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  • Offer Profile
  • Our everyday life is the production of high quality office furniture. The personal contact and dialog with our customers, qualified consulting, modern space concepts for up to date working environments and the transaction by our own logistics are our main objectives - more than just office furniture.

    Febrü-Office Furniture is produced component by component at our factory in Herford. We organise, produce and develop our products here. In the prototype department ideas become samples, creativity is converted into products. This is made possible by our extensive in-house production depth and flexibility. For Febrü working with metal is as familiar as the handling of wood.
Product Portfolio
  • Workstations of Febrü - room for creativity

  • Thanks to digitization and worldwide networking, you can work almost anywhere. At home, in the garden, on the beach, in the mountains, … Nevertheless, much of the brain work still takes place in offices. To create a feel-good atmosphere within these ergonomic, functional offices, is our goal.

    The basis of a classic workplace is still the desk. He is the central focus for office work. Whether papers, telephone or the computer, everything should fit onto it. Nevertheless, the table should be big enough to allow even more space. There are different variants of desk usage.

    It is widely spread that every employee has a desk assigned to him that he can manage as he wishes. Another method is the desk sharing principle. There are no desks reserved for specific employees, but every employee is choosing a free table to do his daily work, which he clears again in the evening. This way vacant desks due to appointments outside the office, project work or illness are avoided.
      • Intero

      • Award winning desk for design lovers

        Clear shapes in an overall concept benchmark the award winning design desk Intero. The unique frame makes the desk a special highlight in the office world.
        With the contrast of ease and stability Intero convinces by modern design and reliability in a new way. Lightness and trust in unity.

        The core unit is the open frame. Reduced to a minimum the structure is nothing more than a slim and closing line. In contrast there is the carcass – compact and stable but also expressing lightness. Impressing in shape and hiding functional elements. The connecting top seems to be independent from the base.

        Popular design with functional features
        Clear shapes of Intero O fully convince. So it was logical to develop an adapted electric height adjustment. Without affecting the slim and noble design. The 610 – 1270 mm height adjustment is perfectly integrated into the O-framework. For storage and technology a technical pedestal can be added to the configuration, housing the frame on one side and extending the workstation. The double workstation allows to integrate illumination systems into the framework – a clever and elegant solution. Holding the Red Dot Award, the desk excites customers and designers. And maybe you.
      • Active

      • The ergonomic, height adjustable desk from Febrü

        We sit at a dining table, in tube or car, commuting to work, in front of the television or with a tablet on the sofa and often the whole day at a desk in the office. Back pain and other problems are the result. With height adjustable desks and the perfect office chair you can prevent such problems by changing your working position.

        “Active EMHV” (electric height adjustment between 712 – 1212 mm using single telescope or 630 – 1.290 mm with double telescope) are the two versions, allowing sit-to-stand dynamics. By pushing a button the height of the desk can be changed inside seconds, allowing to change between sitting and standing. The range also offers height adjustment by manual setting, push or crank between 640 and 860 mm.

        Concentrated work with relaxed moves
        All desks with electric height adjustment are fitted out with high quality mechanics. A safety stop offers additional protection in all desk versions. “Active” with double telescope provides an additional feature with the innovative anti-collisions-technology “Piezo”. When changing the height the desk reacts on resistance so that damages to other room elements can be avoided. Standard feature of electric height adjustable desk is an up-down push button. As an option the control panel can be equipped with memory-function or with memory-function and display. A brand new software installed on the computer and communicating with the desk allows to operate the desk from the pc. The user is informed when it is time to change from sitting to standing. Stand-by-mode electricity consumption is about 0,1 Watt.
      • Quadro

      • Future oriented, flexible and versatile

        Our desk Quadro – frame is available with square or round tube, with boot and visible technology, with individual height adjustment or in steps: Desks with a system.

        Quadro is a modular desking range. From single desk to complete configurations all options are possible.

