Uchida Yoko

Company Profile

With a vision that includes corporate strategy and facilities management, Uchida Yoko shows the shape of an office as it is meant to be, carrying out total engineering to create environments that harmonize the information environment and the human environment. Working in partnership with all types of enterprises to meet the challenge of creating systems that allow people to make full use of their own creativity-this is the concept on which we base our operations. Based on this concept, Uchida Yoko manufactures and sells, and imports and exports office goods, especially equipment and appliances, educational materials and school equipment, computers, and other products. We also carry out the development and provision of various information processing technologies, as well as performing office research, design, planning, supervision, and installation.

Product Range

  • Conference furniture: Conference furnishing
  • Conference furniture: Conference table
  • Conference furniture: Meeting furnishing
  • Conference furniture: Meeting table
  • Freestanding furniture: Executive desking
  • Freestanding furniture: Executive furnishing
  • Freestanding furniture: Office desk
  • Freestanding furniture: Office tables
  • Furniture system: Office furniture system
  • Seating: Executive and managerial seating
  • Seating: Guest seating
  • Seating: Lounge seating
  • Seating: Office chair