paddled and handled by one person, yet it is still large enough for two people
      and a lot of gear. It is very easy to inflate and deflate using our deluxe H3 valve that is removable, replaceable, reliable and airtight . The Tango TA200 tracks better and paddles faster when using our skeg. Because the bottom floor and bottom 1/3 of the side tubes are made with 1000 denier supported fabric , this kayak is as strong as other supported fabric kayaks. The Tango TA200 is designed and constructed for use in rough water, on lakes, rivers or the ocean.

      ● Deluxe H3 valve: removable, replaceable, reliable and airtight
      ● Directional skeg: better tracking and easy paddling
      ● V-shaped bottom floor: sharp looking and increased stability
      ● 1000 denier super tough supported fabric used on the bottom floor and bottom one third of the side tubes: strong enough to use in rough water
  • Waterpark Items

    • Water Bananas

    • Riding the Water Banana is the ultimate in family fun. All ages can enjoy the ride, since all you have to do is sit and hold on. Designed with large main tubes and side stabilizing pontoons, the Water Bananas are engineered for a safe and thrilling ride.

      You will not stop laughing as you rock and roll over the waves. Break away from the ordinary and have fun with the Water Banana during your next weekend outing.  All kinds of Water Bananas are constructed with super tough fabric to withstand commercial use.

      Single Tube Water Banana
      Our most economical, the single tube Water Banana has been used in resorts around the world. A great idea for your next family outing on the lake. Lots of fun for “big kids” as well as children.

      Double Tube Water Banana
      The double tube Water Banana were designed with the commercial resort operator in mind. This design of Water Banana pulls easier with less water resistance because of the gradual bow and stern rise. Large reinforced shackle-rings are located on both tubes.
    • Flyfish

    • The Flyfish was designed and developed completely through many years of trial and error. We are proud of the Flyfish and its reputation with customers around the world.

      During the professional Flyfish racing in Europe, FF200 and FF300 can fly 10 meters up in the air when pulled by a Jet Ski. The FF600 has become the most popular model with our European customers.

      The Flyfish is constructed with super tough fabric tube and the bottom is specially reinforced to withstand commercial use. Large reinforced shackle - rings are located on tubes.

      ● World - Wide patent
      ● New concept of water boat
    • Waterpark Systems

    • Various types of Waterpark Systems can be made by connecting trampolines, connection bars, air mattresses, water slides, etc. These Waterpark systems can be installed wherever you like, and can be moved and dismantled easily. Another strong point of these systems is the safety. Because these Waterpark systes are configured with only inflatable tubes, there are fewer possibilities of users being injured while playing on them.

      Our Waterpark systems are being sold in various Asian markets to waterparks, resorts, and seaside hotels. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers by virtue of the tough, durable construction and economical price. Furthermore, our Waterpark systems’ convenient design can be utilized in many leisure activities and outdoor sports.
    • waterpark Rafts

    • Our Waterpark Rafts are for serious fun and specially designed for both small and large water slides. All rafts are made by hot air welding machines and built with reinforced seams with comfortable floors. The floor is a PE foam inserted into the raft floor. With our line of Waterpark Rafts, you can now offer the excitement of a family ride at a reasonable price.

      Buy our heavy duty models ( stock numbers ending in “H”) and extend the life of your raft with extra tough handles and added protection against abrasion and punctures:

      ● 4000 denier bottom floor (standard floors are 1000 denier)
      ● Fully wrapped with second layer of material up to the side rub strake
      ● Seat belt strength handles
    • Waterpark Tubes

    • Our Waterpark tubes are manufactured with the highest quality materials and workmanship. We are pleased to serve as the supplier of tubes for your waterpark, and appreciate and value our relationship.

      We offer four different sized single tubes, two different sized multi - rider tubes. Since your customers come in a variety of heights, weights, and shapes, it is for you to determine which tubes to order. Therefore, we suggest that as you consider your tube selection, you consult with an experienced professional who can advice you as to the most appropriate tube size for use on your specific rides. While one tube may be appropriate in one type of flume, it may not be safe in another due to the configuration of the flume. It is also vitally important that you properly inflate the tubes before use, and discard those that can no longer be safely ridden because of missing or broken handles, holes or other imperfections.