        Following the requirements of a modern desking range Quadro desks can be linked and provide wire management. The height adjustable Quadro desk is future oriented, flexible and versatile. Apart from rectangular tops in different dimensions a broad selection of links and tops in special shapes is provided.
      • Certo

      • The desk offering a lot of space for your ideas

        Work and concentration, to meet and communicate, manual height adjustment or by pushing a button: state of the art office culture.

        The desk is the core of the workstation. Computers, papers, and personal belongings need to find a place and still there has to be space for work. Certo with electric height adjustment provides the solution. No problem to work in a small team thanks to height adjustment. Brought in the top position several team members can use the desk in a standing position. So Certo is a point of communication for quick meetings and brainstormings.
      • Trento

      • Compact and light, providing space but slim, in a team but for concentration: A timeless office concept.

        A solid frame and a top that looks as if it is not connected to the framework: Trento is a desking range with a slim square tube look and floating top. Three tubes 40 x 40 mm with a mitre-connection form the side-frame with N-shape. Distance keepers create space between frame and top providing a look of lightness.

        Colours matter
        It is up to you if Trento is fully integrated into the office environment or sets an accent. We can produce the desk according to your wishes. Completely in white or with a coloured top, with a dark framework and a tweedy wood decor, our selection of colours and surfaces allows to adapt Trento to your office requirements.

        From small to big
        Desks are either height adjustable 680 – 820 mm or with a fix height of 720 mm. So it is possible to set the perfect sitting height. The top is available in three depths with a maximum width of two meters. Enough space for all you need on a desk..
      • Sox

      • Modern, height adjustable and design oriented

        With an A-frame and a slim, almost floating top, Sox reminds of classic Nordic design. The modern and light desk can be integrated easily into any room situation.
        Sox is a light, flexible and design-oriented desking system. The top is 16 mm thick. The beam is fixed to the side-frames on 2 points, providing a floating look. The slim side-frames consist of an upper base unit, available in four colours (powder coated mat) and the socks, available in 15 colours (powder coated glossy as well as in stainless steel and chrome look). The fitting position between base and socks determines the desk height. Sox is height adjustable between 680 and 820 mm in steps of 20 mm. Sox offers rectangular tables in different widths and two depths of 800 and 1000 mm.

        A complete desking system
        Tops of the desks can extend on one or both sides, housing a special Sox pedestal. For corners 90° links can be added to the desk. The pedestal is fully integrated into the entire design concept. Mobile and desk high pedestals are without handles. Drawer unis with pencil tray can be installed under the top. Designed for small storage and perfect for visitors and additional space sitting-pedestals round up lifestyle in the office. Stand-tables with storage and identical design create communications-points. In-line connections allow to create workbenches.
      • Pro Office

      • The classic in the office
        The desk with perfect adaptation

        The desk in the centre, with pedestal and cabinet or two desks opposite to each other? With link or combination? Just rectangular or with an angle? Almost any shape is possible.

        The T-leg-frame of Pro Office provides stability and is fitted out with a decorative perforated metal blind. Height can be adjusted to 680, 700, 720, 740 or 760 mm. So the desk can be adapted to the individual requirements of the user. Cable management is possible by horizontal duct.

        Pro Office can offer more

        From a rectangular desk with individual shapes, communication units fulfilling your requirements, Pro Office will satisfy your demands. Consulting areas and meeting points can be adapted directly to the workstation. Desk units create a harmony and unity. Surfaces and frames can be adapted according to your wishes. So you get the desk you want.

