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  • Offer Profile
  • Oceanco is one of the world’s finest yacht builders. With a yacht building facility in the Netherlands and a design and sales office
    in Monaco, our technically accomplished and distinctive yachts are built to standards that no other yacht builder exceeds. Unsurpassed Dutch engineering, specifications, craftsmen, quality controls; for Oceanco these are not aims, they are achievements.
    Our yachts are built with dedication and respect to the visions of both the owner and designer - a yacht for yachtsmen.
Product Portfolio
  • Yachts for Visionary Owners

  • Oceanco has a reputation for realizing the vision of owners. New clients have the confi dence of seeing some of the world’s most accomplished yachts built on time,
    budget and to exceptional standards. We embrace market trends but never let them constrain our innovation. Oceanco listens carefully to what our clients wish
    to achieve. With no preconceived ideas, our naval architects and project managers question everything, making sure that we fully understand every detail. Th e details
    make the diff erence. In an era where clients require ever-more sophisticated yachts built in the shortest time-span, Oceanco develop total custombuilt designs or provide remarkable levels of fl exibility in our pre-tested hulls. Either way, owners can concentrate on the practical pleasures of creating the spirit of the yacht, leaving the critical and complex design, engineering and construction issues to our skilled team of experts. Clear in our joint vision – what the owner wants and how we will achieve it – engineering, craftsmanship and materials are combined with meticulous precision.
  • The new generation - 2005 onwards

  • In 2005, Oceanco made the decision to create yachts for a very particular type of owner. Coded as the Y700 Series they were deliberately designed to be the ultimate in
    sophistication – technically, mechanically and aesthetically.

    The yachts, all in the 80 metre range, are the leading edge of yacht building technology within the practical considerations of time and budget. The build quality, attention to detail, control over materials and our peerless craftsmen, are the building blocks of a very special yacht programme. Extraordinary stability and sea-keeping is as a result of hulls that have been thoroughly studied, trialed and tested in the most extreme conditions. Leading naval architects and engineers have shaped these yachts to Oceanco standards – far beyond what is normal for the industry.
  • Y701 Amevi

  • Y702 Alfa Nero

  • Y703 Anastasia

  • Y704 Vibrant Curiosity

  • Y705 Sunrays

  • Y706 Seven Seas

  • Y707 and Y708

  • Our history - 1990 to 2005

  • Oceanco has been designing and building large, luxury, custom yachts since 1990. Unencumbered by history, we have forged our own standards – rules for the modern world where ideas, materials and demands change by the year let alone the decade.

    Oceanco doesn’t follow in the tradition of generations of ancient mariners and instead has been created, owned and run by yachtsmen and industrialists of the 21st Century. We are the only major yachtbuilder created since 1990 and the difference in attitude is that we see eye-to-eye with clients who, not surprisingly, are yachtsmen and industrialists of the 21st century.

    Sixteen of the finest custom yachts were delivered in our first fifteen years, three of them over 80 metres – an unprecedented feat at the time. All of these yachts are innovative and while winning awards and industry plaudits enhances our reputation, our greatest accolade is the pleasure given to owners. We are enormously proud that every yacht we have ever built is still in service and with a much higher market value than the original purchase price.
  • Lady Christina

  • Natita (ex Dilbar)

  • Pegasus (ex Alfa Four)

  • Lady Lola

  • Stargate