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Nova Solutions

Company Profile

Since 1988, Nova Solutions, Inc., has been — and remains — one of the fastest growing manufacturers of technology solutions for eEnvironments™. We offer a comprehensive line of patented technology that allows users to make the most of their computer hardware and peripherals. Nova’s core product allows users to recess their computer and monitor beneath the work surface. Users view their monitors at a “Downward Gaze™” angle, through a tempered-glass viewport. This unique, patented design provides a variety of benefits that you can explore within the “Solutions” section of this website. Nova Today Today, the company sells its “solutions” worldwide through independent representatives. Its “solutions” and accessories are used in virtually every electronic environment imaginable, including offices, call centers, banks, hotels, medical facilities, airports, training companies, classrooms, kitchens, homes, and many other locations. Its design and flexibility truly reflects the ideal that Nova is “The Natural Solution for the eEnvironment.”™ Patent Information Nova currently holds various U.S. and foreign patents on its products and is strongly committed to enforcing them.

Product Range

  • Computer furniture: Computer desk
  • Conference furniture: Conference table
  • Freestanding furniture: Office desk
  • Freestanding furniture: Reception furniture
  • Freestanding furniture: Wood office furniture
  • Furniture system: Modular desk system
  • Furniture system: Office furniture system
  • Home office: Desk