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  • Offer Profile
  • This is what quality looks like.

    Our modular furniture is characterised by a number of essential quality criteria: ergonomic requirements are fulfilled and certified by Quality Office. Sustainability and recyclability are important prerequisites which are considered in all aspects of the production of Hund Büromöbel. Our cooperation with renowned architects and designers enables us to fulfil the most exacting aesthetic requirements.
Product Portfolio
  • M-Line

    • M-Line System

    • Simple stylistic featuring.

      Simple, but yet complete in stylistic featuring, the MQ maintains the tradition of great architecture. Ambient accents are created through the selection of exclusive materials for the front sides, with a black or white body as the basis. The implementation of state-of-the-art technology throughout the entire production cycle, ensures an absolutely accurate groove pattern, even for the intricate three-dimensional mitre joints. Based on a cubic grid pattern, the system logic of MQ allows for an almost indefinite versatility of office landscaping. Unique, versatile and with a strong character - you can redefine your work environment with the M-Line.
    • MQ shelves

    • Expressive presentation.

      The versatility of MQ offers you the oppotunity of boundless creativity for exhibitions or presentations. Presenting itself at its stylish, representative and aesthetic best with a reduced but convincing combination of white pointed shelves.
    • MQ counter element

    • Receiving guests in style.

      Making sure that your guests have the right impression of you, MQ offers impressive solutions for your reception area. The design of the MQ counter in pure black is, just as the entire MQ system, reduced to the essentials, thus leaving room for your personality.
    • M8 conference table

    • Successful meetings.

      MQ wall elements and the M8 conference table from the M-Line harmonize perfectly well together because they speak the same language of form. The table with stainless steel feet is height-adjustable and can also be provided with cabling. Just perfect for successful meetings
    • MQ sideboard

    • Managing neatly.

      Working at the highest level. This representative individual workplace, is a combination of the S1 desk with a solid core desktop, MQ sideboard and MQ roller container: and it's not only for the boss. The generral staff will also work here undisturbed to achieve top results.
    • M-Desk

    • Convincing through aesthetics.

      The elegant and expressive M-Desk seamlessly integrates into the stylistic featuring of the M-Line. The desk exhibits itself as a prestigious office furniture for the executive workplace. The side panel and table board of the M-Desk are crafted with a precision miter and the edges are chamfered at a 60° angle. On the right side the table board is supported by an MQ Mobile File Cabinet at a height of 780 mm.
    • MQ wall system

    • Structuring intelligently.

      With its abundant sorage space, the MQ wall system guarantees optimal organisation and structure. The transition between open and closed elements provides a pleasant aestetic appearance. Design-Highlight: Through the back-painted glass with white aluminium, the front of the MQ wall system appears especially exclusive.
  • Desk systems

  • Flexible workplace design.
    The desk systems of Hund Büromöbel provide support for the wide variety of tasks of the dynamic business world with an impressive range of intelligent solutions – suitable for every type of office.
    • Plano

    • Pure expressiveness as a statement.

      In Spanish the word >>plano<< means flat, level. The straightforward and clearly structured look of the new table system precisely corresponds to the sense of that word. The fine, horizontal line design makes the worktable especially appealing. Without being intrusive the archetypal and puristic design can be easily integraded into any room. The high quality finish combinend with refinded surfaces and stylish aesthetics make Plano the top-of-the-line design version of the new Hund Büromöbel table systems.
    • Thales stand/sit desk

    • The Thales stand/sit desk system is a comfortable single station solution which leaves nothing to desire in terms of freedom of movement. Our stand/sit desk system gives you unlimited mobility. Tahles stand/sit desk is the holistic office workstation in which furniture and technology adapt to meet your needs. Thales thus offers an unconstrained, dynamic environment in which you can design your working situation yourself - individually, flexibly and ergonomically.
    • Votus E

    • Classical perfection as the foundation.

      The new basic model in the C-footproduct range convinces as a further development of the sussessful Votus table series. The classic table system delivers the right solution for every demand of the work enviroment. Modularity, versality and aesthetics combine into a future-proof working system. This helps to perfectly organize the daily office life. Votus E supports the boards variety of tasks which occur in a dynamic working environment. The ergonomic advantages in terms of legroom a very convincing. It will impress you through a wide range of intelligent solutions.
    • Callisto

    • High flexibility challenge.