      We shall continue to make the highest quality inflatable waterpark tubes. We hope you will continue to purchase from us. But, please do so only after you have made every effort to determine if our tubes can be used on your rides in a safe and responsible manner. Only you, as the park operator, can assume the responsibility in making those decisions.

      ● Material : K80/28G~30G, 0.75mm thickness 3np PVC

      ● Single Tube
      Extra strong gusset with double inside seam. Has two handles, tube is packed in poly bag.
      Handles at 10 and 2 o’clock position. (ZLG36MHP has mesh center.)
  • Other items

    • Sea Eagle FoldCat

    • Utilizing our new folding frame system, the FoldCat is an inflatable pontoon boat designed for fishing. Featuring up to rod holders, and standard swivel seats, the Fold Cat can get you to fishing place like shallow flats, narrow creeks, and lakes.

      Unique patented folding frame design: Most pontoon boats have a huge, metal frame with tons of parts. Our FoldCat features a unique, patented Folding Frame design that assembles in 5 -7 minutes.

      360˚ swivel seats: Plenty of back support and generous cushions put your in the lap of luxury on every fishing excursion. Allow you to cast in any direction. Anglers love this casting comfort.

      Full fabric floor: Our FoldCats have a full fabric floor so you have far more useable space than ordinary pontoon fishing boats. It also prevents your fishing gear from falling into the water.

      Large Inflatable Pontoons: FoldCats feature super - buoyant pontoons spaced widely apart. The wide beam gives them incredible stability as compared to a hard hull boat. Great for casting while standing.

      Rod Holders: These top - quality rod holders mount into pre - drilled holes on two benches. Each rod holder accepts all rods, lock-in ring holders rod safe and secure, rotates 360˚.
    • Sea Eagle SailCat

    • Sailing Made Simple: There never has been a sailboat to set up, simpler to sail or simpler to transport ! The Sea Eagle SailCat 14SC weighs an unbelievable 97 lbs. You don’t have to lug around a 200 or 300 lb. fiberglass sailboat and spend hours getting it ready for the season.

      Sailing Made Affordable: Perhaps the best feature of our SailCat is the price - The Sea Eagle SailCat costs a fraction of what other sailing catamarans cost. In fact most sailboats start at $3,500 and go up like a rocket from there. Now, for the first time, a family of 4 can enjoy a sailboat at a fraction of the cost of almost all others.

      Sailing Made Fun: This little boat really sails. In a 10 to 15 mile an hour breeze a family of 3 or 4 can go 4 to 7 knots. The incredibly simple rigging sets up in minutes and is easy for children to sail safely. But above all, the Sea Eagle SailCat is truly fun to sail.

      Best Uses & Who Chooses the SailCat SE14SC?

      ● Great for casual, first - time or family sailors who want to try out sailing or who sail infrequently or whoo therwise can’t justify the expense of an ordinary sailboat.
      ● Beginners and children who can hope to handle confidently and safely without years of practice and expensive sailing lessons.
      ● RV owners and apartment dwellers with little storage space for a sailboat.
      ● Summer home vacationers who want an easy to setup and transport sailboat for themselves & guests.
    • Walker Bay Airdock

    • Revolutionary designed Airdock provides you a durable, versatile stable platform that is suitable for a multitude of uses.

      Unlike a traditional wood dock, Airdock is compact, stowable and requires no maintenance other than simple cleaning. Also, it can be fasten to the stern of a yacht to expand boat deck or tied several other Airdocks to create a floating community.

      Even young children can inflate and deflate Airdock themselves with hand pump in few minutes. It is easy to pack away and stow in your boat, camper or cabin when not in use.

      The innovative Airdock has unlimited potential for family fun and on - water living. We believe our Airdock will quickly become an essential part of your summertime fun.
    • Fishing Boats

    • Fishing is part sport, part passion, and part just plain fun. Why don’t you enjoy fishing with one of our Fishing Boats? With them, you will find the ideal fishing boat that meets your need and in which you can enjoy the out of doors.

