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Company Profile

From his humble beginnings, Chris Smith's genius for boat design and craftsmanship created a legacy that endures in a name synonymous with superb boats: Chris-Craft. In 1874, the Smith brothers, Chris and Henry, build their first wooden boat and in 1884, they opened their first mass-production facility in Algonac, Michigan. In 1890, Smith Brothers Boat Builders introduce their first steam-powered boats, available from 25 to 40 feet and, in 1899, the first gasoline-powered recreational boats. In 1901, the company changed its name to Chris Smith & Company Boat Builders and Boat Livery. The Smith Ryan Boat & Engine Company is formed in 1910, focusing on building fast, economically priced runabout boats for mass-market distribution. Products debut New York and Chicago boat shows. Between 1914 and 1919, Chris Smith Boats win six consecutive Gold Cup racing awards. In 1922 Chris Smith & Sons Boat Company was formed in Algonac. In 1924, Chris*Craft became the standardized brand name, and by 1927, had become recognized as the world's largest builder of mahogany constructed recreational powerboats. Chris*Craft began building patrol boats, utility launches and rescue vessels for the United States Navy and Army in 1941. By 1950, Chris*Craft offered 139 different recreational powerboat models and in 1955, they manufacture their first fiberglass boat. Chris Smith & Sons Boat Company was sold to Shields & Company and National Automotive Fibers, Inc. and in 1962, the company was renamed Chris*Craft Industries, Incorporated. In 1971 Chris-Craft built their last mahogany boat - a 57-foot Constellation - which completed the transition to fiberglass products. In 1980, Chris*Craft boat manufacturing operations sold to George Dale Murray and in 1982, Murray buys Viking Boat Company renaming it Chris*Craft Sportdecks. In 1989, Outboard Marine Corporation purchases Chris*Craft Boats and in 1999, Chris*Craft brand celebrated its 125th anniversary.

Product Range

  • Classic power boat
  • Day-cruiser power boat
  • Performance power boat
  • Sport cruiser power boat