        In combination with our pedestals you have sufficient storage space. Our pedestals can be placed under the desk or beside the desk so that you have all you need in reach.
      • eGo

      • Material and design, form and structure in harmony. Expression of individual demands: made for the executive user!
        The desk in an executive office is more than a tool: decisions are made here, innovations are created and meetings are held. The desk is the business card of the user. Customers and partners get a first impression. With eGo elegance and style are reflected, this desk is made for directors with a unique taste. The range does not only impress with desking solutions as a conference table eGo can be the centre of a meeting.

        eGo stands for consistency
        The top is based on square legs in chrome or stainless steel and offers enough space for ideas. Cables disappear in flaps providing a tidy surface. A modesty panel in frozen glass can be added to provide additional privacy.

        eGo can support the personality of the user. A huge selection of colours and surfaces makes the desk unique, meeting exactly your wishes. More cupboards or pedestals in matching colours round up the office environment. More ideas and information about executive workstations can be found here.
      • E-Line

      • Modern office work is not only an exciting challenge, office furniture have to be adapted to new situations too. “E-Line” from Febrü creates a new era of modern storage.
        With the product range “E-Line” Febrü introduces a modern storage system allowing the supply of electricity and data close to the workstation. Even more : communication is encouraged as well.

        Electricity without complicated cable management.
        “E-Line” enables power supply to all workststions, regardless the circumstances. Network and USB-connections can be installed easily. “E-Line” requires only one connection, from the wall or floor. Space planning becomes an easy job. Smartphones, tablets or laptops can be charged and conected easily. Updates and synchronisation are simple. The flexible construction allows to connect an unlimited number of alternating workstations to be connected to “E-Line”.
        The lowboard with the modern puristic look without handles offers enough space for anything needed around the workstation. Fitted out with sliding doors, drawers or lockable compartments – the choice is up to you. Cable management is vertical directly under the top and can be modified easily. Ready for changing office situations.
      • Active Smart

      • The clever side of ergonomics

        Human engineering at the workstation is an important point. Especially people working in offices are concerned by back pain due to reduced physical activities. Sit-to-stand workstations with a permanent change of the working position are the perfect solution. Unfortunately this solution is not cheap and cannot always be provided to the user.

        So far.

        Supporting the health of the staff with a small budget.
        With Active Smart we offer a desk with electric height adjustment, perfect for large projects, but also supporting health in smaller organisations.

        Available in widths of 1600 / 1800 / 2000 mm and three depths 800 / 900 / 1000 mm Active Smart matches perfectly in all room configurations. Via double telescope the height is changed immediately by push button.

        Convincing details
        Active Smart desks show details providing a special look. Instead of a closed cable duct a flexible net is provided to house cables and connectors. A simple way to change devices. Beautiful details on foot and side-frame provide accents and give Active Smart a prestigious look.
    • Storage space and office cabinet

    • Elegance and order - storage spaces for working environments

      An office is like a business card. Order, cleanliness and clear structures leave a neat impression and also facilitate work processes. Cabinets, shelves and work surfaces are therefore an important part of any office equipment. It not only depends on the external appearance, but also on the content. With Febrü office furniture, you choose the perfect blend of design and functionality.

      Storage space – necessary for a regulated filing system
      Modern data technology makes it possible: Tiny memory chips take up a gigantic volume of data. Nevertheless, an office without paper and other work equipment is still unthinkable -even today. Febrü storage space has a wide variety of solutions for documents, files and work equipment: mobile pedestals, open shelves, pull-out cabinets, cabinets with louvre or sliding door front, personal storage cabinets and caddies for extra mobility
        • Purline

        • Purline – design without handles, aesthetic expression, useful combination: modern furniture architecture.

          Horizontal handle profiles and cover top or combination, upper and lower cabinets with handle profile between. An alternative version is available with a vertical handle profile. The colour of the handle profile and plinth can match the colour of the cabinet surface or can be a focus point with a choice of colours. Open shelves are available to increase the use of cabinets with decorative and functional detail.
        • Cupboards

        • Cupboards – for binders and paper, files and lateral files, accessories and whatever you need, with doors or tambour doors, open or closed, helpful and creative: for all offices.
        • ComPoint

        • ComPoint – cabinet or meeting point, storage or discussion, separation or extension: centre in the office.
        • Caddys

        • Caddies – functional and space-saving, mobile and versatile for files and personal, at your desk or parked: Working for flexible.
        • Pedestals

        • Adapted perfectly to the desk, mobile and stable, lockable and to be organised: Our pedestals are organisation with system.

