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  • Offer Profile
  • ROHDE & GRAHL – we design, produce and distribute office furniture that conforms to your optimal needs. Our aim is to realise a symbiosis of ergonomics and well-being.
Product Portfolio
  • New Products

      • vote®

      • Often just little things make the difference. With vote ROHDE & GRAHL now made a coup.
      • xenium® Individual

      • The xenium® sets up the necessary accents in everyday office life. All models are available as black edition.
      • CX 24/7

      • Innovative control center technology.
      • sand

      • „New Working“ by a flexible design concept.
      • ixo®

      • ixo: the everyman’s chair model enriches every workplace with its incisive upholstered look and convincing detail.
    • Seating

    • Ergonomics for every requirement.
        • Swivel chairs

            • vote®-shell

            • Design by Daniel Figueroa.
            • vote-twin-back®

            • Design by Daniel Figueroa.
            • vote®-frame

            • Design by Daniel Figueroa.
            • vote®-frame+

            • Design by Daniel Figueroa.
            • mono balance®

            • Movement means quality of life
            • duo-back balance®

            • Movement is quality of life.
            • xenium-freework®

            • Dynamic course of motions
            • xenium–duo back®

            • Split back rest, double comfort for your back
            • xenium®-basic

            • regeneration for your back
            • xenium®-classic

            • Backrest with plastic back cover upholstered in two colours
            • xenium®-net

            • backrest with net covering
            • xenium®-comfort

            • management swivel chair
              Comfort on top form associated with elegance
            • xenium®-conference

            • conference chair
              Exclusive comfort for meetings and conferences
            • alero®

            • Ergonomically perfect seating for everybody!
            • duo back ® 11+12

            • split backrest, double comfort for your back
            • mediTre

            • with 3 part backrest
              optimal support for your back
            • ixo®

            • The cross-over swivel chair for universal use

              The office chair for everyone

          • Special chairs

              • Arthrodesis chair

              • Split backrest, split seat
              • operator 24

              • 24-hour-comfort
                Comfortable and hard-wearing
              • rowas

              • cash desk chair
                ergonomically dynamic seating
              • flex

              • cash desk chair
                developed by leading ergonomists
              • Swivel chair PU

              • working swivel chair for laboratory and repair shop
              • Rotary stool PU

              • with height adjustment by pneumatic spring
            • Visitor chairs

              •  Desks and workstations

                  • xio®

                  • xio® is connecting.
                    xio® shows character, demands and brings forward creativity. xio® is connecting individuality with the characteristics of system-furniture. From single and double working places to bench solutions or conference tables. The broad spectrum of colours and patterns leaves freedom of design from back-office to high quality executive's office. The xio® desk-system, absolutely future-proof. Because of the intelligent stick-connectors the setup is changeable in the twinkling of an eye.
                  • xio® move

                  • xio® move - Dynamic working
                    The desk of today has almost everything: Flexible height adjustment and dynamic working at the push of the button – from sitting to standing and back to sitting in adaption to the current work situation. For better health, well-being and fitness. This ensures for satisfaction in the office. Modern technology makes it possible.
                  • xio® trendline

                  • Simple. Flexible. Functional.
                    When it comes to functionality and flexibility coupled with cost efficiency in the workplace, the xio® product range once again shows its best side.

                    The innovative and distinctively designed desk has only been on the market since spring 2014 but is has already set new standards. In the truest sense of the word. All settings of the xio® trendline can easily and conveniently be changed, even without tools.
                  • Series 2800

                  • Series 2800 meets all demands: The consistently modular construction turns this workstation into an all-rounder for each requirement. Your office receives a special look because of the sleek round tube frame and the floating worktop.

                    It is possible to swing the front leg backwards for linking, so creating more freedom and flexibility to adapt optimally and ergonomically the work environment to the differing requirements.
                  • f.i.t. 4 work®

                  • Lack of movement characterises our everyday life in the office
                    When considering the office furnishing there are lots of different factors because of the permanently changing world of work. In addition to ergonomic as basic requirement, atmosphere, well-being and health of every employee are more and more important. With the adaptable workstation f.i.t. 4 work® you can realise a world of work that provide for company’s and employees’ individual needs.
                  • xio® Team

                  • Teamwork made to measure.
                    Free and open. The bench system. A desk with a thousand options. The keyword “Open Space” receives a novel meaning: Space for many people or groups to solve a problem.
                    Space for ideas, space for communication.
                    Enjoy the freedom for individual design of the working environment by the use of the rail system and the wide range of accessories. Further flexibility by the use of quickly available fast connections with network interface.
                • Management and conference">Management and conference

