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Company Profile

AIRE has been producing high performance inflatable Kayaks, Puma rafts, versatile cargo-hauling and high-speed catarafts for 12 years and looks forward to continued success as the No. 1-selling whitewater raft manufacturer in America. All AIRE inflatables are the product of an extensive design and field testing process. AIRE constantly strives to improve their line of inflatable boats by water-testing their products in the best proving grounds imaginable—the great state of Idaho, home to the Salmon, Selway, Lochsa, Clearwater, Payette, Owyhee, Bruneau and Snake rivers. AIRE’s owners and designers are expert Class 5 boaters that test their kayaks, catarafts and rafts in exciting, big-time whitewater. They test their sea kayaks in Alaska and the Caribbean. AIRE President Greg Ramp, who has been designing inflatables for over 15 years, uses the same CAD software to design AIRE's high-performance AIREcraft that’s used to design the hulls for sailboats competing in America’s Cup. This sophisticated software allows them to model the hydrodynamics of AIREcraft for world-class performance. AIRE's state-of-the-art computerized cutting table accurately trims fabric to a tolerance of 1/1000th of an inch, ensuring quality performance and minimizing wasted fabric. Their unique AIREcell system - a seperate airtight inner tube (AIREcell) with a highly puncture and wear resistant outer shell - makes their boats safe, durable and easy to repair. AIRE always aspires to improve their designs and make their boats even better. They support local and national river conservation groups to protect free-flowing rivers. They use environmentally friendly glue-free AIREcell construction. They create innovative designs that have and will continue to revolutionize the whitewater and inflatable boat industry.