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  • Offer Profile
  • officeplus is the leading manufacturer of mobile stand-sit-workstations. As a first-mover on the office furniture sector, in 1992, we launched a new generation of stand-sit-furniture: the mobile high-desk. This success is the result of intense research in future working environments.

    Today, we offer a wide product range including the stand-sit-desks ergon, the high-desks rolls, the desk mounted high-desks desk and the document holder docuglide. Still, we are keeping our focus on the research in future working environments.
Product Portfolio
  • Sit-tables

      • Adjustable Sit-tables for healthier work

      • Ergon These twelve Sit-table models transform your workplace!
        The height-adjustable tables are available with or without a table top tabletop as a cost table bases for retrofitting, this design and effective flexibility are combined.  You have the choice: electroless and comfortable height adjustment by gas spring lift electric or the stand-sit table with energy-saving standby mode of 0.3 W.   With quiet motors, low stand-by power consumption and easy operation of the electric height adjustable sit-stand table is an effective antidote to frequently occurring diseases office.  An eco-friendly alternative, the models, in which the height adjustment is implemented by gas spring lift.  As individual as your application. The greatest possible height adjustment in conjunction with continuous or stepwise width adjustment.  Simple and healthier work with the height adjustable tables of officeplus.
          • ergon green 1

          • H: 66 - 116 cm
            W: 120, 140, 160, or 180 cm
          • ergon green 2

          • H: 60 - 126 cm
            W: 120, 140, 160, or 180 cm
          • ergon max

          • H: 60 - 126 cm
            W: 118 - 176 cm
          • ergon master

          • H: 63 - 128 cm
            W: 118 - 176 cm
          • ergon minimaster

          • H: 68 - 133 cm
            W: 75 cm
          • ergon minigreen 1

          • H: 71 - 121 cm
            W: 75 cm
          • ergon vital

          • H: 67.5 to 117.5 cm
            W: 104-167 cm
          • ergon midi

          • H: 62 - 127cm
            W: 104 - 167 cm
          • ergon chrome

          • H: 62 -128 cm
            W: 118 - 176 cm
          • ergon project 1

          • H: 70.5 to 118.5 cm
            W: 120,160 or 180 cm
          • ergon project 2

          • H: 59,5 to 122.5 cm
            W: 120, 160 or 180 cm
          • ergon F4

          • H: 62-85 cm
            W: 120, 160 or 180 cm
            D: 80 cm
          • ergon mini project 1

          • H: 75 - 123 cm
            W: 78 cm
            D: 75 cm
          • ergon conference

          • H: 103-108
            W: 90 - infinity
            D: 90 - infinity
        • Mobile Stands

            • rolls comfort

            • As a standing desk, lectern, workstation or table - The rolls models complement offices, conference rooms and home offices perfect! The height-adjustable standing desks glides effortlessly to the desired location. They work loose and flexible, whether in the office, in practice, in the studio or in the lecture hall. The height-adjustable standing desks finish the grueling marathon seat and bring movement into their daily work. This mobile companion you will not want to miss.
                • rolls comfort

                • The mobile pedestal desk with ergonomic foot rest
                • rolls comfort plus

                • The mobile, individual workstation
                • stand-seat rolls

                • The mobile pedestal desk where you can sit
              • drive rolls

              • The rolls drive models have simple style!
                The five lightweight rollers glide drive rolls and stand-seat-rolls drive with you through the day and support you as a table, floor or lectern and offer presentation area. Through numerous application possibilities, height-adjustable standing desks provide a versatile movement. Go stand, or allowed to get up - and still working, that is: enjoy variety with no time to lose.
                  • drive rolls

                  • The mobile design-Stand Prestige
                  • stand-seat-rolls drive

                  • The mobile design pedestal desk where you can sit
                  • tablet rolls

                  • Design-Stand for the modern, ergonomic work with Tablets & Smartphones
                • Retrofit table desks

                    • The desk standing desk essays Overview

                    • desk will get you moving. The retrofit desk standing desk essays make any desk job for ergonomic fitness zone. They offer themselves especially in confined spaces.  The high desk top unit can be used with the Powerfix-adhesive attachment mounted in a very short time without leaving a trace, screws and remove.
                        • desk easy

                        • The retrofit standing desk-top with telephone station
                        • desk optimally

                        • The retrofit standing desk top unit with telescopic
                        • desk top

                        • The retrofit standing desk-top for working on the computer
                      • Stand Stools and Seating

                          • Overview

                          • our standing aids help you especially if you need any longer :
                            • In workplaces where there is much work standing up, for example, in consultation counters or cash
                            • In exhibition and training rooms
                            • In waiting and reception areas
                                • flexxsi

                                • The high chair is the ideal seat height
                            • Special solutions

                                • Our special solutions at a glance

                                • Here we present you some of our special solutions. Should you require a special solution or need more detailed information about a special solution, please feel free to contact us.
                                  • Other Products

                                      • Document holder table stand 1 + 2

                                      • The read and write templates are located directly between the keyboard and monitor. You sit upright, back-friendly, without twists and neck pain. Your viewing direction changes between the monitor and the document. The eyes are relaxed. No time lost by more decentralized exchange of glances. Performance and concentration increase.
                                      • Steppie

                                      • Steppie has a completely pure and simple design that fits in any office environment or even in the private living room.

                                        In use
                                        Steppie is an BALANCE, the simple way:
                                        • all those activated spend their working day sitting
                                        • trained and strengthens the back
                                        • makes prolonged standing pleasant
                                        • promotes the blood circulation
                                        • increases calorie burning for energy, makes
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                                      • Please come and visit our shop directly!