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Company Profile

Achilles manufacture their own Hypalon fabric in Japan. It is a four-layer fabric consisting an outside layer of Hypalon, an inner layer of scrim consisting of either Nylon or Polyester cloth, with two layers of Neoprene on the inside for air retention. They still overlap their seams a full inch, and tape the seams inside and out. This too, aids in air retention and overall durability of the finished product. Achilles still hand glues their boats, although it costs more, to ensure you of a high quality product. Achilles still manufactures’ their own valves, which have proven to have excellent air retention and durability. You can buy a valve today that will simply screw into any Achilles Sportboat manufactured in the past twenty-five years. Their oars are still the same as they have always been. Achilles pioneered the use of an oar system that uses a pin to lock it into place, as well as oar holders mounted on the tubes so the oars were always immediately accessible, while safely and conveniently stowed when not needed. Many of their customers feel their boats row better than any other inflatable. Their transoms are still attached by a two step process of a neoprene mold that is then taped for exceptional strength and durability. To put it simply, Achilles still manufactures an Inflatable they feel represents the Best Quality Inflatable available at an Affordable Price. Changes in the Achilles line come as a result of modifications for improvement based on feedback from their dealers and their customers. They make changes in their existing models for these reasons, as opposed to making changes for simply for the sake of change. A major improvement for this season was to change the tube diameter to 17" on their two most popular sizes of their LSI Series with their innovative Hypalon Drop-Stitch Floor, the LSI96 and the LSI104. They also added an improved teardrop rubbing strake on most of their models, which includes the LSI, SPD, SE, SGX, and SG Series. Both of these changes were made in an effort to keep you drier when riding in your Achilles. They had a lot of customers asking for a bow locker on the HB340, so this year the HB 340 has a bow locker. They also introduced a larger version of the LT2, their popular soft tail dinghy, the LT4. It has larger tubes, and can carry 4 persons and plenty of gear.