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Company Profile

SILLINGER's expertise is characterized by the creation of an inflatable structure from Hypalon / Neoprene fabrics. SILLINGER's products cover several fields, and in particular: navigation: inflatable floats for semi-rigid and folding boats ; marine speleology: carrying objects to the surface; water sports: Skybus, Flyfish, buoys, rafts... protection: fenders for drawing alongside freighters and liners, towers for captive balloons, radar protection; storage of liquids: tanks for water and hydrocarbons, stored on land or at sea; portage: floating bridges, barges, rafts... sealing of flows: sealing of pipelines and other industrial pipelines; fishing: production of floating fish tanks; antipollution: specially designed floating barriers, effluent recovery system, floating tanks; Sillinger has a department available to study all professional and military requests. After studying each specification, it produces a proposal taking into account the best value for money. When supplied with drawings, or when their drawing office is involved from the design stage, Sillinger produces your prototypes or batch productions, using its unequalled expertise to ensure the complete air tightness of their products and bonding techniques guaranteeing the highest possible tensile strength and surface bonding strength.