                • First-class materials and timeless design.
                    • Reception

                    • Reception – the business card of your company
                      Individual like you!
                      The reception represents the corporate identity of a company – it sets a mark and shapes the first impression. The spacious situation of reception and the identity of the company require increasingly individual solutions.
                      Give a presentable and agreeable reception to your customers. Show and visualise the identity and culture of y individual reception area.
                      The functionally and shapely designed reception demonstrates the competence of your company and it personifies the philosophy.
                      The combination of first-class design and exclusive materials guarantee a positive representation.
                      • Pre-meeting with skilled consultants (MBA)
                      • Plannings according the new knowledge of ergonomics
                      • Visualisation with coloured CAD-designs
                      • Detailed individual planning will be scheduled according to company’s and employees’ needs
                      • Using standard elements from the serial production range
                      • Delivery and assembly by our professional Customer Service
                      Choice of materials: classic, technic, modern or first-class and elegant?
                      • Melamine finished surface, genuine wood
                      • Linoleum, stone imitation
                      • Stainless steel and glass
                      Technical integration
                      • Lighting e.g. with LED’s
                      • Cable management
                      • CPU- and printer holder
                      • TFT-
                      • … and more
                      Ergonomic state-of-the-art
                      • Height adjustable work tables (by electric motor at the push of a button or via rotary crank)
                        • Detail of the freeform counter work surface in linoleum with multiplex edge, glass panels that continue through the desk top and backlit with LEDs. The LED colour changes make for a pleasant atmosphere.
                        • Counter in fireproof material, integrated in the corner and wall fixed for support, with side mounted swing-door.
                        • Counter with front in melamine and coloured coated briefcase and bag support designed to customer specification, recessed stainless steel base and screen with square colour inserts.
                        • Standard counter available in a choice of flat or curved sections in melamine or with a perforated steel front, worktops with round tube frame, cable management and CPU-holder. Optional: Third level. Can be co-ordinated with many of our wide range of products.
                        • Front view of the counter with column completely integrated in the desk and third level is fully panelled.
                        • Curved top catering counter with protruding stainless steel base providing a foot rest. Corporate style front panel with 2 tall folding doors on the back. The front in crinkle lacquer optics with LEDs and embedded opaque curved glass panel with fixed spot holders.
                      • Executive’s office

                      • Executive's office Series
                        Workstations with suitable conference tables 
                          • f.i.t 4 work®

                          • Chefzimmer f.i.t. 4 work®- Flexibility, innovation, technology
                            f.i.t.4 work® is a multi-functional workstation. This representative glass desk – that is only one of many varities of design – it offers an attractive design for your working environment.
                            The main elements of f.i.t. 4 work® are an aluminium connector and an extremely strong centre traverse. Thereby, free forms of desktops with a width of 2.2 m and a depth of 2 m can be realised – each without additional support. Additional parts are available in all dimensions.
                          • tessara

                          • Executive’s office tessara
                            Superior focus on the essential…

                            Those who regularly make important decisions need a room where they can withdraw and think alone. The workstation tessara creates such a calming influence on a manager's workday. This exceptional desk with lots of storage space combines first class materials handled by craftsman to create a modern interior for top executives.
                          • tessara trendline®

                          • Executive's office tessara trendline®
                            Superior focus on the essential...
                            Those who regularly make important decisions need a room to withdraw and think alone. The workstation tessara trendline® creates such a calming atmosphere. Cubistic, puristic, timeless and stylish.
                        • Conference tables

                        • In a large group…
                          Information and ideas are exchanged here. Conference, workshop or meeting…
                          Conference tables for successful transactions.
                            • telos®

                            • Only one click to destination: telos®
                              A powerful and elegant combination: telos® - simply clever to destination
                              Sometimes there is a "click" and it is done, you are at your destination. The result: telos® – a desk-system developed by Martin Ballendat for the lower saxon company ROHDE & GRAHL. And the name is program - telos® is ancient greece and means "destination".
                            • convenio - folding table with design!

                            • Conference solutions
                              The folding table convenio convinces thanks to its easy handling at limited space. By nesting the table frames, many tables can be stored away in a relatively confined area. Easy handling is guaranteed due to an activation of the tilting mechanism over the whole width of the table top.
                              • Mobile folding table on castors
                              • Foldable without tools
                              • Braked castors
                            • xio® - fast and easy!

