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Company Profile

Terhi boats are built in the small Finnish fishing village of Rymättylä, home to centuries of traditional sea-faring and boat building. While respecting the old ways, and utilizing modern technology,Terhi has built over 150,000 boats in the past 29 years. From the start, Terhi shared the goal of boat builders through the ages: to develop and manufacture safe, durable boats to meet the demands of the sea. As boat owners around the world have discovered, Terhi boats have a quality level and reliability that is hard to beat. With eleven models to choose from, there is a Terhi for every boating need, be it a quiet inland lake or the open sea. They have everything from sturdy row boats to fast, exciting outboard boats. Choose the one that suits your needs! You will be the happy owner of an outstanding boat that will maintain its value while offering years of service and enjoyment.