Company Profile

This year, ATR is celebrating its 10th anniversary. 10 years devoted to developing sailing in a great area for this activity : southern Brittany, on the Atlantic coast in France. ATR is based in la Trinité sur Mer, a small port town that is the Mecca of sailing in France. It is extremely well situated for many fabulous nearby sailing destinations : Belle Ile, the islands of Houat, Hoedic, Groix and Ile aux Moines in the Gulf of Morbihan. All year round, 7 dedicated professionals are ready to serve you at ATR. For certain events during the year, the work force can total as many as 20 people. Only the best skippers are chosen to lead ATR sailing programs, a group of competent sailors that work regularly with ATR. They are available to help you perfection your sailing skills and to ensure the safety of the outing.