Company Profile

Gispen creates the best environments imaginable where people work, learn and are cared for. Our mission, A Better Life at Work, is based on the conviction that a functional and pleasant environment has a positive effect on people. This goal is anchored in our core values quality and sustainable, innovation and design with which the company has distinguished itself since 1916.

From this assumption we conceive, produce and manage optimum workplaces: in offices, in education and in healthcare. Together with our clients and partners.

Gispen believes in offering sustainable solutions and corporate social responsibility. This aspiration is anchored in our core values, quality and sustainability, innovation and design, and resides within the DNA of Gispen as it were. In the way we work, produce and operate we take account of People & Planet and we strive towards Prosperity.

Gispen recently decided to become climate neutral in all its business activities.
Conducting a business in a climate neutral manner means that we constantly investigate where energy savings can be made in the organisation. Furthermore, any residual emissions which cannot be reduced will be compensated through a climate project.

Gispen is an innovative total designer. We take ‘total’ to mean literally everything involved in defining, creating, maintaining and if necessary replacing the optimum working environment, learning environment and care environment. Our goal is to ensure that others can work, learn and be cared for optimally.

In our vision everything is interrelated. This is why Gispen operates with a dynamic design model, Life at Work. We design and work with the very best designers. We produce and deliver the most suitable furnishing for the workspace, in the knowledge that every organisation is unique and that ways of working and collaborating constantly change.

The result is: ‘The Gispen Interior’ for A Better Life at Work.

Gispen Group BV is a privately owned company. The Gispen Group is the second largest interior office designer in the Benelux. The main operating companies of Gispen Group BV are Gispen and Gispen Belgium. Gispen Group has 7 sales offices in the Netherlands and Belgium and production facilities in The Netherlands and China. Recently the Gispen Group was voted Best Managed Companies 2010.