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Hydra-Sports Boats

Company Profile

Since 1973, Hydra-Sports have been making fiberglass fishing boats for people who are serious about what they do. That's why over the last three decades, they've developed a pretty simple philosophy about life. They believe in the boat. Above all else. Sure, it's fun to go fishing. And it's great to spend time with family and friends. But, in the end, for the people who really appreciate them, it all comes back to the boat. At Hydra-Sports, they don't build boats like other people build boats. And they don't build boats for people who don't care about how a boat is built. Manufactured in Sarasota, Florida at the Genmar Manufacturing Facility, they hand-laminate their hulls and finish them with a premium gelcoat. Pattern-cut bi-axial fabrics insure that the craft is better balanced for better handling. Meanwhile, their laminate also contains Kevlar reinforcement. They're not saying it'll stop bullets. But it makes for one tough boat. Vectors over 23 feet utilize an Integrated Structural Grid System. Constructed of fiberglass and filled with high-density foam, this system is stronger, quieter and more impervious to the ravages of saltwater than traditional wood stringers. Precision fit and bonded to the hull and deck, their system uses a methacrylate structural adhesive similar to the technology used on today's supersonic jet fighters and skyscrapers. Their composite transom is built into this system, insuring that torque loads are distributed more evenly. Other boat companies make their transoms absorb all that force. But not Hydra-Sports. They like to pay attention to the details. And that's why the hull and deck joint is completely bordered and fastened every six inches with stainless steel fasteners. As one more bonus, they've made sure the bilge area is easy to clean. It's completely finished with strategically placed drains. Every hose is steel reinforced for extra strength and double clamped for extra security. And every bronze thru-hull fitting is bonded and grounded to a sacrificial adnode, providing greater resistance to corrosion. An innovative Dynaplate grounding system supports every gadget imaginable, including the most advanced electronic instruments. But this brief description is only a taste of what makes their boats so unique. At Hydra-Sports, they know boats better than anyone else around. And as a division of Genmar, the largest manufacturer of boats in the world, they think that's saying quite a bit.