Company Profile

SCHNEEWEISS AG Interior SCHNEEWEISS AG Interior is an alliance of like-minded people – from strong and viable companies who sum up their success using a collective strategy. The best proof of this is the successful integration of Braun Lockenhaus into the SCHNEEWEISS AG Interior. At the same time, absolute claims regarding product quality and global networking from the basis growth. Our philosophy Each and every tradition started out as a novelty; before it was called a point of departure, the courage to change. This courage is one of the reasons that the company is currently a leader in terms of environmental technology, quality and profitability. We take good care of our traditions, in order to improve things. This is how it was in the past, still is, and will be in the future. Company culture To us, being a good listener implies understanding the ideas behind the words. We are responsive to people and want to get to know them in their own situation – understand what it is they want. Therefore, we refer to the whole and continue to imagine. We are developing concepts and entire solutions in order to give new perspectives to living spaces. This is what Jürgen Dreher and his team stands for. Ecology Our ecological understanding is determined by both our capability and our will: in the use of environmentally-friendly materials for thermal heating using waste wood, in the use of water-based paint – and in our paint-in-paint system, which is deemed to be an environmental innovation as paint waste no longer accumulates. Future-thinking is apparent in ecological actions. Quality We take measurements: precisely, personally and from the very beginning. As quality begins with it, customer satisfaction is at the centre of everything we do. We face every challenge in a practical way, full of ideas and with a great deal of experience. Our measurements characterize the client-specific solutions. Design Solving problems in the simplest and most effective way fascinates us. A great design begins with functionality and blossoms into the perfection of the shape. Just as functionality and aesthetics, economical and ecological responsibility also plays a part: Great design is well thought through.