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Bubble Boats

Company Profile

Bubble Boats, builder of inflatable catamarans. Manufacturing twin hulled inflatable boats, for divers, fishermen, sportsmen and explorers. Quality boats at reasonable prices. This style of watercraft is also referred to as Catarafts. In the past catarafts have been used on the rivers and lakes of the world. Bubble Boats has redesigned these boats for the ocean. They have 2 air chambers in each hull on all boats 12 feet and larger. The main chamber is the full hull shape, and the safety chamber fills about 75% of the main chamber. This means that you have a hull within a hull. On a 20 inch diameter outer hull the inner hull is 16 inches in diameter and the same length as the outer hull. The hull shapes have been modified to allow these hulls to get up on plane easier with smaller horsepower outboard motors. Catarafts are very stable, highly maneuverable, and light weight inflatable boats. Bubble Boats have larger diameter hulls for greater load carrying capabilities. These catarafts can be rowed or outboard powered.