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Company Profile

In 1984, I began working for a very industrious man, James Gaffrig. Gaffrig was an ex-Chicago police officer with a talent for building quality, marine-capable speedometers and gauges, and the ambition to turn his talent into one of the most respected businesses in the boating industry. Gaffrig opened a shop in Chicago in 1984 and began manufacturing the best gauges in the trade. After bringing his gauges to the forefront of the industry, he began developing another dream, Gaffrig mufflers and silencers. For several years I worked closely with Gaffrig, building the business through dedication and quality craftsmanship surpassed by no one. Soon, like Gaffrig gauges, Gaffrig silencers and mufflers became leaders in the boating industry. At the request of our customers, we expanded the product line to include Gaffrig flame arrestors and throttle brackets. In 1992 my friend and mentor, James Gaffrig, passed away. For the next five years I continued to run the business with the same passion set forth by James Gaffrig. In 1997 I purchased Gaffrig Performance and have since moved the company to Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Gaffrig's commitment is to be the best manufacturer of boating accessories, providing the serious performance boater with unsurpassed quality, performance, innovation and service. I continuously research new product ideas, as well as ways to improve Gaffrig's current product line. But most importantly, I listen to the feedback of you, my customers. You are vital to the growth of this company and I encourage you to continue to challenge me with your input.