      Our Fishing boats have been field tested extensively on remote rivers ad lakes all over the world. They are designed for easy and convenient fishing. The low centered seat platform of 250WS and 265KO allows for effective kicking with fins to move the boat along.

      With our fishing boats, you will become dedicated to the art of fishing, and can go any place, anytime.
    • Inflatable Tents

    • Imagine an air tent which can be set up in just 10 minutes by simply turning on the switch on the pump. We have made this a reality.

      We created an Inflatable Tent that inflates by itself with just the touch of a switch. We retained the best technical features without the cumbersome rigid poles. Our customers are discovering that our Inflatable Tents are a most innovative product for a variety of outdoor applications.

      From a temporary hospital to a unique custom brand sampling booth, there are hundreds of uses for our Inflatable Tents. Increase your efficiency, and stop wasting your time and energy setting up ordinary tents. Our Inflatable Tents are the best solution or you and can be used anywhere and anytime.
    • Inflatable Fenders

    • Use large Inflatable Fenders to avoid possible damage to your boat from storms, wind, and waves.

      Our Inflatable Fenders are somewhat different from ordinary fenders. With 20 years of production experience in the industry of inflatable products, we provide our customers the best quality fenders at a reasonable price.

      Our Inflatable Fenders take only a few minutes to inflate and deflate. Stop worrying about damage - just place our Inflatable Fenders where they are easily accessible when docking or launching your boat.

      We make Inflatable Fenders with 1000 denier polyester based material, coated with 0.9mm thickness high quality fabric, and we can also make it with 2000 denier polyester based material, coated with 1.2mm thickness special fabric
    • Inflatable SUP Boards

    • We have designed a line of versatile Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards to be enjoyed by a variety of paddlers, from the amateur to the professional.

      Our SUP’s are constructed of the same high quality drop stitch fabric used for the Walker Bay Airis inflatable kayaks. This material has proven to have no pin hole leaks, no cracking, and no air bubbles on the surface. It is also UV resistant and unaffected by weather ( excesses of heat, cold or humidity), fuel, oil, sunlight, or everyday abrasion. Our Inflatable Paddleboards made from this material are extremely durable and maneuverable.

      Although rigid and stable on the water, each model of our Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards can be folded up for easy traveling. Deflated, it fits into a backpack, and is even small and light enough to carry on an airplane. Once you arrive at your destination, you can quickly inflate your SUP with the hand piston pump and be on the water in no time.

      ● Fun and fitness
      ● Paddling or fishing on calm water
      ● Exploring lakes and rivers
      ● Wave surfing
    • River Bugs

    • A small craft like a river tube has to be very mobile and agile to avoid obstacles in a rapid, that a bigger craft would handle, and the basic round river tube is too slow and clumsy to do this. Also the basic tube being as long as it is wide, tips over backwards or forwards in breaking waves and drops.

      These problems have been solved with the Riverbug design, making a very capable small craft. There are other improvements too, like all round protection for the body against rocks, a stowage compartment, and armchair type comfort.

      The Riverbug is the all purpose bug, and is stable and easy to use. It is the ideal bug for beginners and intermediates to use on a river, whether it is a float trip, or involves rapids. Experienced bug paddlers can run Grade Ⅲ river rapids in standard Riverbugs.

      ● Sunny Day Bug: A Bug is very easy to get into and out of on the water, so for those hot lazy drift trips a Bug cannot be beaten.
      ● Great for Learners: A Bug is a simple craft for beginners, and with instruction and guidance they can very quickly be running moderately hard rapids.
      ● Self Rescue: If capsized in a rapid, a Bug can be used like a body board to get to the bottom of the rapid, before getting back in.
      ● Big on small rivers: Don't bludgeon your way down those small rivers on a big raft or cataraft! Show some finesse and include a Riverbug in your choice of river craft.
      ● Easily Carried: Weighing 14 lbs. (7kg) they are great for walk in.