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Company Profile

Don Aronow forever changed powerboat racing ... so much so that today he's widely known as the "Godfather of the Powerboat Industry". In just a decade beginning in the last 1960's, Aronow transformed himself from en enthusiastic spectator to the dominant figure in powerboat racing. Cigarette®, the name of his original raceboat, was adopted as the company's name in 1970. Since then, Cigarette's boats have won respect worldwide for their legendary records of performance and quality. Under Aronow's leadership, the company's innovative designs set new standards for style, speed and luxury in powerboats. The tradition continues today. Quality, dependability and customer service remain second to none at Cigarette and are critical factors in its success. Aronow unveiled his 32' Cigarette, the namesake of today's Cigarette Racing Team®, in 1969 for the first powerboat race from Long Beach to Ensenada. History was made that day. Aronow's legendary boat carried him to eight international victories and speed records in three countries. According to local legend, "THE CIGARETTE" derived its name from the boat of a notorious rum-running hijacker who made the Atlantic his playground during Prohibition. The scoundrel was known, among the things, for his daring getaways in a speedboat that reached a then-unheard-of 50 miles per hour! Aronow admired the notoriety … and the speed. Don Aronow quickly became the most famous and most successful offshore powerboat builder and racer in the sport's history, and in the 1970 he formed Cigarette Racing Team to manufacture his winning designs. Following his retirement from racing, the new "28' OPEN", an open fishing model with a small forward cabin, became Cigarette Racing Team's® first production boat. The next edition was a sleeker, meaner, improved version of the original 32' Cigarette. These boats quickly became the most dominant line in powerboat racing industry. For almost two decades, Cigarette Racing Team grew under Aronow's direction and leadership. The company's world-famous customers included King Juan Carlos of Spain, the Crown Prince of Kuwait, President Nixon and Bush … even the U.S. Customs Service. Of course, offshore powerboat racing champions Rocky Aiokee, Roger Penske and Dr. Bob Magoon all raced in the legendary Aronow "Cigarette" as well. Cigarette boats were winning races long before today's competing manufacturers started in the business. Cigarettes won in each of the World Championships from 1969 through 1974, and then again in 1976. They also won in the Bahamas 500 races in 1969 and each year through the Devil's Triangle, became one of the most famous offshore contests of all time. More recently, Cigarette captured the 1998 SBI World Championship and the 1999 SBI National Championship, again breaking world records.