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Jefferson Yachts

Company Profile

The rushing wind playing in his hair. The cool water dancing on his face. The radiant sunlight smiling in the bright blue sky. He was submerged in the ultimate joy and excitement of his first boat ride. It didn't take much more than this to convince Leon Shaw that he was hopelessly addicted to life on the water. After toying around with his first love, a small runabout, Leon moved on to bigger and better things. In 1956 he designed and built a houseboat. Four years later, he and a high school chum founded Kentuckiana Yacht Sales. This was the humble beginning of the rich heritage and tradition that was lurking around the corner. Over 20 years later, saturated with wisdom and experience in the boating industry, Leon Shaw gave birth to Jefferson Yachts. The first vessel, an end result of painstaking attention to detail, luxury, performance, and affordability, proudly introduced herself to the world as the Jefferson 48 Cockpit Motor Yacht. All of the virtues and values incorporated into this premier craft in 1982 are still molded into every boat that Jefferson builds today. Over 350 yachts later, Leon insures this outstanding quality by still being directly involved in the design and manufacture of every Jefferson series yacht. From the first houseboat built back in 1956 to the marvelously manufactured International series of today, Leon Shaw has never lost his undying love for boating. Perhaps it is this admiration that has launched Jefferson Yachts to the top of the boating industry by creating boats with sleek styling, meticulous craftsmanship, and ultimate affordability!