                            • Conference-and bench solutions
                              xio®, the innovative desk-system of ROHDE & GRAHL, inspires because of the optimal flexibility. From single PC and conference-systems to bench solutions and back-office, almost all work situations can be realized in the twinkling of an eye. Just as fast and easy existing setups could be changed, modified or expanded - intelligent stick-connectors make it possible.
                            • conform

                            • Conference tables and systems
                              conform is the ideal platform for the communication of your company. We developed a desk program with a variety of designs, colours and options.
                              Whether for meetings or conferences, whether sitting or standing work, conform is convincing because of a clear, straight line and a styling reduced to the main essentials.
                          • Storage

                          • The storage wonders in modular construction!
                            Here you can find everything that is necessary for a well organised office!
                              •  K30

                              • All good things come in 30
                                The new K30 storage system

                                Often it is the small things that make the difference when archiving files, folders etc. This is particularly true for very limited office spaces. For the first time, ROHDE & GRAHL offer a storage and filing system that can do big things in small places.
                                The successful K40® storage system has been the inspiration for this innovative concept. With one major difference: From the office cabinet across the various models of filing cabinets to open shelves, the K30 series focuses on the most popular types of cabinets.
                                Despite the optimized dimensions no filing or shelf space is lost. The K30 system brings order into every archive - and creates optimal conditions for work efficiency.
                                Even in work environments the K30 storage system knows how to point. The workflow can be improved, the office space can be made more generous and people can be given more freedom.
                                In short, with its K30 system ROHDE & GRAHL help other companies to use limited space efficiently - without compromising on quality.

                                Small, and great! The K30-storage system
                                • K40®-quality, 3 mm PP edges, hinges and panel thicknesses
                                • Carcase available in white gray (M14) or anthracite (M97)
                                • Fixed folder height, through carcase without holes
                                • Cross shutter elements with large and clear inside dimensions
                                • Visible rail for cross shutters behind the back of the carcase
                                • Overlaying wing doors for quiet lines
                                • Wide range of surface colours, extras and accessories
                                • Free design options for the front surfaces
                                • GS-certified quality "Made in Germany"
                                • K40® constructive features

                                • Combination artist
                                  Whether vertical or horizontal: Combine the different cabinet types and elements and use the opportunity to structure and design your rooms according to your individual wishes. K40® copes with any organisational challenge.
                                  Modular construction
                                  No matter what you have to store: The cabinet system K40® offers the perfect solution for any organisation challenge. Due to three depths (34, 46, 60 cm), a width from 40 to 160 cm and the range of height (38,4 cm), K40® has nearly unlimited possibilities of realisation. If there is a great storage demand, K40® can be extended up to six folders high to a room-high wall system and so it provides for a perfect space utilisation.
                                  Whether stand-alone single furniture or elegantly functional combinations: The modular concept of K40® opens up new rooms for own ideas. Design or modify rooms and work enviroments according to your requirements. The wide variety of plinth and frame options sets additional accents and they can be chosen independently of the cabinet type. For mobile use 4 sided steel plinths (2 heights), glides, frames (round and square tube) and castors with edge protectors are available.
                                  Freedom of planning
                                  Our aim is to create storage concepts as all-round as the rooms and their user. So still there is next to the wide variety of furnishing a space of individuality to the point of conformation to your corporate design.
                                  • Archive

                                  • K40® cabinet system: Archive
                                    Ideal use of every bit of space.

                                    Clear storage, safe filing and quick recovery: K40® offers a comprehensive variety of cabinets for individual storage and filing solutions to six folders high and in almost every width.
                                    Kept safely
                                    Central safe locked areas, open cabinets, space-saving blind-doors, different width, depths or heights - with K40® you have the possibility to combine everything to realize your individual idea. The variety of options of interior design makes sure that there is an individual arrangement. So you optimize your filing system and if the archive grows, easily K40® will grow, too.
                                    • space-forming

                                    • K40® cabinet system: space-forming
                                      When rooms are divided by cabinets there will be always well-defined structures, a maximum of storage room and if required confidentiality areas - perfect for efficient teamwork.
                                      Working motivated and concentrated
                                      Who is working in open space office, wants to have short paths. Wall cabinet units and sideboards can be positioned freely between the team-zones and be organized from both sides closely to the workplace.
                                      Acoustically effective porosity components integrated in the front or back board reduce unrequested noise and have a share in optimizing the working atmosphere.
                                      The high quality of the system components and the integrated rear panel permit a reciprocal arrangement.
                                      •  K40® Single cabinets

