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  • Offer Profile
  • Best Quality
    We use only premium quality materials in every single Zebec item. Every component and accessory-stem to stern-is top grade.

    Best Value

    Zebec items always cost less than any other inflatable of comparable quality and features. And when ours cost more, you are getting significantly better features and performance.

    Best Performance
    Our items inflate tight and smooth as a drum-head. They have incredible buoyancy and glide through water practically priction-free.

    Best Business Advantage

    We always think about customer’s profits. Every possible effort will be made to insure the success of our business partners.
Product Portfolio

    • SUP Boards

      • Rafting Boats

        • Transom BoatsHOMETransom Boats

          • RIB

                • RIB

                • High quality parts: ZEBEC RIB is built with the best parts in the market made by the best Italian manufacturers and complies with CE regulations.

                  Standards: ZEBEC RIB is built accoriding to the requirments of the international standards ISO-6185 and European Directive for Recreational Crafts 94/25/EC, in addition to RINA certificate for some models.

                  Best fabric: ZEBEC RIB is built with the best inflatable boats fabric. VALMEX is our standard fabric for all RIB boats, made by Mehler texnologies from Germany.
            • Water FUN RIDE

              • Water Park Items

                • Walker Bay Asia

                  • Industrial Items

                  • Utilizing inflatable methods, we have researched and developed products to be applied to various industries. As embody the concepts of our customers, we have produced finished goods through the amending work after sample fabrications and products that variously ideas applied have been successfully generated. Applying the technology of inflatable in various filed such as special mattress, air tent, car seat, inflatable furniture, rescue bag, and system, we have launched new products every year.
                      • Rescue Slide

                        • Total weight: about 92kg
                        • Complete Inflation Time: about 3 minutes
                        • Berth: Two rescue boats can berth at the same time.
                        • Capacity: 100 people can slide. About 10 people ca stay waiting arear
                        • Pressure at the inflation pressure, and after 1hour, at least 95% air pressure can be maintained. Press Error can be occurred only in accordance with the environment temperature.
                      • Rescue System

                        • Total weight: 40 kg or less. It can be dropped directly from the ship or Helicopter.
                        • It can be rescued more than 10 people at the same time.
                        • Complete Inflation time: about 3 minutes
                        • Size: 5M over the implementation diameter
                        • 30 or more concurrent structures that can be custom manufactured.
                      • Tsunami Raft – developing with IDS Global Inc.

                        • Total weight: 59kg
                        • In the event of tsunamis and floods, 3 adult people can be boarded.
                        • Complete inflating time: about 2 minutes
                        • Size: 2mX1.45m
                        • Order can be customized and it is mobile and transported easily. Hotels, schools, government offices can allocate in many different places.
                      • Cow Matress

                        • The ONLY mattress to perform like sand, conforming and supporting the cow comfortably
                        • Maintains softness
                        • Supports and relieves pressure points
                        • Reduces hock sores
                        • Smooth surface means it is easy to clean Less bedding required
                        • Compatible with free stalls and tie stalls
                        • Designed to imitate pasture creating natural environment
                      • Paddle drive system

                        • Using bicycle drive moving continuously like a bicycle
                        • Simply constructed with only 5 moving parts (crankshaft, 2 tappets, 2axis with undersater sail)
                        • Underwater Sail has the fuction like a airplain wings.