Company Profile

mauser einrichtungssysteme
is a German company offering interior design and equipment concepts with intelligent furniture systems for offices and administration areas, storage and archiving facilities, care and social institutions. From planning to installation, mauser and its sales partners offer a complete range of compatible and comprehensive solutions.

In 120 years of company history, mauser has reinvented itself over and over again, continuing the successful production of its furniture and archiving systems. mauser products are sustainable, functionally well thought out, of high design standard, quality and stability down to the last detail.

mauser’s project and property expertise – creative concepts for demanding customers. The basis for professional advice is always the building in question – and nothing else. The furnishing and equipment is defined by its character, architecture, materials, colour climate and various processes that affect the people who work there. These factors are important to the planners at mauser and its sales partners. Only when they know the property inside out with all ist needs, they will design appropriate and creative recommendations for customers. Then it is time for planning proposals, positioning plans, sample productions, quotes and more. In previous years, mauser and its sales partners have impressed more and more building owners, architects, planners, chief administrators and facility managers with their project and property expertise.

mauser einrichtungssysteme is certified to ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001, grant manufacturing guarantee for its products up to 10 years.

mauser is a member of the VAUTH-SAGEL Group.