          Our high pedestal provide visual protection and huge storage to be organised according to your wishes. Lockable compartments, drawers for filing frames, binder storage facilities and open drawers belong to the options. The high pedestal can be closed easily and provides organisation of the workstation. The special height of the unit gives a noble touch and provides visual protection. Enough privacy around the workstation.
      • Conference Tables

      • Tables for conferences, presentations and discussions

        Good communication is the alpha and omega in the company. This includes voting and conferences. Whether loved or hated, creative engine or time-waster, necessity or unnecessary – when it comes to conferences, get-togethers or meetings, there are as many opinions as panellists. But completely independent of one’s own opinion, meetings of any kind are an integral part of any work and provide for exchange, communication, dialogue and fresh ideas.

        Form follows Function
        Modern communication technology sets new standards: People no longer have to meet in one place in a room in order to speak face to face. Video conferencing is possible from almost every region of the world. But the starting point for this is a space on both sides that is well furnished and equipped with the necessary technology. For this and for many other situations in which people come together to talk, give a lecture, take a break, to communicate or to exchange ideas, there is a multitude of possibilities.

        The centre of every conference room is the table. Design and execution range from massive and dominant to elegant and unobtrusive. It therefore reflects the function, status and self-conception of direct communication in the company. Whether weekly meeting or important customer discussion, the table affects the mood in the room.
          • Spider – visual details dominate the design

          • Spider – visible details determine the design

            Purity and lightness are the main topics of „Spider“, introduced on the Febrü in-house-exhibition. The construction is based on the intricacy of design of a spider. Visible technical details are the main design elements.

            In contrary to classic conventional T-legs an angular leg construction has been introduced. In combination with visible screws along the beam a unique design is created. The rounded top seems to float almost weightlessly on the frame construction.

            For perfect wellness during the meeting “Spider” is available in different sizes. Huge dimensions provide individual space for extended meetings. For small informal meetings inside a project team smaller conference tables please the members. For data and connection supply the “ComBox” can be installed flush into the desktop.
          • Adesso

          • The allround solution in conference rooms

            Conference- and meeting rooms are as different as companies. Small meeting rooms or huge board-rooms, one thing is vital: a good conference table. Serving as workspace, storage or just the safe feeling during negotiations. It is important that the table fits to the room situation and environment.

            Adesso allows to fulfil all these requirements. Different shapes and dimensions, round or rectangular, big or small, all is available.

            Adesso allows even very special shapes. Connecting technology can be integrated easily to have access to electricity and data during meetings.
          • Cube

          • Light and discreet – the perfect platform

            Cube is based on a central column with electric height adjustment from 750 to 1.248 mm. Our modern conference table is designed for meetings in standing or sitting position. This supports dynamic working also during conferences. Technology and control unit can be integrated almost invisible, not affecting the look of the unit.

            Integrated connections against cable chaos

            ComBoxes with compartments for electricity and communication can be integrated into the desktop providing USB-, electricity- or network connection directly on the table. Cube has a light band discreet touch, elegant and representative. Different shapes, sizes and Febrü-surfaces create space for every meeting.

            The Cube column carcass is not only available with square, but also with rectangular footprint. This allows to create large units with electricity and data supply.
          • Pur

          • Straight forward – clear and pure

            You only need a conference table. No special features, clear and simple. This is Pur. Depending on your wishes different tops can be combined, creating a long conference table or individual configurations. But also a single table for small groups or canteen use is possible. Trapezoidal, half-rounded or rectangular with rounded corners, Pur offers a broad choice of shapes.

            Additionally Pur provides two solutions to extend space for lounge- and waiting areas.

            Not just sitting, also standing
            For small meetings or in a reception area Pur can provide a high version. Round or rectangular depending on the situation you find the perfect match. All colours and surfaces of the Febrü portfolio are available.

