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Company Profile

AlphaSat Communication GmbH is first and foremost a research and development company in the high-frequency and microwave engineering sectors, with the following specialities: · Communications engineering in the high-frequency and microwave range · Microwave sensor engineering · Object recognition engineering · Electronic security engineering With the establishment of the research and development company in 1993, a facility emerged whose central goal consists of the development of innovative technologies in the fields of radio transmission and reception engineering, as well as sensor engineering. In this connection, AlphaSat Communication GmbH has first-class scientific and co-operative relationships with relevant business and scientific facilities, both domestic and foreign. Close contractual relationships with innovative manufacturing and trading companies assure AlphaSat Communication GmbH the required interaction with the national and international satellite and communications markets on the one hand, and the marketing of research and development results on the other. In the sensor engineering sector, future-oriented projects in contactless material recognition and material analysis are being carried out for interdisciplinary applications. Through related project lines, the most up-to-date discoveries in both scientific and technical fields are working their way into innovative and market-related system and component solutions of remote and contactless sensor and object recognition engineering. The employees of AlphaSat Communication GmbH have at their disposal the confirmed competence and motivation of a successful scientific company, and as degree-holding or certified engineers and physicists, they represent the complementary specialised fields of the research and development facility. The technical equipment encompasses the relevant high frequency and microwave measuring techniques, including vectored network analysis up to 40 GHz.