      Callisto is a classic in the entry-level, which combines a quiet look with clear lines. The table system is available with a metal pipe-in-pipe height adjustment and with a plastic adjustment. It offers the freedorn to flexibly and reliably utilse the ergonomic comfort. With Callisto the terms functionality and design have been definded very clearly. Callisto convinces through a reduced design language and brings clarity into every office.
    • C4 Evolution

    • Utilizing the essentials.

      Only if there is enough space for ideas, designs and brainstorms, can they be transformed effectively and brought to life. Withaut distraction and concentrated on the essentials, thoughts can be sorted and thus find their way into the respective project. Therefore, the right desk is indispensable for an efficient work style. For the C4 Evolution the emphasis has been placed on stability, combination capability and functionality in its purest form. Without unnecessary details - without distractive factors.
    • C4

    • Economic alternative.

      The larger the office, the more colleagues. The more colleagues, the less space usually remains for the individual. However, an adequately dimensioned workplace is the prerequisite for a continued idea flow and a freed creativity. Therefore: Someone who can spread out, can maintain an orderly workplace easier. And in places that are in order, ideas can flourish without boundaries. The C4 is an economic but yet highly effective desk solution, that even meets the requirements that an open-plan office environment poses.
  • Cabinet systems

  • Order and efficiency.
     Intelligent cabinet systems create order and ensure efficiency. They enable you to reorganize your world of business in a personalized manner.
    • Creation 25

    • Commitment to elegance.

      Creation 25 is the impressive commitment to elegance and ease of use. Displaced horizontal sliding doors made of glass, veneer or decor give the body a gloating appearance. Therefore the cabinet system doesn't only deliver practical storage functins, but also serves as a stylish design element in every working environment. This is just about the highest degree at which a cabinet system can present itself, in terms of high-class and comfort.
    • Qbix 45

    • Flexible storage space organizations.

      Linero 4.8 answers the question of how to combine storage space for an intelligent workplace organization with a high quality appearance. it impress with its timeless design, clear lines and brilliant simplicity. An intelligent cabinet system that adapts to all usage requirements and offers maximum flexibility.

      Expression of a design style.

      Qbix 45 is functional and offers a satial experience in the highest form of quality. The cabinet system which is comprised of high-quality materials and precise details, doesn't only allow for an inspiring orderliness - it convinces even more through the implementation of modern and timeless style language. A sophisticated storage space design, combined with precise workmanship. Cubic styling in combination with accurate 45 degree mitre joints. Qbix 45 expresses the highest form of design quality.

  •  Pedestal

  • Order and efficiency.
     Intelligent cabinet systems create order and ensure efficiency. They enable you to reorganize your world of business in a personalized manner.
      •  Pedestal :

      • Thanks to its large variety, the pedestal is ideal for storing information, which is regularly and currently needed. Put beneath the desk, in eight or nine height units, 600 mm or 800 mm deep. The drawers with their different heights can be used differently. They run on rolls, telescopic rails or even reinforced telescopic rails. A desk high pedestal enlarges the space of your workstation. The new high pedestal offers new options for planning and arranging office work spaces through separating different workstations. Inside the pedestal either folders or individual files can be easily stored away and the access can be organized from both sides so that users can decide who accesses which level of the pedestal. This high pedestal exists in 844mm or 1000mm depth. A so called Tender also is an option. On rolls the tender can easily complete a workstation. Our so-called technical pedestal is ideal for storing printers or cpu and also smoothly completes the individual workstation.
  • Conference Office systems

  • Flexibility for success.
    Flexibility. The decisive advantage of a team without which no success is possible in the end. It is not possible to achieve well-functioning communication for cooperation when structures are rigid; the office of the future is free from inflexible frames, a flexible node within an extensive network.
    • Metacon

    • Communication is looking for concentration.

      Communication is essential. Those who want to share with others must be able to communicate. in daily business, important conversations, clear words and fast agreements are fundamental. Without doubt, a high level of concentration belongs to any optimal communication strategy. In order to be able to guarantee the undivided attention of others, a fitting environment is necessary: free from undesired distractions and lots of space for all of your documents. If a conversational partner has enough mobility, a positive atmosphere will quickly arise - which allows for the best working conditions possible. The requirement here, however, is that through flexibilty and easily changeable conditions, there is enough space for all "those capable of concentrating and those willing to communicate".
    • Teamcon

    • Clear negotiation daily.

