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  • HUSSL is located in Tyrol. At the Umlberg. Chairs and tables are manufactured here. HUSSL was founded in 1976, now managed by the second generation, the focus of the company was to manufacture wooden seating and tables. From decades of experience with solid wood and our co-operation with select designers we manufacture products which are contemporary and sustainable for quality minded end users.
Product Portfolio
  • Hussl CHAIRS

      • ST4N

      • ST4N is everything. Pure. Practical. Luxuriously comfortable
        ST4N is a stackable chair made from solid wood, equipped with a lay on seat cushion or wooden seat. The front legs are stretched out beyond the seat with the armrests mitred to them. Viewed from a sideways angle, it appears geometric, interrupted by the ergonomically designed wooden backrest. An exceptionally comfortable chair. And also available without armrests.
      • ST3N

      • ST3N is a piece of furniture with classic contours. Design perfected.
        ST3N is a realistic piece of furniture for linear architecture. Light and robust. A modern chair. With high seating comfort due to an ergonomic backrest made of synthetic resin laminate with a real wood veneer. The seat is available either in wood or with an inserted seat cushion. Stability, stackability and a wealth of variants allow for versatile applications.
      • ST3N GRITSCH

      • ST3N Gritsch was developed fort he Café Gritsch in Innsbruck
        ST3N GRITSCH is a variant of the ST3N. Extended with a backrest of woven cane. And exclusively available with a seat cushion. In this way a piece of furniture has been designed which combines contemporary contours with traditional Austrian furniture design. Ideal for rooms in which the tension between tradition and modernity is perceptible.
      • ST4N+

      • ST4N+ is ST4N. Plus more function.
        We have developed the ST4N+ especially for the health- and agecare sector. A chair for reclining and the sense of stability and safety. The large standing base prevents tilting; the optional high backrest provides the necessary support. Standing up from the chair, the straight armrests serve as a standing up aid, with an optional knob. The backrest is available with optional upholstery, the seat pad is standard equipment. The seat is available either fixed or removable fastened to the frame with a magnet for easy operation. The upholstery cover can be removable with moisture protection for quick, easy changin
      • ST4N GRITSCH

      • ST4N GRITSCH is like ST3N GRITSCH - based on the ST4N frame.
      • ST6

      • ST6 is small and colourful. Anc exceptionally variable.
        ST6 is a chair for limited space and big demands. Attractive, stable and useful. It takes up the tradition of Austrian coffee house furnishings in terms of its design. Its different backrests and colourful combination possibilities enable a wide range of styles and design options. From classic to trendy. From straight and anadorned to stylishly elegant.
      • ST10

      • ST10 comes from the mountains. An alpine stacking chair.
        Behind the idea of the ST10 there is the sandwich technology, a principle from the skiing industry. The rear legs consist of an outer tension layer compounded with aluminium, bonded with a wood composite middle core. In the back section the rear legs taper down to only 8mm. The result: a sophisticated rest which cushions lightly. In connection with a reduced bacic design. Unconventional. And comfortable.
      • FORUM 2

      • Forum 2 is vertically stackable. A non-stackable model is now also available.
        The Forum 2 chair ist vertically stackable - unique for a timber chair. With its A shaped legs and the slit in the backrest the chair has its own unique style. It is elegant and detailed to be strong beyond its appearance. The base structure is reinforced with a metal plate and the moulded ply seat shell is not only comfortable, but strong.
        Forum 2 is also available with a linking mechanism, in a non-stackable version, and can also be upholstered.
      • ST6N-2 Junior

      • ST6N-2 Junior. A chair for children - for residental and public use.
    • Hussl TABLES

        • TC4

        • TC4 is a light robust table. Simple. Versatile.
          TC4 is suitable for a multitude of applications. And it integrates effortlessly into the most different rooms. Because its construction is simple.: from square to rectangular, plus it is light. And easy to move. Combinable over and over. Ideally suitable for high use in business environments. Because of solid craftsmanship and resilient surfaces.
        • TC10

        • TC10 is straightforward. Grand. Sustainable.
          TC10 has solid wood angle legs, mitred to the tabletop. In addition, dowelled and reinforced on the inside. Covering plates beneath the tabletop increases stability with models exceeding a length of 160cm. Veneered surfaces are glued to a laminate base plate. That makes them extra resilient. And when square, TC10s are stackable.
        • LINO T

        • LINO T is four legs and a self-supporting tabletop. Absolutely puristic.
          LINO T has formal as well as real size; available with a tabletop up to a length of three meters. A linoleum coated composite tabletop, retained by a handmade steel frame.
        • SOLID T

        • SOLID T is Lino T. But different.
          SOLID T What is different: the solid wood tabletop. Hence the name; and the light, filigree impression. The slanted edge tapered downward in a flat angle gives the impression of a floating tabletop.
      • Hussl BENCH

      • HUSSL Bench is simple. Perfect.
        Of all things, a bench should be sturdy. Practical and functional. Then, it is as it should be and looks accordingly. Such as the bench by HUSSL. Detailed with a stable dove tail corner joint which does not require mechanical fixing. The dove tail method of joining timber is one of the oldest joining details in timber furniture construction.