                                      • Space for ideas
                                        Sophisticated design concepts create new structures, optimize the workflow and open the way for motivation and effectiveness.
                                          • Swing door cabinet/Open shelf

                                          • Open for new solutions
                                            The furnishing of today contributes significantly to a better functioning of the daily work in the office.
                                          • Swing door cabinet/Open shelf

                                          • The answer is in the mix.
                                            It is quite simple to organize the daily job easier.
                                          • Sliding door

                                          • Function and aesthetics
                                            A clean design idiom, attractive design and particularly useful in case of limited space conditions: sliding-and tambour doors of the system K40® convince by function and aesthetics.
                                          • Tambour doors

                                          • Realize your own room and use concepts.
                                            A clean design idiom, attractive design and particularly useful in case of limited space conditions: sliding-and tambour doors of the system K40® convince by function and aesthetics.
                                          • Hanging files and drawers

                                          • Organizational talent
                                            Efficient working requires a classification system, which creates clarity and structure, to go back to basics. Different materials and colours set accents for the atmospheric environment and surroundings.
                                          • Acoustic

                                          • Storage space with system
                                            Intelligent storage space systems ensure not only for order: if you arrange back panel and the front of acoustic effect principles, they are also excellent for damping the low or very noisy frequencies in surroundings with middle and scientific communications. Optimally positioned they are efficient as a acoustic ceiling. That is an advantage in modern offices with concrete ceilings.
                                        • Pedestals

                                        • The personal allrounder: order is something very individual.These pedestals and trolleys shouldn't be missing on any workstation: All you need is conveniently organized and always ready to hand.
                                          Pedestals play an important part in the office. According to your individual preferences and needs a variety of pedestals is available: drawer units on castors, fixed pedestals desk-high.The models Basic and Comfort are available in different designs, heights and with different features.
                                          The illustration shows 2 equipment variants: left side model Basic, right side model Comfort:
                                          Model Basic
                                          • with lateral overhang as handle strip and screen without handle
                                          • with high castors
                                          Model Comfort
                                          • With handles instead of overhang
                                          • with installed castors
                                          Technical pedestals
                                          The cubistic design sets accents and provides storage space at the workplace. The interior design of the pedestal is variably. The technics take enough space on the integrated drawer or the PC drawer.

                                          • Trolleys

                                          • The personal allrounder: order is something very individual. These pedestals and trolleys shouldn`t be missing on any workstation: all you need is conveniently organized and always ready to hand.
                                            • on big castors with edge protection
                                            • drawer extension with handles
                                            • Vertical-blind with strip handle
                                            • Division on the top optionally with open cabinet or vertical blind
                                            • solid blind: with different interior designs
                                            This stable Catering-Trolley cares about almost everything, what is needed for entertain visitors. Perfectly for the use in the office, in the kitchen or conference room. The trolley drives on 4 castors, both front castors are lockable. The drawers provide quick and easy access on the compartments and clear storage space for all the small things of the catering.
                                            • Communication & Lounge

                                                • meta-fora

                                                • Interaction as a challenge
                                                  In respect of the conceptual office environment ROHDE & GRAHL put new furniture on the market. The furniture named meta-fora combines market requirements with the growing desire for mutual communication.
                                                  The new furniture concept seamlessly fits in existing premises and therefore offers space for different situations. meta-fora provides a basis for networks and meeting points. Inspiring. Motivating.
                                                • round-about

                                                • Lounge and communication
                                                  round-about is perfect for everybody who searches for a real eye-catcher for his waiting or communication area. Trendy multifunctional furniture that is characterised by its exceptional design and its wide combination possibilities.
                                              • Special Furniture

                                                  • Financial institutions

                                                  • Efficient customer work in ergonomically designed branches
                                                    We are developing concepts and products to furnish banks, savings banks and financial institutions – also in cooperation with architects and planners.
                                                  • Control centres

                                                  • 24 hours. 7 days a week.
                                                    Clearly organised and ergonomically designed workstations are an absolute must regarding the technology of control centres. All information must be available clearly arranged and ever present. Every unnecessary physiological stress caused by furniture has negative impacts on the power of concentration of the employees.
                                                  • x-basic – optimal flexibility

                                                  • But this time with an individual touch!
                                                    The exception is the rule where the character of the company – the Corporate Identity – dictates the style of furnishing.
                                                    Day after day we realise this through the exceptional projects we create. Whether unique or standard, small or large quantity – our long experience in the realisation of made-to-measure projects makes us your professional and reliable partner.