            And if you are looking for a lectern: Pur has the right solution
          • Meeting

          • Just a quick meeting? No problem

            The name describes it all: Wherever an informal meeting needs to beheld Meeting offers the perfect frame. Special feature: Table and adapted seats can be provided with colour accents at the inside. With a different standard surface underlining the fresh and modern design.

            Sit-to-stand version
            Tables and seats are available in a high and low version. An adapted lamp provides additional accents and creates a cosy atmosphere. ComBoxes can be integrated to allow temporary work.
          • Basics

          • Flexible, useful and easy to handle

            If little space is available furniture and staff have to adapt: multi-functionality is required and furniture have to be removable if required.

            With the versatile Basics range all these requirements are met. A meeting in the morning lunch at noon, training or presentation in the afternoon. And then to disappear with minimum space requirements?

            Basic tables are available with 4-leg frame or round with round base, folding table with or without castors allowing maximum flexibility.

            A height adjustable meeting table – even for stand up meetings – is no problem. And this even for a small budget.
        • Reception Seating and Lounge Acoustics

        • A good company appearance starts at the entrance area. Whether visitors, customers, employees or applicants: all those who visit a company must firstly pass through the reception area. To leave a good impression is therefore an important task. For a company transports its philosophy through the design and character of an entrance area.
            • F3

            • Button, Oval, Strike – Maximum comfort for small budget

               If you expect a maximum of comfort, state of the art ergonomic features and a trendy design “F3” is simply perfect for you. Including a highly attractive price. Three different quiltings assure that F3 matches to every furnishing style. Regardless if oval quilting, button applications or minimalistic stripes –F3 will convince you on any level. Including multiple adjustment options based on the user weight F3 is ready for any user. Ideal for desk sharing and flexible workstations this office chair will be a perfect companion for office life. And the best of F3: Design and comfort are available for a small budget.
            • Vio

            • Vio – Satisfaction starts at the reception

              Receptions play an important role as a gateway to customers and guests. They reflect corporate identity and company culture and serve as a workstation. Febrü´s reception „Vio“ connects inviting visual aspects with the functionality of a modern workstation.

              „Vio“ provides the entry area of companies, offices, practices and chambers with an individual look. The straight shape is the basis for numerous varieties, allowing the space to be furbishes in a representative and functional style. The basic construction panel, front and counter top can be used as add-on or angle units and can be combined with the communication unit.
            • Silent – creating silence and structure in open workspaces

            • Team offices have high requirements: on the one hand it is necessary to create zones, on the other hand it is vital to provide acoustic solutions to areas with high communication. Febrü´s modular screen system „Silent“ offers flexible options and creates a lounge-style working environment.

              In the centre of a room, between two workstations, directly to the desk, in an entry area – wherever silence and visual privacy are required, the range performs flexibility. Adapted fabrics and colours allow highest creativity. Available in five different heights and four different widths „Silent“-can be configured quickly and easily. Individual elements are simply connected with a zip fastener. A metal foot gives stability to the soft units. On-desk and fly-by panels of „Silent“ allow multiple purpose configurations.
            • Places

            • Contemporary offices are supposed to be areas of feeling well. They should be made to inspire and support creativity. They have to be inviting and need to have an additional value towards ordinary workstations. Places creates comfort zones and provides room to rest and to communicate. For concentration or exchange, for time out or team meetings.

              Everything is subject of permanent change: work life, processes, structure. Offices need systems to follow this challenge. Places is perfectly prepared. With a modular structure and a square basic shape of 80 x 80 cm Places can be placed, combined or changed. A lounge configuration of Places can be small or big, low or high, straight or rounded, multi-colour or uni-colour, permanent or subject of change. Places can be in a central position or hidden in a corner, can be a place of relaxation or communication point, room divider or linking unit between work zones, waiting area or conference island. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility entire office areas can be created. Regardless how you use Places: a comfortable and cosy lounge feeling is assured.
            • Talkline

