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Business Profile

The first Nimbus 26 was launched thirty years ago. When Pelle Pettersson took on the design, the general idea was to achieve a practical, comfortable and elegant boat. The same basic objective still applies to today\'s production, yet with a more dominant emphasis on safety. Nimbus 26 was the first motorboat to be approved by Sjöfartsverket (The Swedish National Maritime Administration) and to receive the coveted Blue Emblem. Since then their close collaboration with this authority has resulted in more than 5,000 boats bearing their emblem.
Skilled staff is essential in producing high quality boats. Building boats is not a rapidly acquired easy task - proper quality calls for vast experience. Many members of their staff have collected extensive expertise which dates back to the early 70\'s when the first Maxi and Nimbus boats were built. Nimbus also embraces the principle of building boats in long series, making it possible for them to develop the basics of the boat, while constantly absorbing the viewpoints of their customers and the experiences from their own research. At the same time their building teams in the factories have learnt throughout the years to continously improve the product of their labour.