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  • For over 25 years, Space International has been on the forefront of Scandinavian designed ergonomics and work solutions. Our products reflect the Scandinavian design tradition of esthetics, simplicity and effectiveness playing equally important roles. Through the years Space has designed and sold many ergonomic products but at the core has always been the comfort and effectiveness of the individual. Over the past decade, monitor arms have been the core of our product offerings but today we offer a broad range of products, including products for CPUs, laptops, fully integrate mounting systems, cable management.
Product Portfolio
  • Monitor Mounting Arms

  • Anyway Series

    • Standard Monitor Arms

    • Ergonomics is all about making your surroundings suit you and preventing being locked in cramped positions for long periods time.

      The ANYWAY monitor arms do exactly that. It lets you move the monitor up and down. Right and left. Back and forth. And tilt.

      No headaches. No shoulder tension. No sore neck muscle. No strained eye sight.
    • Multiple Monitor Solutions

    • The ANYWAY monitor system offers unmatched flexibility. The modular components makes is easy to create solutions that fits every need.

      Two, three, four, six or more monitors. Move the monitors all together or move each separately. Stack them or place them side-by-side. Mount the monitors to the desk, the floor, the wall. What ever the number and the configuration, we can provide the solution.
    • Laptops, keyboards and more

    • For years, the ANYWAY monitor arm has made monitors hover. BUt why stop ther? The ergonomic benefits of continuously adjusting the viewing distance and angle can be applied to keyboards, laptops and other accessories.

      • Laptop holder accommodates most standard laptops. Larger laptops may extend beyond the edged of laptop holder.
  • Orbit

    • Orbit - Monitor

    • Features:
      • Crank lifting mechanism.
      • Manual height adjustment without
      • having to lift or remove monitor assembly.
      • Complete range of motion
      • Multiple mounting options
    • Orbit - Laptop

    • Features:
      • Crank lifting mechanism.
      • Manual height adjustment without
      • having to lift or remove laptop.
      • Multiple mounting options.
      • Adjustable viewing angles.
      • Min/Max weight: None/11kg (none/24.25 lbs)
      • Color: Gray, Black or White with Aluminum accent