            • Divide and accentuate, concentrate and communicate, arrive and feel good

              Lounge furniture is an important part of modern office furniture. In addition to classic workplaces, communication zones are areas that play a major role in everyday work. Seating for short meetings in a relaxed setting, a waiting area or an area for the employees can be realized with the modular Talkline lounge sofa.The Talkline high bench is particularly acoustically effective due to its back height. In other words, Talkline reduces the ambient noise and thus ensures a pleasant break in relaxed, acoustically optimized atmosphere.
            • Soul lounge chair – comfortable waiting and discussing

            • Getting your mind up, getting inspired or just relax – rest areas in the office will help. In a modern office world the details have to match, the furniture layout has to be adapted. The new lounge chair Soul is a Febrü interpretation of the cocktail chair. Soul is embracing the user: during an office meeting, in seminars, lobbies, hotels, studios or medical practices. The cocktail chair, a cult furniture of the fifties with a retro-charm was the paragon for Soul. Especially the version with the wooden frame reminds of the popular seating furniture of the fifties. The protruding and filigree structure gives a light appearance. The metal version looks elegant and stylish. Seat, side and back are shaped as a shell. Upholstery in pure new wool, synthetic leather or leather, a huge choice of colors to set accents. The perfect shape is based on classics and provides comfort.

              Regardless if single chair or group: Soul looks discreet and graceful, timeless and state of the art. The rest areas encourage an atmosphere of communication where you like to meet, exchange ideas, develop projects, discuss or just relax.
            • Febrü∙One

            • Improved ergonomics at the workstation – New office chairs from Febrü are available
              Our new chair range „Febrü·One“ takes care of a back supporting seating position at the workstation, in meetings or conference situations. Those who know what it is like to sit 8 hours and more in the office has an idea about the results of a bad sitting position: tension, back pain and resulting bad posture as a result, causing growing back problems. Take care of your staff by using appropriate seating furniture to avoid problems.
              You and your staff spend 8 hours or more in a sitting position? Conference- and office chairs from the „Febrü·One“ range care about ergonomics and back problems.

              New ergonomic conference- and office-chairs from Febrü
              You spend most of your time of the day in a sitting position? With „Febrü·One“ we offer support, combining ergonomics and design to an added value for you and your team.

              Tension in the neck, headache and lack of concentration: A wrong sitting position often causes problems you can avoid by selecting appropriate seating furniture. Work does not only become more comfortable, efficiency is also improved, if you feel well your concentration level will rise. Stand alone or integrated in a full Febrü concept these chairs will be an important contribution for your office feeling.
          • Acoustic and storage

          • Acoustic furniture create islands of silence

             Human engineered work, individuality and wellness – for Febrü the most important features of the workstation. Not only comfort and design need to be in the focus, the sound level is also vital for a productive working environment. With acoustic furniture you create more silence in the office, assuring wellness for staff and customers.

            Screens improve acoustics in the office
            Silence is necessary for concentrated work. Due to sound absorbing and sound protecting properties acoustic units such as acoustic wall panels, screens and acoustic doors for cupboards help to improve communication and filter annoying noises. This improves well-being in the office and improves concentrated work for each individual.

            Wellness by modern acoustic solutions
            Straight-line architecture, convincing by materials such as glass, steel and concrete need additional acoustic solutions inside the rooms. These materials reflect the sound, resulting in high noise levels. The density of employees as well as modern office technology create an extended background sound level. Here we can provide convincing acoustic solutions: They reduce background noise and create a quieter working atmosphere.
              • Screen

              • The new screen and partitioning system „Screen” allows to separate areas and helps to improve sound absorption. Independent from surrounding furniture „Screen” can be placed in a free space or directly added to the workstation creating visual and sound protection. Visual feature of „Screen” is a fabric covered surface surrounded by a felt edging on request in an accent colour. „Screen” is flexible in use: metal feet are not fixed but clipped on. This allows to turn the units or change position from vertical to horizontal. „Screen” brings a cozy atmosphere into your office. Apart from the feet there are no metal components in „Screen”.
              • Akustikpaneel