      Our Teamcon product line was developed for team work and concentrated individual work: For group, project, product, and conference work - to promote communication through spatial closeness or to allow for udisturbed concentration through optional screen elements. The storage of the power supply is also a matter of course. IT-accessibility, media technology, and lighting are flexible and simple with Teamcon.
    • Conference tables

    • Quality and style at every meeting.

      Basics. Well thought-out communication mediums are the basis for successful meetings and are needed in nearly all working areas. The demands in vonference and meeting situations increase; procedures are always being optimized. Our conference tables allow for uncomplicated meetings and for both effective conversations and quick conversations with colleagues. The work-flow will not be affected by disruptive distractions like non-adjustable structures or a lack of functionality. Hund Büromöbel literally offers you an optimal basis. Perfectly flexible for your everyday use and success!
  • Counter systems

  • Prestigious atmosphere
    Carefully designed reception areas create a prestigious atmosphere which makes visitors feel valued and respected. Counter systems of Hund Büromöbel combine all benefits of a modular workplace, such as ergonomic height adjustment, sensible storage space organization and sophisticated cable management.

    Representing conviction.
    The first impression is essential. It conveys esteem, conviction and qualification in a single notion. An inviting gesture appears familiar and friendly. And especially in an business environment, clear statements can and should not be avoided. The prestigious and functional counter unites these attributes into an elegant and demanding appearance, that already familiarizes guests with the competence of the company at the reception. Its demand: Perfection all the way down to the smallest detail - regarding style and functionality.
      • Entreo

      • You expect the best service and know-how.

        Your expectations are our standards. Your demands determine our goal - and in order to achieve this efficiently and with the minimum amount of expense for you, we offer you solution frome one source. This in turn carries on in the visual appearance of our products: design from a single cast are to be expected by Hund Büromöbel.
        Our services cover everything imaginable from A-Z, from acoustics to certification. However, one point takes center stage for the company: Service orientation! Other than about the best quality and stunning design - we actually only think about one thing: How can we meet the demands of our customers? How can we create conditions ideal for communication and also create a better quality of life uin the office?
  • Acoustic partition systems

  • Find tranquility – solutions for demanding acoustic requirements.
    Tranquility and comfort – two factors that are gaining more and more importance for the acoustic optimization of workspaces. Hund Büromöbel has successfully taken up this challenge and developed innovative office furniture providing for ideal acoustic characteristics of workspaces. In cooperation with Dr. Christian Nocke and Akustikbüro Oldenburg, the leading innovator Hund Büromöbel was the first company in its line of business to show proof of the positive effect of acoustic room design elements on verbal communication in office spaces.
      • Sileno

      • Absolute focus, free flow of communication.

        The balance between focus and communicative exchange is of essential importance for the commercial success of a company. This requires an ideal environment – free from undesirable distractions and with excellent acoustic characteristics. The Sileno system fulfils these requirements – it provides space for focus, ensures privacy and so has a positive effect on verbal communication in office spaces.
  • Manufactory

  • Exceptions require customization.
    We provide our customers with custom-made solutions and made-to-measure planning. Our most important criterion is quality down to the last detail. Whether for a complicated job or extensive modifications, maximum care is required to obtain satisfactory - we create them! Especially for your requirements and details.
  • Architects and Planners

  • A network for integrated architetctural styling.
    Architectural styling understood to be integrated requires analysis of visual impressions, textures, acoustics and climate. Ergonomic know-how on the part of all involved is therefore important for building and furnishing projects.

    To be able to respond in optimum fashion to our customers’ complex requirements, we at Hund Büromöbel have consistently expanded our interior finishing work and bank furnishing business segments. And as part of our range of services, our planning staff and technical consultants offer their skills for the use of interested architects and interior designers.

    Specialist Planning Assistance
    Firsthand know-how.
    Hund Büromöbel can look back on ninety years of experience in office furniture manufacturing. And that is reflected in the high quality of our products. Collaborations with renowned architects, designers and scientists make it possible for us to design innovative office furniture and workplace solutions.

    To provide quick and convenient access to our products, we make comprehensive specialist planning assistance available to interested architects. We will be glad to inform you about the details.