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Tigé Boats

Company Profile

In 1991 Tigé was born. Its first model earned "Rookie of the Year" for its breakthrough slalom skiing performance (remember slalom?). Cobe Mikacich won the Silver Medal in the Wakeboard Worlds in 1995 and joined Tigé team as resident pro and riding consultant. Also in 1995, after years of development, Tigé introduced the TAPS-variable hull, revolutionizing the inboard and creating a sensation among the growing wakeboarding crowd. TAPS received U.S. patent and was soon called the "innovation of the Decade" by WaterSki magazine. In 1996 the Tigé 2200V was introduced to the wake-hungry masses. The first Tigé sport-V with its TAPS-sweet wakes became the new standard for riders throughout the world. Chris Bischoff joined Cobe and the Tigé team in 1996. Tigé launched the 21V Riders Edition in 1998, the first boat designed and built specifically for wakeboarding. Engineered from the hull up for optimum wake performance, the 21V Riders incorporated innovative features important to the rider's lifestyle. Tigé was named Wakeboard Boat of the Year for its popular 2200V after extensive on-water evaluation by top pro-riders. Conducted by L10 Magazine, this was the first year for the testing and award. Tigé was the official towboat of the first Wakeboard World Cup in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1999 Tigé earned second Wakeboard Boat of the Year designation for its 21V Riders Edition. The Tigé 2300V Limited joined the 21V Riders as the new riders ideal for precision pro wakes and lifestyle accommodation. Cobe and Bisch hit the road for the first cross-country Tigé bus tours, holding riding clinics and spreading the wakeboarding word to thousands across America. Also in 1999, Erik Ruck and Cathy Williams joined the Tigé team. Erik went on to win his first World Cup event. Cathy won the 2000 European Pro Tour. In 2000, Daniel Watkins joined the Tigé team and was ranked in world's top five. Tigé won Wakeboard Boat of the Year for the third time, this time wakeboard boat manufacturers evaluated and ranked their peers. The Tigé 2300V Limited takes the honors. In the same year, Tigé Road Show went global. Cobe went down under. Tigé Boats was named the Official Towboat for the 2000 World Wakeboard Championships in Montpeiler, France, one of five major wakeboard boat companies considered for the honor. In 2001 Tigé introduced the 22i Type R, the first direct-drive watersport boat designed specifically for wakeboarding. Tigé developed the 20v, inspiring innovation and performance. Pro Riders Keith Lyman and Wayne Mawer joined the Tigé team. True to the Tigé legacy, Pro Riders Erik Ruck and Daniel Watkins won big in world-class contests. Tigé was named 2002 Official World Wakeboard Championship Towboat - held in Sun City, South Africa. Tigé signed three-year agreement for sponsorship of the World Wakeboard Championships in 2001, 2002 & 2003.