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Ruban Bleu

Company Profile

Ruban Bleu is Europe’s largest volume builder of Electric Launches. The diversity of their range means that they can supply boats for any type of operation from the smallest size (lakes of only a few acres) to larger areas, including rivers and canals. It is equally possible to mix the various models at one hire base to provide opportunities for different client groups. (e.g. different size groups, hire by the half- hour or by the day etc.) Ruban Bleu’s range includes the Blue Ribbon, the Ace, the Scoop, the Zelec and the Voguelec. In addition to Ruban Bleu’s technical production expertise, they have considerable experience in the boat hire business. Their subsidiary, Ruban Vert (Green Ribbon) operates 45 boats from 4 bases, and provides, on behalf of the City of Nantes, a passenger shuttle service throughout the year.