              • Akustikpaneel – highlight surfaces and decorate walls, absorb sound and improve the room feeling and acoustics, perform colours: a completely new office feeling.
              • Parete

              • Parete – structured rooms, grouped working areas, optimised acoustics: variable in material, colour and size.
              • Parete Desk

              • Parete Desk – slim and sophisticated, in melamine, fabric and plexi, narrow or wide with or without function rail: an add-on to the workstation.
            • Febrü Fashion – Setting accents

            • In a modern office world function is not the only criteria, the appearance of the room is also vital. What was in former times only important for design studios and creative service companies is today decisive for a positive or negative reaction of customers or potential employees.

              This is why not only desks, cabinets and conference tables need a clear design following a guideline. Apart from wall and floor layout and a light concept decoration and accessories are part of a holistic room concept
                • Fin Unit

                • In order to optically separate a room, our Fin Units are suitable. They devide different workspaces, such as workplaces and meeting zones. Thanks to their construction, they integrate optimally into the room, provide visual protection wherever desired and still do not interfere. Available in different decors and widths, the appealing visual protection fits into the set-up concept and conveys a feeling of comfort.
                • Fashion Box

                • Modern offices require individuality and cosiness. The label „Febrü Fashion“ offers convincing ideas without compromising functionality. Where to place umbrellas and garbage in an office without affecting the visual atmosphere of the room? Very simple: make use of „Fashion Box“. Unused space in a plant box gets a new function, umbrella holder and waste bin are integrated. The boxes hide garbage and offer space for umbrellas.

                  All standard colours as well as „Trend“ and „Trend nature“ surfaces with their visual and haptic qualities offer a broad creative variety for wardrobes and boxes.
                • Fashion Hang

                • Function can look really good. Modern offices require individuality and cosiness. An inspiring working environment is an important criteria to feel well and to be productive. The label “Febrü Fashion” offers convincing ideas without compromising functionality.

                  Fashion Hang: Febrü Fashion has been extended by the modules “Fashion Hang” and “Fashion Box”. “Fashion Hang” is an answer to the question where to place the wardrobe in an office . The panel based unit “Hang Wall”, the double-panel wardrobe “Hang Room”, the wardrobe pillar “Hang Twin” with double column and “Hang Pole” with a single column.
                • Fashion Print

                • With “Fashion print” it is possible to apply every design, texture, every colour and every look on materials such as wood, glass and fabric. Table tops, cupboard doors, back panels, side panels and tambour doors are fitted out with an individual look. A plan or a trendy image on a door, a city map on the conference table, exciting textures including logos in the reception area up to a cloudy Winter forest or a colourful Autumn forest are just some examples of what is possible to create a lounge style working environment.
                • Fashion green

                • “Fashion green” is an ice-breaker between formal office creation and a cozy living atmosphere. Reed gives a structure to rooms. Grass ass a wall picture or on top of cupboards supports the effect of well-being and is an eye-catcher. All plants need no maintenance as they are made of plastic. The touch and visual impression is surprisingly realistic.
              • Material & colours

              • Surfaces and colours are only for orientation purposes and are not contractual.
                  • Office Worlds

                      • Lounge

                      • Come in and feel well in the lounge
                        The lounge is a modern interpretation of the waiting area. Visitors arrive here to feel well and to prepare for an appointment. The place is also perfect for a small break. This generous area has an inviting atmosphere and provides adapted seating opportunities. Waiting made as comfortable as possible.
                      • Cafeteria

                      • Wellness is an important factor of success in the executive office
                        An executive office is special as it is designed to be different from other workstations. Business is made here, future plans are signed, meetings are held and creative ideas are born. A suitable environment is needed to develop company strategies and to reflect the corporate identity.
                      • Conference

                      • Meetings are important event for information and decisions. Regardless if it is a small informal meeting or an important conference requiring a representative atmosphere it can be useful to support the process by a suitable equipment. The conference table is the core unit. Large or small, modular or monoblock, the table should support the room and the vision of the company.