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Boston Whaler

Company Profile

It started small. Just thirteen feet long. A boat that didn't look like any others at the 1958 Boston Boat Show. But that small boat had a very big impact. It was the beginning of a legend. Soon that first Boston Whaler - and more than seventy thousand just like it that followed - was everywhere. And tackling some big water no thirteen-footer could handle before. The legend grew. With stories about the boat that would support ten people even if it was filled with water. That would still float after taking 1000 rounds of automatic weapons fire. That could run when it was cut in half - as long as you've got the half with the engine. The stories were true. Unibond™ foam-filled construction makes the Whaler unsinkable. An amazing innovation then. One that's still exceptional today. A totally unsinkable boat. The innovation continued. Whaler pioneered the center console. An inverted chine system for a drier ride. Advanced hull shapes. The design evolved into everything from dinghies to big-muscled offshore fishing machines. And the legend kept growing. Kids everywhere spent their summers in a swimsuit and a Whaler. Fishermen relied on Whalers to take them out where the big ones hide. Parents counted on them to bring children back safe and sound. Families piled everyone, and everything you could imagine, into Whalers for fun on the water. You can still get a boat just like the one that started it all back in 1958. But today you can choose from many more, each one creating a new legend all its own