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  • Offer Profile
  • We offer highly innovative and modular projection and presentation systems mounted on wall rails.
Product Portfolio
  • Wall rail, white Boards,projection boards flip-charts, mobile line partition, walls screens

    • The Rail

    • The o + c system integrates the wall into the working environment. With the unique rail as supporting element. A first class information carrier for white- and pinboards, for flipcharts and projection boards. Hang in, hang on, hang round. Rail and double rail, magnetic adaptor for metallic partition walls, magnetized strip and rail for magnets as a simple solution. The right o + c system rail for a functional unity.
    • The Boards

    • Inform, communicate, note. With the different o + c system boards.Whiteboards with steel enamelled surface, pin- and linen boards,chalk and cork boards, adhesive boards for an easy post up. Single and double sided boards. The security suspension prevents accidental dislocation of elements and cares about an absolute working reliability. o + c system - more space for more creativity.
    • The Projection Boards

    • Present, visualize, convince. Visually supported, your message will fit. Steel enamelled surface enabling to write on, fabric or melamine surfaces. Tilt and swivelling projection boards for an effectful presentation. Convince on two levels - due to the double rail, projection boards can be slided in front of other elements and will always be on an upper level.
      o + c system – the intelligent
      solution. Elegant and economic.
    • The Wall Organization

    • Space is needed to its optimum where only wall was. o + c system allows a functional use of the gained surface and put order with the lightness of the material aluminium. The range may be extended and accords to the need of the users. As wardrobe or to fix calendars or post-ers, for presentation and documentation or for the easy organization of a conference room. Just make your choice! The o + c system allows for each room an individual concept.
    • Exposition

    • Function and utility. Convinces by its subtle construction. Large castors for a simple and safe use. The brochure holder for the perfect presentation of your documents. Boards to be mounted either on the mobile stand or on the rail. The presentation stand is to be combined with different poles. o + c system - a program with system.
    • The Mobile Concept

    • Movable, on rolls, in each aspect mobile : projection- and multimedia table, projection screen, flipchart and lectern of o + c system follow you when- and wherever. Save on a 5-legged roller base, height adjustable by gas pressure cartridge. With 2 stop devices for more stability. Comfort that will pay.
      o + c system : aesthetical, practical, functional. In black/chrome, white or grey. Mobile presentation for professionals. Anywhere.